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''The light '' summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å ' THE LIGHT ' is not a story a theory or a new meditation philosophy the light is a healing enlightenment book‘THE LIGHT ‘is a spiritual journey into man existence ’'A healing mystery which have the power to lead you to clarity’’The book was originally written for thNed yet awaiting to be awakened Enlightenment is a state of mind which appears when you are able to see the truth The truth can only be found within you You will slowly become a witness of your own being realizing why and how people creating their own misery; now your light can be seen this is an evidence of your experience with your true nature ; you fulfill your life purpose on your final destination to merging with the main stream of light. Following up on my previous review in December I have been reading this booking over and over again since with emphasis on Chapter 4 and miracles have started to happen Firstly the book brings a special understanding to the inner self each time I read it There is a sense of calmness peace and acceptance of the journey of the soul which no other book I have read has provided It creates a sense of focus of living in the now and a sense of detachment which is extremely hard to achieve in the fast paced world todayThere is also a very different side of the book which only works with re reading the book like a holy book filled with mantras This when miracles start to unfold dreams aspirations goals are achieved and magic happens My personal story involves getting my dream job after being unemployed for 9 months – not only did I get a job with the company I wanted to work for since university but also getting a 30% pay increase vs my previous job This is something unheard of in the turbulent market today and my family friends cannot believe that I have found such an opportunity every time I tell them Many of my friends and family have now purchased this book and are now reading it to achieve their own miraclesMy experiences with this “holy” book can only be described as miraculous and I continue to read it again and again to allow the power of the book to be revealed and highly recommend it to others as miracles continue to unfoldThank you Ofer Cohen for providing us with this magical text It will continue to be my bible for life

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' THE LIGHT ' is not a story a theory or a new meditation philosophy the light is a healing enlightenment book‘THE LIGHT ‘is a spiritual journey into man existence ’'A healing mystery which have the power to lead you to clarity’’The book was originally written for the purpose of healing and achieving inner peace You may need to read it few time to understand the meaning of its uniue textPart of the book was written during the time t. I had got this book for myself and one of my very close friends I would like to share the real life experience I had of this bookFirst of all I would like to say that this book I think operates on 2 levels First is the level in which it helps you achieve what you want without even you realizing the true meaning of the book And the second level is when you understand the true meaning of the book and understand what it is that you really want to be happy and then begin your pursuit toward your happinessThe friend I got it for was having a lot of trouble getting married She was under a lot of stress I gifted her this book and the author of this book asked her to read it on full moon night The book works BEST when read on full moonbelieve it or not but SAME day she met a guy whom she got married to within a month The book gave her the confidence she needed to achieve what she wants To get over her fearsBUTThe tale doesn't end there She did not understand the book and it's true meaning and therefore even though she got exactly what she wanted it did not turn out in her best interest And even though she got what she thought she wantedShe realized that she was not even sure enough about what she wanted I on the other hand tried to understand the meaning of the book instead of wanting anything from itand slowly but steadily the book really made things happen for me it made things happen in my life which at first made me hate everything that is happening but soon enough I realized the larger picture and understood how big a difference the book brought to my life I am a person who never really believed in such things but this experience changed my thinking to a large extent The book has a lot of power but how to use that power is a knowledge that you gain after reading it again and again and then doing a lot of self thinking I would also recommend having a session with the author to discuss your life and how the book can help It will help you to understand how to approach the book

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''The light ''He writer spend in the Himalaya mountains of north India It took than 8 years until this book was finally brought to english translation ‘’ The source is light and light is all; it’s the essence of the cycle Light is a flowing stream contain awareness it’s the source of all creation the light create all dimension and manifest all living thing the light can be seen or unseen’’’’We are all one and one is all; we are all enlighte. I was reading the Hebrew version of this book and it is one of the most enlightening book I have ever read It felt like healing reading this book and was giving me a deep understanding of our soul and how to achieve inner peace wow