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Download Doc ↠ The Promise and the Dream ↠ 400 pages ✓ Hannahredhead Í No issue in America in the 1960s was vital than civil rights and no two public figures were crucial in the drama of race relations in this era than Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy Fifty years after theyRy In The Promise and the Dream Margolick examines their uniue bond and the complicated mix of mutual assistance impatience wariness awkwardness antagonism and admiration that existed between the two documented with firsthand interviews from close sources oral histories FBI files and previously untapped contemporaneous newspaper accountsAt a turning point in social history MLK and RFK embarked on distinct but converging paths toward lasting change Even when they weren't interacting directly they monitored and learned from one another Yet the distance they maintained from one another reflected much broader tensions between the races in the United States and their nearly simultaneous deaths embodied the nation's violent predilections Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy are figures linked by great achievement and greater tragedy Their twin assassinations in 1968 seemed to close the door on a better America leading directly to the paranoid and destructive Nixon administration They were two major figures in the civil rights movement and at first glance a parallel biography seems a fine idea However as Margolick discusses in the opening the parallels are weaker than they seem King and Kennedy communicated relatively rarely and mostly in official capacities They were mostly adversaries on civil rights barely allies and certainly not friends While the Kennedy archive is voluminous and staffed with helpful experts the King Paper Project has only published their sources up to 1962 This combined with Margolick's own youth in a conservative New England town where Civil Rights was distant agitation results in an unbalanced book that is a fine character study of Bobby Kennedy and merely decent on King The connection between the two is mostly etherFirst Bobby Raised in privilege as part of Joe Kennedy's sprawling family Bobby was thrust both forward and into a supporting role Joseph P Kennedy Jr was the heir until he was killed in WW2 and then John was the Kennedy to be President Bobby got a law degree and then through his father's connections joined Senator McCarthy's infamous investigation where he investigated communist infiltration and links between labor and organized crime Bobby was always the hardest of the Kennedy boys Ruthless the most common adjective to describe him As Attorney General during the Civil Rights Era he was in favor of order over change and only reluctantly ordered Federal law enforcement to protect the Freedom Riders and other anti segregation protesters In the great error of his life he approved FBI surveillance of KingBut Kennedy's black and white morality included a capacity for change and with his brother's assassination and his own election to Senate he became a staunch critic of injustice everywhere speaking against Apartheid South Africa poverty in America and the escalating Vietnam War Bobby was one of the most forceful advocates for He seemed to truly connect with the youth and his campaign in 1968 may have well defeated both Vice President Hubert Humphrey and the future President Nixon till he was slain by an assassin's bulletMartin Luther King Jr was born to an important and egotistical preacher but the senior King was nowhere near Joseph Kennedy Sr and no black man could rise far in Jim Crow America King could have been a comfortable minister to the black middle class but the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott demonstrated the power of non violent direct action and King rose on the strength of his charisma and vision to fight segregation across the South and lead the 1963 Million Man March on Washington DC and the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize His vision was not matched by his organizational chops and he found himself outflanked by the street tough Black Power advocates from Northern cities and alienated from his wealthy liberal backers as he turned increasingly against the war in Vietnam King was organizing a massive white and black 'poor man's movement' when the assassin's bullet he long expected found him and made him a martyrThis is a good book but as I said unbalanced Kennedy's moral progress is followed in agonizing detail King's struggles with other figures in the civil rights movement with the powers that be with his own philosophy of love and non violence against the brutality of Bull Connor and others like him is treated abruptly and mostly with cliched references towards Gandhi It's a good book but far from being great

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No issue in America in the 1960s was vital than civil rights and no two public figures were crucial in the drama of race relations in this era than Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy Fifty years after they were both assassinated noted journalist David Margolick explores the untold story of the complex and ever evolving relationship between these two American iconsAssassinated only sixty two days apart in 1968 King and Kennedy changed the United States forever and their deaths profoundly altered the country's trajectory As trailblazers in the civil rights movement leaders in their respective communities and political powerhouses with enormous personal appeal no single pairing of white and black ever mattered in American histo Although they were political figures they were human beings first and their humaneness reached out to the needs of other people Coretta Scott KingNot uite a biography Margolick focuses mostly on the two revered leaders during the country's revolutionary years of 1961 to 1968 when King minister and activist and Kennedy Attorney General turned US Senator turned presidential candidate appeared to repeatedly cross paths in their individual and dissimilar efforts to bring change to civil rights for the better in America In actuality they had relatively little in person interaction or even much of a personal 'relationship' Still they were near constantly aware of each other as they went about their respective work in different ways A respectful but not sugarcoated work they weren't perfect but then nobody is which of course unfortunately ends with the tragic assassinations just months apart in 1968

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The Promise and the DreamAnd ongoing racial turmoil Their joint story a story each man took some pains to hide and which began to come into focus only with their murders is not just gripping history but a window into contemporary America and the challenges we continue to faceComplemented by eighty three revealing photographs by the foremost photojournalists of the period The Promise and the Dream offers a compelling look at one of the most conseuential but misunderstood relationships in our nation's history Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children Martin Luther King Jr 1967 In this difficult day in this difficult time It is perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in Robert F Kennedy 1968 The Promise and the Dream opens with a part of history of which I was unaware Martin Luther King had been arrested in Georgia in 1960 on a BS traffic charge A sentence of four months at hard labor may have proven fatal Robert F Kennedy called the Judge and King was released The JFK campaign flooded black churches with pamphlets and the minority vote won the election for Kennedy Ironically both RFK and MLK grew up with domineering fathers who had great ambition for their sons Joseph Kennedy once said” the castle or the outhouse” while plotting a path to the white house for one of his sons King’s father was able to provide for a college education for young Martin King moved back to Montgomery in 1954 and was a pastor at a local Baptist church when Rosa Parks changed history forever in 1955 The bus boycott made MLK famous RFK was in lily white Boston at the time and fairly oblivious to racial problems MLK’s fame came at a price as his house was bombed and he received unending death threats Bobby had spent the early 1950’s with Joseph McCarthy and his witch hunts After six months Bobby moved on to his battles with Jimmy Hoffa and mobsters JFK met with MLK but King remained officially neutral in the 1960 election MLK Sr was initially for Nixon mostly due to Kennedy’s Catholicism; bigotry comes in all forms after all Bobby was appointed attorney general at the insistence of daddy Joseph The administration initially focused on voting rights legislation RFK was tested in 1961 when freedom riders on buses were beaten by segregationists The attorney general sent federal marshals and later the National Guard to protect King and his followers from being killed by Alabama red necks the same holes are still around waving the Confederate flag as a symbol of “southern pride” The Kennedy’s were first and foremost political animals Civil rights were a powder keg in the 1960’s and the brothers did not want to alienate the southern white voters King’s pleas for stronger government interaction were ignored The Attorney General was technically the boss of J Edgar Hoover and they shared an obsession of communism Hoover had secret dossiers on JFK RFK and MLK The Birmingham protests changed Bobby overnight with press photos of marchers including young children being attacked by dogs and sprayed with fire hoses James Baldwin became a mentor who tutored Kennedy on the realities of black life in white America The friendship was short lived It ended when the FBI informed Kennedy that Baldwin was homosexual I guess RFK’s Catholicism overtook his supposed liberalism The unintended conseuence of Governor George Wallace’s failed attempt to keep two black students from entering the University of Alabama was the great awakening for JFK on the civil rights issue Without notes the President spoke on television of the morality of his upcoming legislation making segregation illegal November 22 1963 almost destroyed Bobby A close aide described him as a “ghost” RFK had allowed limited wiretapping of MLK’s phones and Hoover stepped it up to character assassination with LBJ’s permission Margolick does not whitewash King’s marital infidelities which are uoted from the tapes; at times with vulgar language used by the reverend Sanctimonious men of the cloth continue to amuse me In 1964 King won the Nobel Peace Prize and Kennedy was elected to the US senate from New York State It was LBJ who pushed through the Civil Rights Bill and the Voting Rights Act By 1966 Bobby was finding his voice as he traveled broadly and improved his speaking style The crowds grew larger with the White House as the ultimate prize MLK was well ahead of RFK in opposition to the war in Vietnam King’s famous speech at Riverside Church in NY City in April of 1967 was bitterly attacked by most of the mainstream media Years later it was seen as the pivotal moment in the anti war movement Meanwhile Kennedy traveled to Jackson Mississippi and met with poor blacks living in shacks with the dirt floors The hungry children transformed the so called “ruthless” politician into a compassionate human being A shaken man told his daughter Kathleen “do you know how lucky you are” Bobby really had changed by 1968 His campaign for the election took off with rock star like rallies At college campuses the interchanges with students were blunt and unfiltered The people surrounding him saw a man who sincerely believed in fighting for the underdog On route to the Democratic Party nomination and after a victory in California fate once again intervened Only two months after the death of King Robert was killed at a hotel in Los Angeles He was warned to step up his security detail but he shared a similar fatalistic outlook with Dr King Although Robert and Martin were not friendly on a personal level they had become the conscience of America What a tragic loss for the nation Two million souls lined up along a funeral train procession and the mourning continues fifty years later as we have transitioned from Richard Nixon to the current inhabitant of the White House a carnival barker and con man with no sense of morality or values The Promise and the Dream is a sad but important book