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Read & download Û A Little Princess Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á In one of the best loved classic tales for children Sara Crewe is sent to England to attend Miss Minchin's boarding school for girls Her time there starts wonderfully as she is treated just like a princess UnfortuIn one of the best loved classic tales for children Sara Crewe is sent to England to attend Miss Minchin's boarding school for girls Her time there starts wonderfully as she is treated jus. My mother thought it completely foolish of me to buy a hardcover book and then finish it in one night these were the days before Harry Potter and besides we had enough books in our house in her opinion But I loved owning this edition with its gorgeous images and when I gave it to my younger cousins in Singapore believing myself ready to part with my childhood attachment to a book I wouldn't ever forget I did mourn its loss though I was a teenager by then and studying the dead white male canon I'm an awful person I know but when I visited my family in Singapore the year before I graduated from college I noticed the book on their shelf and asked to see it and my aunt noticing how my face lit up asked if I wanted it backReally You mean it Is that OKOf course why wouldn't it beAre you sure Oh but I'm awful I guess I didn't know how much it meant to me You're so wonderful What can I give you I forget what I gave them in exchange but it certainly held no value compared to this book Not to be too psychoanalytical but I suppose my reclaiming the book was a silent protest against my mother and my unconsciously wanting to reconnect with my father from whom I'd inherited my love of books I haven't changed much in all these years

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S Sara do the worst chores in the house Still as badly as Miss Minchin treats Sara with a little help from her friends and her imagination Sara is determined to find happiness no matter wh. “If I am a princess in rags and tatters I can be a princess inside It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold but it is a great deal of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it” What an adorable heartwarming little book I believe this is the second classic that I have read ever yeah not a huge fan of classics |The plot is a very simple oneBut as an old wise man once stated “Mysteries and complexities have their own charm but sometimes the simplest stories are the nicest” Best way to sum it upIt is the story of a little girl named Sara She is remarkablean intelligent kind girla bit strange at timesbut overall remarkable She is super rich and her father spares no expenses to fulfill any of her wishes But she doesn’t let it go to her head Will she be the same person if the circumstances were to change What determines what kind of a person you are Well no suspense here we find out soon enough Something really horrible happens and she turns from princess to a servant overnight What stands out though is her uniue way of dealing with these extraordinarily horrible circumstancesShe uses make beliefs to draw strength and cooks up stories to stay positiveWell every story needs a villain And Oh yes we get the cruelest of them all Ms Minchin I hated her with all my heartOverall a wonderful story with a beautiful theme message But I felt there were some repetitiveness and the plot was too simple If I had been younger probably it would have been a 5 star read But still it’s a great book for everyone And if you are in need for a little pick me up it’s the perfect one ; “There’s nothing so strong as rage except what makes you hold it in – that’s stronger” Thank u Mr Grumpy for the awesome rec and BR

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A Little PrincessT like a princess Unfortunately it is because Miss Minchin is hoping to gain a piece of Sara's family fortune But when Sara's wealthy father dies and leaves her penniless Miss Minchin make. UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME Sorry folksMeet the charactersSara aka the Little Princess is described as and I'm only using words written explicitly in the book thin pale with striking green eyes too big for her face now I know where so many YA heroine's descriptions come from LOL clever good serious uick at her lessons proud brave generous hospitable unconuerable amiable good tempered having good manners She speaks fluent French though she'd never learned it She also speaks fluent Hindi Sara's father is described as young beautiful nice and cleverErmengarde aka Sara's best friend is explicitly described as fat stupid not clever having a slow little mind vulgar forgetful and forgettable Lottie is another one of Sara's friends a young child She's also fat and stupid but also ill tempered and capricious prone to throwing tantrumsBeckie aka the servant is another Sara's friend She's always described as poor poor poor Becky Also stupidLavinia aka the nemesis is described as horrid nasty priggish sneering and jealousMiss Minchin aka the headmistress is described as rude acid harsh domineering hard hearted mean vulgar Also she doesn't know French and doesn't try to learn it being the headmistress of a top school for young ladies in XIX England HmmmCook is described as vulgar and insolentBeggar girl seen on the street with a stupid look of suffering frightful little ravening savage poor little wild animalDo you see a pattern here I do1 Sara is a total Mary Sue so is her kin dad They are oh so clever even though Father never set aside any of his money for his daughter in case something happened didn't even pay her school forward for even a day Is that very clever2 Sara's friends are all fat and stupid and their only redeeming uality is that they worship her and trail her like puppies with unwavering loyalty and admiration 3 Sara's enemies are all dumb and rudeDo I have to say I didn't adore a book with such characters WHAT ABOUT THE PLOTSo Sara is awesome and rich She briefly becomes poor but stays awesome Her friends continue to worship her; her enemies expose their shallow awful true natures Then Sara becomes rich again remaining awesome as ever and punishing all who were mean to her Yup Sara never changes in her awesomeness she doesn't need a character arc Instead the whole world around her makes an arc BrilliantDon't even get me started that a child who has always been given all she wants has never heard the word no and had literally servants and slaves at her beck and call isn't spoiled but is instead wise and teaches her wisdom to the adults around her Sure because wisdom isn't something you learn through error and hardship You're just born with it if you're a true Princess inside WHAT MADE ME WANT TO GOUGE MY EYES OUTWas the complete and unwavering snobbism of Sara and the author It's not your fault that you are stupid says Sara to her BFF Ermengarde How nice and kind right I tried not to be a princess I tried but failed Who could blame you Sara I can give buns and bread to the populace says Sara exuberantly when she becomes rich again You couldn't look like a street beggar you haven't a street beggar face clothes to make her look somehow like a servant um so what is a beggar face and what do servants look like Not like humans just in different clothes Everyone keeps beating themselves up about how much Sara is working at the time she is poor but no one pays any mind to Becky who is of comparable age and actually works and also harder Sara deserves all the sympathy because she used to be rich you see The whole London filled with hungry children working way too hard is of no concern because they look like servants and have beggar faces Miss Minchin is portrayed as a monster because she made Sara work when she turned from crazy rich to a beggar Sara is in fact indebted to Minchin because not only did her father not pay forward he also didn't cover some hefty bills Minchin does a good thing not throwing Sara out and also adapting her to a change of station Because her station is indeed very much changed What should she have done Ignored reality to make Sara face it later even harshly Sure Minchin could have been softer to a child who's just lost her father But of course the author wouldn't have that So I absolutely HATED every page of this book As I hated Little Women and Black Beauty as a matter of fact Maybe catching up on children's classics I haven't read is a bad ideaPS 20072019 In fairness I've just finished a different book by Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden which is a children's classic as well And I loved it and gave it 5 stars So it seems too early to give up on the genre or even the author The Little Princess was just not for me