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EBOOK ☆ EPUB Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania American Chillers #11 ä ☆ HANNAHREDHEAD È Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 212004At Paperback Publ So I just read Poisonous pythons paralyze Pennsylvania by Johnathan Rand I liked this a lot because it takes place in my home state I also really like the characters and I think what happened to the characters is a original idea The main setting of the book is Maple Glen Pennsylvania inside a swamp most of the time The main characters are Ryan Stephen Heather Mr Larson and Mr Plumbody The main conflict of the story is when Ryan and Stephen find a big snake and then they meet Mr Plumbody and find out that a lot of snakes got out they have to track down all of the other snakes I'd recommend this book to anyone that likes this author because it is like a lot of of his books yet it is still different then them all

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Book Details Form Unlike most of Johnathan Rand's American and Michigan Chillers Poisonous Pythons of Pennsylvania doesn't say the age of the three main characters It's safe to assume though that Ryan Brindley Stephen Kottler and Heather Lewis are probably eleven or twelve like other protagonists in the series Maple Glen Pennsylvania is a city closer geographically to Philadelphia than to the state's backwoods Northeastern region but there's an expansive swamp not far from Ryan's house He and Stephen love searching it for garter snakes but today the two boys are in for a shock they briefly cross paths with a snake longer than an automobile much bigger than anything native to Pennsylvania The next day Ryan and Stephen find a massive snakeskin; whatever kind of snake this is they agree they need to notify an adult Most snakes are harmless but a monster like this could be a threat Mr Larson who owns the local pet shop takes Ryan and Stephen seriously when they report the snake but he turns doubtful when the boys are unable to find the snakeskin where they claim to have left it They don't know how to convince Mr Larson they're telling the truthuntil their friend Heather lets them know she saw the shop owner sneaking out of the swamp shortly before he joined Ryan and Stephen on their search Did Mr Larson steal the snakeskin? Something suspicious is going on and Ryan Stephen and Heather won't uit until they learn the full story These three kids have gotten involved in something big an organization of scientists working to combat the lethal effects of venomous snakes; a newly discovered species imported for study a snake whose bite can kill a man in mere moments; and a secret laboratory designed for advanced experimentation in herpetology that could revolutionize the relationship between humans and reptiles But when a breach in safety protocol turns Ryan and Stephen's swamp into a haven for deadly snakes they'll have to help save Maple Glen Can the emergency be dealt with before Pennsylvania is overrun by a plague of pythons? The American Chillers series has a rough unrefined writing style but its best books are entertaining enough that the lack of polish matters little Such is the case for Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania the best entry in the series since at least Terrible Tractors of Texas You'll need to grant the story the benefit of the doubt in a few places but it's a decent read with a mild surprise or two I'm never awed by Johnathan Rand's writing but American Chillers are fun Up next in the series? Dangerous Dolls of Delaware book twelve I'll be there

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Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania American Chillers #11Ication Date 2120 Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania by Johnathan Rand This book is about pythons that get out of their cases where they were suppose to be kept Heather and Stephen are the ones who figure out about and want to stop then before it gets dangerous I recommend this book to kids who want to read about pythons on the loose