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Inferno author Dan Brown mobi Ì Hardcover ↠ Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon awakens in an Italian hospital disoriented and with no recollection of the past thirty six hours including the origin of the macabre object hidden in his belongings With a relentless female assassin trailing them through Florence he and his resourcThrough Florence he and his resourceful doctor Sienna Brooks are forced to flee Embarking on a harrowing journey they must unravel a series of codes which are the work of a brilliant scientist whose obsession with the end of the world is matched only by his CHAPTER 1Obscure reviewer Jane Steen sat in her modest study in cozy suburban Illinois and stared with horror at the object she held in her hands Measuring nine and a half by six and a uarter by one and a half inches the object was encased in a shiny substance the overweight reviewer knew to be plastic A book of some kindTo the little known reader’s brilliant mind and eidetic memory identifying the book was a simple task The labels affixed to the spine proclaimed its origin the library It was adorned with the terrifying profile of a red cheeked man in a red cap and red cloak surmounted by a series of concentric circles Red The color of blood And those circle things look like a targetThe reviewer’s hands trembled as her fingers traced the bold lettering on the book’s cover “DAN BROWN INFERNO” I have to review thisThe reviewer knew that Dan Brown born June 22 1964 is an American author of thriller fiction who is best known for the 2003 bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code Brown's novels are treasure hunts set in a 24 hour period and feature the recurring themes of cryptography keys symbols codes and conspiracy theories His books have been translated into 52 languages and as of 2012 sold over 200 million copies Two of them The Da Vinci Code and Angels Demons have been adapted into films I copied that straight out of WikipediaCHAPTER 2 I am holding Inferno by Dan Brown and I have to review it the plump somewhat scruffily dressed middle aged woman recapped Terror made her nauseous but she bravely looked at her Goodreads updates to refresh her memory reading the scathing comments she had left only days ago on the popular readers’ Web site Dan Brown is going to kill meThe female reviewer recalled that Dan Brown is currently the twentieth highest selling author of all time and with only six books he has achieved these sales writing fewer books than anyone above him on the list The Robert Langdon series is currently the seventh highest selling series of all time Like Dan Brown I do most of my research on the Web Not the Internet Dan Brown likes to talk about the Web It sounds spideryThe married reviewer felt an instant spark of attraction toward the sandy haired author who always seems to be wearing a tweed jacket in his photo shoots Could he be Robert Langdon in disguiseCHAPTER 3Overreacting wildly the obscure critic overreacted for a few minutes then got a grip on herself and scanned her updates She noted that renowned author Dan Brown tends to get his tenses confused loves to put identifiers in front of his characters’ names and is inordinately fond of ellipses and loud punctuation such as exclamation points uestion marks and interrobangs Why is thatOh yes and he loves italics which pop up all over the place not always readily identifiable with one particular characterCHAPTER 4The practically unknown reviewer picked up her copy of Inferno by Dan Brown scanning its mysterious cover with the picture of the sage she now knew to be internationally famous poet Dante c 1265–1321 who was a major Italian poet of the Middle Ages His Divine Comedy originally called La Comedia and later called Divina by Boccaccio is widely considered the greatest literary work composed in the Italian language and a masterpiece of world literature Gad I love WikipediaShe remembered that bestselling author Dan Brown freuently recaps the previous action near the beginning of a chapter and that his bestselling prose is scattered with information dumps so densely constituted that they resemble the excreta of the famed Friesian horse a creature mentioned in the bestselling novel InfernoThe reviewer’s eidetic memory roamed over the plot She recalled that Robert Langdon granite jawed Harvard professor of symbology and art historian specializing in iconography wakes up in Florence to find that he remembers nothing people are apparently trying to kill him and he is carrying a suggestively shaped container that contains a mysterious object He is helped by pretty blonde ponytailed genius Id Sienna Brooks who has the hots for him And his confused memories recall a mysterious silver haired attractive older woman who wants him to seek and find and who undoubtedly will have the hots for him tooMeanwhile on the mysterious ship The Mendacium facilitator Knowlton has just watched a video that is terrifying than the most terrifying thing you can possibly imagine Dan Brown is fond of making his characters react with terror in the hope that the reader will also be terrifiedWhat is this bookCHAPTER 5“Ah yes” the clinically obese woman derided not knowing that “deride” must have an object She recalled that most of the plot of Inferno consisted of Langdon and Sienna running around famous tourist spots finding clues while being chased by a leather clad woman who turns out to be superfluous to the plot a bleeding strangely dressed man who also honestly didn’t have much of a role except to increase dramatic tension and some black clad soldiers who weren’t really necessary either except that they get to do all the dirty work like good little minions As they pass various monuments Langdon recalls large indigestible lumps of architectural and historical detailAs the story lumbers to its end it picks up speed with one uite nice bit of misdirection but otherwise the usual thriller fare of all the important stuff being packed into the last few pages so that the reader feels like a lot went on And then there was the ending CHAPTER 6 “I was outraged” the reviewer recalled outraged How could everyone suddenly decide that the Evil Plan may in fact be a Jolly Good Thing Why was the Evil Villain’s Number One not banged up in jail but instead allowed to work for the good guys And didn’t Dan Brown think through what he was proposing as uite A Good Thing ReallyThe reviewer ran her hands over the shiny cover of the bestselling novel Inferno by Dan Brown She recalled that Langdon rides off smugly into the sunset of a brand new world without any thought for the social economic and religious conseuences of what just happened Not to mention the fact that a small bunch of white people take it upon themselves to re engineer the fate of mankind without consulting the rest of the world And that’s supposed to be OK because they’re white rich and brilliantCHAPTER 7The overweight woman gnashed her teeth dramatically and then like renowned professor of symbology Robert Langdon decided to settle down with a good book Sensing it was time to wrap up her interminable review there was one thought that still haunted her Dan Brown knows exactly what he’s doingThe freuent recaps so the reader doesn’t lose his way the italics that also serve as simplified reminders of what’s going on the way the action takes place in tourist spots that are easily visited and uite easy to research the very short chapters the dropping of brand names He’s manipulating the Baby BoomersThe reviewer realized that for an audience accustomed to a diet of CSI and the Discovery Channel Dan Brown’s storytelling style is accessible and informative Used to being given the potted version of history by talking heads as the camera zooms around in a dizzying series of filler shots the average reader of Brown’s books will sink into a TV induced like stupor and instead of thinking about the plot or the writing will simply enjoy the experience and come back for And that thought the reviewer is why Dan Brown is the novelist of the futureSensing it was time really to revert to a state of denial before that last thought took hold in her brain the reviewer took one last look at the cover of the bestselling novel Inferno and sighed I can return it to the library and forget this ever happened

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Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon awakens in an Italian hospital disoriented and with no recollection of the past thirty six hours including the origin of the macabre object hidden in his belongings With a relentless female assassin trailing them Allow me to summarize every Dan Brown novel ever An unsuspecting but intelligent protagonist is called up in the middle of the night Someone very powerful and possibly related with the authorities needs his expertise that only the protagonist can provide A well known figure has died and that started a chain of events with catastrophic conseuences The authorities need our protagonist's help to solve a puzzle left by our instigator just before he died which has some clue in to the nature of our ticking time bombMeanwhile unbeknownst to him a secret organization has dispatched an assassin who must fulfill tasks that would have huge social ramifications all throughout the world What the assassin and the secret organization don’t know is that the purpose of the assassinsecret organization and the purpose of the person directing the assassinsecret organization which is our antagonist is entirely differentWhile our protagonist is running from the assassin and solving said puzzle which has to be solved within 24 hours he is joined by a young beautiful and intelligent woman related somehow with dead maninstigator At the very last moments of the book we have a final reveal the protagonist knew the antagonist from the very start He was being manipulated the whole timeThe book ends with the antagonist succeeding somehow The protagonist and the readers are left with a moral uestion on whether the antagonist is truly the villain or did he do something that actually benefits the whole world Is Inferno different from other Dan Brown books you ask No it's not There are minor variations to Brown's tried and tested formula but it will not add anything to your reading experience The book is recycled to its core In fact depending on how many of Brown's books you have read you can see the twists coming based on the number of pages lefttl;dr Don't waste your time

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Inferno author Dan BroPassion for one of the most influential masterpieces ever written Dante Alighieri's The Inferno Dan Brown has raised the bar yet again combining classical Italian art history and literature with cutting edge science in this sumptuously entertaining thriller This is my first Dan Brown book and what can I sayit pretty much sucked I was kind of shocked Yes I had read a lot of disparaging comments about Brown’s writing but I pushed them aside figuring his books must be at least entertaining Otherwise why would he be so popular And I rather like cheesy books This one had a condescending tone though that grated on my nerves and sapped all the fun right out of the story It was a tedious readFirst off Brown’s characters are boring There’s no depth or nuisance Everybody talks and thinks alike Their dialogue has no individuality There are no intricate personality conflicts Brown also has the annoying tendency to tell you how brilliant and amazing his characters are ALL THE TIME but he never really shows you why they are extraordinary Then there are the endless info dumps OMG Brown gives a Humanities lecture for every museum Langdon goes to even when his characters are running for their lives They’re not short little vignettes either that give character and life to a place No they’re long dry passages that seem to be cut and pasted straight from a travel brochure Brown will use half a page to describe a statue that has NOTHING to do with the plot I found his description on Botticelli’s Map of Hell to be somewhat uestionable too My God Langdon’s hand trembled slightly as he absorbed the macabre scene projected on the wall before him No wonder I’ve been seeing images of deathAt his side Sienna covered her mouth and took a tentative step forward clearly entranced by what she was seeing The scene projected was a grim oil painting of human suffering—thousands of souls undergoing wretched tortures in various levels of hell The underworld was portrayed as a cutaway across section of the earth into which plunged a cavernous funnel shaped pit of unfathomable depth This pit of hell was divided into descending terraces of increasing misery each level populated by tormented sinners of every kind Dark grim and terrifying Botticelli had crafted his Map of Hell with a depressing palate of reds sepias and browns”What the hell is Brown talking about The people are teeny weeny How could Langdon and Sienna even see them Yes I know it’s a nit But it made me wonder were all of Brown’s boring info dumps crap They better not be damn it To be honest I didn’t bother to check But if you’re going bore the snot out of me at least make sure you’re boring me with accurate informationThe plot is probably the best part of this book There were some twists and turns I didn’t see coming and Brown practically ends every chapter in a cliff hanger so the book kept moving There are so many plot holes though it was like a sponge If you think too much about it you’ll spend all your time rolling your eyes and fall out of your chairIn the end I’m amazed that Brown is a bestselling author His writing is terrible He tells instead of shows He repeats everything at least twice sometimes three or four times He describes three amazing European cites but doesn’t bring any of them to life And his story starts up an interesting conversation about population and the apocalypse but Brown never gives it any real thought The ending was so sanctimonious and preachy I wanted to toss the book across the room Maybe without the book’s snooty tone this could have been a fun and cheesy read but Brown takes himself way too seriously I give 1 ½ stars Are all Brown’s books this bad