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Harold and the Purple CrayonImself a landscape full of beauty and excitement But this is no hare brained impulsive flight of fantasy Cherubic round headed Harold conducts his adventure with the utmost prudence letting his imagination run free but keeping his wits about Here is the first betrayal in a long life of betrayals child Your parents told you it was a classic didn't they? Their eyes were probably limpid with nostalgia as they gave it to you It's about imagination they simpered And you took it in your grubby little hands and you put it in your grubby little mouth and you thought THIS IS BORING But it's about how creativity can take you anywhere they cried And yeah you babbled Anywhere purple Because that's all it is child isn't it? It's just purple lines No they protest it's pie and dragons Scribbly purple pies and dragons and not the real thing The real pie is in the refrigerator the real dragons are in your sofa fort and this is boringYou might as well know now child your parents are boring Your teachers are boring You will be assaulted on all sides by books that grown ups think are good for you and they will be boring By the end of it the love of reading will be crushed out of your body and you will become a lawyerAs you grow you will face boring booksWind in the WillowsLittle House in the Big WoodsMoby DickProustThey are all boring Did your parents honestly like them? Yes they did because they were never children like you They were born small adults and they became big adults and they have always liked boring things Throw this book behind the changing table where no parent can retrieve it and read these insteadMadelineMatildaHarriet the SpyWuthering HeightsBorgesAnd if any grown up tries to talk to you about Harold and his stupid crayon bite them

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Free Harold and the Purple Crayon doc ´ reader 9780747532033 ä One night after thinking it over for some time Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight So begins this gentle story that shows just how far your imagination can take you Armed only with an oversized purple crayon young Harold draws himself a landscaHim all the while He takes the necessary purple crayon precautions drawing landmarks to ensure he won't get lost; sketching a boat when he finds himself in deep water; and creating a purple pie picnic when he feels the first pangs of hunger This book is Amazing I love this story of imagination imagery My favorite part toward the endAnd then Harold made his bedHe got in it and he drew up the coversThis is so perfect on so many levels The sad thing is I don't remember reading this as a child I discovered The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon at age 30 Where have you been all my life Harold? If you're like me or if you've read it before do yourself a favor and read this book rediscover a world of imagination and simplicity I like Harold and the Purple Crayon better than Where the Wild Things Are which is a book of similar material although not uite as simplisticSome Favorite Parts He didn't want to get lost in the woods So he made a very small forest with just one tree in itHis hand holding the purple crayon shook Suddenly he realized what was happening But by then Harold was over his head in an ocean He came up thinking fast And in no time he was climbing aboard a trim little boat He hoped he could see his bedroom window from the top of the mountain But as he looked down over the other side he slipped And there wasn't any other side of the mountain He was falling in thin air But luckily he kept his wits and his purple crayon

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One night after thinking it over for some time Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight So begins this gentle story that shows just how far your imagination can take you Armed only with an oversized purple crayon young Harold draws h Harold and the Purple Crayon Harold #1 Crockett Johnson pseudonym for David Johnson LeiskHarold and the Purple Crayon is a 1955 children's book by Crockett Johnson This is Johnson's most popular book It led to a series of other books and inspired many adaptations The protagonist Harold is a curious four year old boy who with his purple crayon has the power to create a world of his own simply by drawing it Harold wants to go for a walk in the moonlight but there is no moon so he draws one He has nowhere to walk so he draws a path He has many adventures looking for his room and in the end he draws his own house and bed and goes to sleepتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز پانزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2012 میلادیعنوان هارولد و مداد شمعی بنفش کتاب 1؛ نویسنده و تصویرگر کراکت جانسون؛ مترجم فاطمه حجوانی؛ تهران، قدیانی، 1390؛ در 64 ص، مصور، فروست مجموعه قصه های هارولد 1؛ شابک 9789645367204؛ موضوع داستانهای خیال انگیز کودکان از نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا سده 20 مهارولد، پسر چهار ساله، شب هنگام از خانه بیرون میرود، تا قدم بزند همه جا تاریک است، اما «هارولد» مداد بنفشش را با خودش آورده است او با مداد بنفش، یک ماه در آسمان، و یک راه بر روی زمین، نقاشی میکند «هارولد» پیش از اینکه گام بردارد، باید با مداد بنفش، زمانی را که گامش بر آن فرود میآید، نقاشی کند هنگامی که گرسنه است، با مداد بنفش غذا مهیا میکند اژدهایی نقاشی میکند، اما از اژدها میترسد با مداد بنفش، قایق نقاشی میکند و در آب شناور میشود در تنهایی، نیاز به دوست را احساس میکند؛ «هارولد»، پسر کنجکاوی ست که با مداد بنفشش، دنیای تازه ای میسازد؛ در دنیایی که ساخته، غول جادوگر را از پای درمیآورد، و باغ را سبز میکند، به آسمان سفر میکند، به قطب شمال میرود، در سیرک ماجرا میآفریند او داخل تابلو میرود، و دو دنیای خیال و واقعیت را نزدیک به هم میبیند شما نیز در این مجموعه ی هفت جلدی، همین خیال را تجربه میکنید «به کودک درونتان اجازه دهید خودش باشد تا پرواز کند» مجموعه ی هارولد، از کلاسیکهای ادبیات کودک در جهان است، و در سال 1955 میلادی نوشته شده است؛ با اقتباس از همین مجموعه، فیلم، تئاتر، سریال تلویزیونی، انیمیشن و بازی رایانه ای ساخته و پرداخته شده، و در برنامه های درسی آموزش هنر نیز، از آنها سود میبرند کودکان دیروز و امروز و فردا، و آدم بزرگهایی که کودک درونشان هنوز زنده است، دنیای «هارولد» را دوست میدارند، از آن لذت میبرند، شگفت زده میشوند، و خیالشان بال میگشاید ا شربیانی