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Read & Download Ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ù Clancy Nacht Billy “Goldie” Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he’s harboring a terrible career killing secret he’s gay Even with song titles such as “Astral Glider” and “Winking Brown Eye” few uestion Goldie’s sueaky. Fabulously over the top romance between between a lipglosshigh heeled male pop star and a punk rocker When they get together all is sweetness and light and off the charts hot sex The only downside here is the fact that they talk far too freaking much Yes they talk like two young tween lovebirds about everything that pops in their heads It exhausted me Still I loved them as a pair and will be on the lookout from by these authorsMy review for JERR is now archived on the site HERE You may have to hit the enter button on JERR's main page and click my link again to go directly to the review

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Black Gold Black Gold #1 characters ☆ 7 ´ Billy “Goldie” Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he’s harboring a terrible career killing secret he’s gay Even with song titles such as “Astral Glider” and “Winking Brown Eye” few uestion Goldie’s sueaky clean teen heartthrob status That is until Jethro “Jett” B Clean teen heartthrob status That is until Jethro “Jett” Black an infamous womanizer and underground punk icon names him in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as the celebrity he’d most like to fuckAfter they hook up at an industr. This is a love it or hate it type of book It has elements like insta love sappy that seems like a harsh word when I don't mean it to be but I can't think of another way to describe it words 'I'll do anything to keep you' personality and an 'us against the world' mentality type theme but if you look past all of that and just ride the story through it's an actually pretty decent book Goldie and Jett are complete opposites Goldie is a pop star well mannered and essentially innocent while Jett is an indie punk rocker druggie drunk and has done girls than you can count Goldie is light to Jett's dark But they fit They get each other and deep down they both want the same things and they both have a fierce loyalty and possessiveness about the other Of course it helps they both had a crush on and admired the other before they even met Still they are adorable and this was a sweet romance with just a spice of kinky biting which was totally cute while at the same time funny because all the hickeys on Goldie's delicate skin A forewarning for those that don't like this kind of thing Goldie is or less characterized as a girl He's effeminate He's all male but the way he looks and the actions he does make him seem like a woman Sort of It has a pretty simple plot in which the only conflict is the aftermath of what happens when the world knows about Goldie and Jett becoming lovers It's very controversial because of who Goldie is and the icon he has become for teenagers They have to work through people thinking of Jett as a bad guy and accusing him of pretty heinous things Then there's the added stress of Jett's band and what they do to Jett They stick together and work their way through all of it together while trying to prove the love they have for one another is real and true And all of this essentially happens in like 3 days It's kind of intense Lol The worst thing about two authors co writing is how the writing is a majority of the time choppy or jumpy but in this case Nacht and Euclid make a great writing pair and I think because of that writing I didn't mind all of those elements I mentioned above I was drawn into the story since I just enjoyed it for what it was and didn't let myself criticize any of the little annoying things that could have possibly bugged meWith that said the only problems I had was with how much sex they had and Jett's drug and alcohol abuse I mean I know Jett is a horny rocker and so is Goldie but with how often they did it and how long the scenes were I just got a little bored with them and didn't think half of them furthered the story all that much But then again I'm also known for being barely tolerable with sex in a story so you can't actually take my word on the uantity or uality of the smexing Lol I was a bit disappointed the story didn't tackle the problem with Jett's drug and alcohol abuse though I would have liked to see Jett beat his habits and I was hoping Goldie would help him and encourage him to uit but instead he just let's Jett drink and smoke as much as he wants I was hoping for on that but unfortunately I didn't get my wish view spoilerThere was one thing that nagged me throughout the story Just how old is Goldie I assume Goldie is in his early twenties while Jett sounds like he's in his early thirties At least that's what I managed to concur from the little details dropped about when they started their careers and how long they've been in the business

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Black Gold Black Gold #1Y party Goldie’s management dumps him Jett’s exes come back to haunt them and even Goldie’s mother makes a public plea for him to come to his senses Can Goldie trust his untamed new lover or will the pressures of fame tear them apa. BLACK AND YELLOWThis book reads like a yaoi manga It offers up outrageous characters a larger than life story and leaves you feeling like most situations are never resolved The book had the potential to be perfection but overly described and elaborated scenes just left me rolling my eyesBilly Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world Known as Goldie he has teenage girls eating out of his hands and going putty at his feet His life is glam star rich and he looks like he has it all He has the looks the money and undying fan following Well there is a lot at the surface of it all seems Goldie life is only glamorous in the materialistic way and his true self is hidden behind all the make up and glam suad clothing Until an article in rolling stone gets his interest and ultimately might change his lifeJett Black is sitting in dingy motel talking with an up and coming reporter for Rolling Stone magazine He’s the bad boy of underground rock and the man that gets all the women He would rather be famous for his music but instead he’s famous for his conuests When the reporter asks about the one person he would like to sleep with his answer is both shocking and sexy He’s a ladies man and to say he wants the hottest pop star in the world his fans and Goldie’s fans are in for a surpriseBilly is super happy about what Jett wants to do with him but the downside is no one knows he is gay he might be the hottest shit in the world but he is overly insecure When a label meeting in an upscale penthouse is becoming all sorts of wrong Jett crashes in all foaming at the mouth and becomes Goldie’s knight in shining black linerAs I said before this book had the potential of being perfection but the overly dramatic scenes and dialogue just made it an ok read I feel like nothing was resolved and that is still left is the flawed characters and their insecurities There were times when I really liked Jett but he kills it with his obnoxious behaviour and drunken rants I am talking outrageous like a Lady Gaga outfitThe relationship between Jett and Goldie I found a bit confusing They say they love each both but clearly both find it hard to believe I found nothing sexy about their lovemaking I rather they dirty talk it up I am just clearly not satisfied and I really hope the authors revisit these characters again Jett kinda pisses me off and I want Goldie to have balls and by balls I mean standing up for himself without the aid of Jett I don’t mean I think of him as a woman I guess my dislike comes from the fact that Jett is always inebriated I just did not like that aspect of the story it was too much all the timeSideNote The cover clearly is very pretty I did enjoy Goldie's description I can honestly say I do enjoy my men prettySideNote2 As you can see I am really liking the word clearlylol