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Lennys Book of Everything Epub â 352 pages ↠ Hannahredhead Ç I knew my brother I knew when he talked too much about Timothy his imaginary pet eagle He was scared'Whatever you do' I said to Davey on the walk to school 'Do not tell people about your eagle Do not tell Miss Schweitzer about your eagle'He looked cLd beetles birds uasars uartz and dream about a life of freedom and adventure visiting places like Saskatchewan and Yellowknife and the gleaming lakes of the Northwest Territories But as her brother's health deteriorates Lenny comes to accept the inevitable truth; Davey will never make it to Great Bear Lake An outstanding novel about heartbreak and healing by an award winning autho Where is that 6th star? I need it to rate this book I've bought a copy for myself and two copies for school this is one of the most beautiful sobbing into my nightie in the middle of the night sad can't stop reading books I've ever read What a treasure this is From the moment you meet Lennie and Davey you will be swept up in their hilarious imaginations and you'll want to keep them with you as you go about your days until you head to bed early so that you can get back to themLenny's little brother Davey was born normal even though his Mum had a weird feeling that something was going to happen Lenny and Davey's Dad has gone off and nobody has seen or heard from him their Mum works hard to try and make ends meet They don't have much but they are happy in their world with their neighbours who care and the excitement that their Mum winning a set of encyclopedias brings Both Davey and Lenny are desperate for knowledge about the world and about everything in it and they pour over the encyclopedia entries for hours Lenny is particularly fond of the bug entries she intends to study beetles when she grows up Davey is keen on rivers and log cabins and exploring the wilds of Canada During the times when their mum is at work the children are cared for by Mrs Gaspar their neighbour she who smokes too much gasps for breath often and who has very entertaining dreams which she tells them about in great detail It is a simple and happy life One day when Davey is 5 he starts to grow at an extraordinary rate he shoots up and up at amazing speed an inch a night sometimes On the outside he becomes as tall as a man but on the inside he is just a small child It is weird Eventually he is taken to a specialist and I cannot say hereI see that lots of people consider this a book for children I don't believe that this is so This is a book for everyone it is so full of heart and comfort The writing is stellar and the way that the author has made a world with few characters and places but which feels so big and real is perfect I was so drawn into this book that I was sobbing those big messy sobs with the catch in them the ones where you need 3 breaths to complete the sob the ones where your partner comes rushing in to see what is wrong and then goes oh sad book huh? and leaves you to it This is now officially my book of the year I might have to go back and read it again

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I knew my brother I knew when he talked too much about Timothy his imaginary pet eagle He was scared'Whatever you do' I said to Davey on the walk to school 'Do not tell people about your eagle Do not tell Miss Schweitzer about your eagle'He looked crestfallen His shoulders slumped He looked to make sure Timothy hadn't fallen offLenny small and sharp has a younger brother Davey who Not long after David Davey was born his mother Cynthia Spink’s Cindy knew there was something not uite right about him It shortly became clear that he was growing faster than he should something that never happened with her first born Lenore Lenny Once Davey turned five Cindy’s husband Peter got on a greyhound bus and never came back Cindy was left a single parent to raise her two children on her own Raising two children on your own didn’t come cheap so Cindy had no other option than to go to work each day to keep the wolf from the door It was soon realized that Davey had a rare condition where he couldn’t stop growing but with that came new clothes and shoes as he was growing out of his old ones uicker than you could blink your eyes Cindy is always worrying about how she will cope with the never ending bills and she worries about her children especially Davey When Cindy enters a competition to win the Burrell’s Build it at Home Encyclopedia set she didn’t imagine she would win but she did Each week the latest issues arrives and it’s here where Lenny and Davey discover a whole new world of birds beetles and many other creatures and places they had never heard of With each new issue came new adventures and once again Lenny and Davey were taken on a journey like no other With each passing month Davey continues to grow only doctors are at a loss as to how to manage his condition I have to say how surprised I was about this book as it truly was a pleasure to read and one in which I thoroughly enjoyed I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for uite some time and as soon as I finished reading it I asked myself why didn’t I read this one sooner This book is listed as Young Adult or for children from the age of ten but in my opinion it’s suitable and would be enjoyed by all ages Highly recommended With thanks to the publishers Allen Unwin for my uncorrected proof copy to read and review

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Lennys Book of EverythingWon't stop growing and at seven is as tall as a man Raised by their single mother who works two jobs and is made almost entirely out of worries they have food and a roof over their heads but not much else The bright spot every week is the arrival of the latest issue of Burrell's Build It at Home Encyclopedia Through the encyclopedia Lenny and Davey experience the wonders of the wor “Sometimes I felt like Charlie the Walking Stick insect completely stuck in the bug catcher of my family”Lenny’s Book of Everything is a book for young readers 10 but any age will enjoy this by award winning Australian author Karen Foxlee There are only three people in Lenore Lenny Spink’s family now her mother Cynthia Cindy; Lenny; and her big little brother David Davey; her father Peter Lenard Spink left on a Greyhound bus the day before Davey turned five and hasn’t come back It was about then too that Davey began to grow too fast Nanna Flora lives far way but rings once a month Cindy works hard as a nursing aide to support the family It’s not easy because Davey grows so fast he always needs new clothes and shoes She entered and won a competition for a full set of Burrell’s Build It At Home Encyclopedia so every week almost like punctuation of their lives Lenny and Davey look forward to what the next issue will bring Lenny’s a bit hung up on Beetles; Davey loves the Golden Eagle; one day they will go to the Great Bear Lake together and Davey will build a log cabin When Cindy is at work Lenny and Davey are looked after by Mrs Gaspar the Hungarian lady in number 17 Despite his size everyone at school loves Davey and of course Lenny does too although “ I was ashamed of him sometimes Everyone loved him but I was ashamed of how big he was and how he needed a grown up chair and how much he leaned and how he was so loud and happy when he talked about tractors And the shame of being ashamed was even worse than the shame The shame of being ashamed made me feel hot and sweaty and wild like I was growing fur like I was a werewolf I was a monster for thinking such things That’s what it felt like to be ashamed of being ashamed of Davey”Foxlee gives the reader a cast of wonderful characters some appealing some a bit nasty some uirky Cindy seems fiercely determined to maintain her independence and manage without help but Davey’s sweetness brings caring folk into their lives just the same The correspondence between Cindy and Burrell’s Publishing Company graduates from indignant complaint Cindy and stiffly officious form letters Burrell’s to warmly caring and personal notes She gives her characters many wise words “Loneliness was like a town You found yourself there you didn’t even know how it happened And there were no buses out No trains People had to come in Like loneliness rescue teams” is just one exampleIn Lenny’s narrative Foxlee easily captures the mind the thoughts and feelings the essence of being a kid in the seventies Lenny worries about Cindy’s dark heart feeling; about Davey’s excessive growth; about the reason Peter left; about having a clean pressed hankie for school; about the beetles she’s got hidden in her room; about Davey’s operation; about Mr King King of Fruit’s interest in her mom; about her secret Great Aunt Em being aloneThese are characters that get under the reader’s skin get into the heart and despite the sad ending being apparent from the blurb there will be few readers who don’t find a lump in the throat or tears welling by the last few chapters The comparison to The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas? This one is much better than that A moving and heart warming readThis unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by AllenUnwin