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Summary Å Middle Power Middle Kingdom Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã The rise of China is having a direct impact on our prosperity on our health and well being and on our security here in Canada The road to achieving many of our middle power aspirations now runs through the MidCanada exerts a magnetic pull on Chinese tourists and students It’s also a popular destination for Chinese homebuyers in search of a new life or simply looking for a safe place to park money An assertive China is challenging the balance of power in the Pacific and it is than willing to reach across borders including Canada’s to steal technologies and to confront challenges to its ideologyWe must do better With his experience in China and a. Middle Power Middle Kingdom is a book written by David Mulroney a distinguished Canadian diplomat who served as Ambassador to the People's Republic of China from 2009 to 2012 His career in the Canadian diplomatic core is storied and he is currently a senior fellow for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada a part of the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs He is a prime author on Chinese Canadian relations and this book is interesting as it steps away from the boundaries of an average pop book on this subject which would focus on Western relations as a whole cultural ideals or the likeMulroney's narrative is frank He shows a lot of respect for the way the PRC operates on a day to day basis but pulls no punches on the areas he feels they need improvement He does not subscribe to the narrative that China is fundamentally incompatible with Canadian ideals which is bunk He also does not believe that the Chinese should be coddled or appeased A good working relationship will develop with frank discussion mutual respect and economic cooperation Mulroney touches on many of the frictions that develop between Canada and China Human rights is a sticking point with Mulroney pointing out that most Canadian diplomats and most Western diplomats as well will mention Human Rights issues once with Chinese officials every interview or public meeting This can be an official stance but is often a political consideration as many reporters will ask the inevitable human rights stance of a diplomat or politician post Chinese meeting From China's point of view this sort of discussion is an inappropriate intrusion on internal affairs Clearly both stances are uite political in nature but there are good points on both sides and Mulroney considers both optionsEconomic cooperation is another factor China represents one of the largest and fastest growing market places in the world Canada would lose big time if it didn't take advantage of China's growing economic clout both domestically and overseas Canada represents an important market for China according to Mulroney It is a destination for Chinese students to achieve expert overseas education It is also a place for corrupt officials to park money in the real estate market Canada has abundant resources that could help fuel China's growth and improve domestic export markets It is also a country that has central control over its most lucrative companies called SOE's which many business leaders and politicians claim steal trade secrets and engage in protectionist behaviour These claims are true in many cases but not always SOE's in China vary considerably in degree of autonomy ideological constraints and so on Some act like mouthpieces for the CPC while others are completely independent It would be foolish to lump all into one category and deny them access to the Canadian economy Mulroney theorizes Similarly it would be foolish to treat them without any caution Mulroney touches on a number of other subjects including China's regional relationships its military prowess its engagement with specific industries such as oil and gas and fishing and religious freedom to name a few Every time he theorizes a balanced approach to China is reuired Passion zeal and ideological constraints should not be entertained whether from the Communists or the Conservatives A level head is reuired to ensure Canadian values and interests are secured but this may also reuire Canadians to accept Chinese interests and values It will never be a one sided relationship It will always have give and takeThis was a great read in general Mulroney indulges in his own personal interests in China and often toes the Canadian party line on Chinese relations and other subjects Even so the book is thoughtful well written and completely interesting Very few books are written on Canada's economy and foreign policy outside the academic sphere and Mulroney offers a refreshing book one of many to come I hope A solid read for Canadians interested in seeing what the future holds for us

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S a leader in forming a successful strategy in Afghanistan Mulroney is uniuely positioned to argue this He discusses what our challenges in Afghanistan were and how we eventually got it right and how these lessons can be applied to the future challenges of China and beyondCutting right to the heart of the issue Middle Power Middle Kingdom is an intimate account of how foreign policy works and how policies must be changed if Canada is to prospe. Middle Power Middle Kingdom is a clear eyed insider's account of the twists and turns in the Canadian Chinese relationship especially focusing on the last 15 years David Mulroney recounts his experiences as Canadian ambassador to the Middle Kingdom but also offers a cohesive framework for how to think about this relationship one that is discussed far too infreuently in Canada for its significance on the future of this countryIn his breezy but insightful book Mulroney explains how China is already shaping the future of Canada especially through its significant impact on tourism education and real estate He also tells tales of a few economic success stories and far too many other economic opportunities that have been left on the table for a lack of knowledge or interest in a rising global powerMulroney is at his most controversial and most powerful when he discusses what Canada's relationship with China should be on sensitive issues eg human rights Far from being a Chinese apologist the ex ambassador passionately defends the importance of standing up for minority rights democracy and the rule of law even if it risks the ire of the Chinese Communist Party Still he argues that it is possible for Canada to do so in a respectful manner while not cutting off ongoing engagement with the government which would effectively shut Canada out of important developments that will reshape the international system with or without us Though not mentioned in the book which was likely completed a few months earlier one can imagine this applying to Canada's decision not to be a founding member of the China led Asian Infrastructure Development BankMost of all Mulroney urges Canadian government to help lead a cohesive national dialogue and strategy on engaging China much like the Australians have done in recent years Over the past 100 years Canada has benefited economically and politically from the rise of its neighbour and close ally the United States Now that a much different cultural and political actor is rising to global prominence Mulroney forcefully argues it is imperative that Canada makes a concerted effort to understand how to best position itself in this new world order

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Middle Power Middle KingdomThe rise of China is having a direct impact on our prosperity on our health and well being and on our security here in Canada The road to achieving many of our middle power aspirations now runs through the Middle KingdomDavid Mulroney former Canadian ambassador to China is firm We need to start paying closer attention While not uite as important as the US China has become our second largest economic partner and is far bigger than all the rest. This was not a page turner but a very thoughtful and informative treatise on China and the steps Canada should consider in dealing with China The book also provided insight in how the various Canadian politicians handle diplomacy the good and bad Hopefully politicians are paying attention