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McCartney Mobi ✓ 320 pages Download Ì Christopher sandford × Between 1963 and 1970 Paul McCartney sold 160 million albums throughout the world; co authored with John Lennon twenty five US and UK number one singles; recorded the first rock album with Rubber Soul and established the concept of rock as art wGuitars and others to burn vinyl He helped usher in the Swinging Sixties the Love Generation rock n' roll's studio era and left the world dumbfounded when the Fab Four called it uits in the early 70s However to this day McCartney remains one of the world's most beloved and respected musicians McCartney is a tale of self destruction and epic excess as well as creative genius and brilliant music The B I like a good rock bio — Robert Shelton on Dylan Jimmy McDonough on Neil Young Keith Richards on himself I even like a good bad rock bio like Anthony Scaduto's poison pen portrait of Mick Jagger or Albert Goldman's minutely detailed dissection of ElvisBut this is the pitsChristopher Sandford appears to have researched his subject simply by reading a lot of newspaper articles and watching a lot of television Everything he gives us is at least secondhand often third hand He evidently knows and cares nothing for music we learn nada about McCartney's working techniue in the studio his amazing multi intstrumental abilities or his songwriting except that he knocks them off in minutes and sometimes dreams them which we knew already and barely scratches the surface of what we want to know Barring onstage performances which Sanderson obviously watched after the fact on video — and which anyone else could watch just as easily — there are no descriptions of McCartney or the Beatles at work whatsoeverMusic apart Sanderson doesn't know much about anything else either He seems to think Peruvian flake is a kind of cannabis Many biographical details about McCartney and his associates including the other three Beatles are not given precisely as one remembers them yet no explanation is offered for the discrepancies The women in Paul's life remain mysterious Jane Asher is a cipher; the remarkable mutual affection and interdependence between Linda Eastman and her second husband are described but no attempt is ever made to explain it; Heather Mills is portrayed straightforwardly as a brassy gold digging slut — but even here we are given no idea how a canny operator and legendary womanizer like Paul came to have fallen for such an essentially unattractive creatureEarly in the book Sanderson relates a story about McCartney musing over the reams of analysis to which his friend John Lennon has been subjected and how people all seemed to think they knew John 'But they don't know me do they' concludes McCartney This story is so placed in the book as to present the reader with the implication that by the time they have finished reading they will know McCartney Well they won'tThey wil however have been given the impression — entirely erroneous — that John Lennon was a bit of an also ran in the Beatles whose true creative and professional engine was Paul McCartney This of course is preposterous — and pointless It would not have detracted one iota from Paul's own towering achievements to have acknowledged the euivalent genius and undeniable cultural primacy of his erstwhile creative partner Though perhaps considering how Sanderson trivializes the artistic genius of his hero it is probably just as well I'll give this book two stars on the basis that I did learn at least one interesting fact I didn't know before Linda's family wasn't always named Eastman; they took that name after migrating to the United States two generations previously The original family name was Epstein

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Eatles' bloody in fighting the sex the drugs and McCartney's extraordinary marriages are revealed here in full Yet while the revelations will genuinely astound this book remains a celebratory feast for millions of fans capturing the glorious rush of the best songs and revealing the untold stories behind them McCartney is the definitive biography charting not only the pop legend but the man and his e I love Paul McCartney and I'm a huge fan of The Beatles but this book is a major disappointment The little facts on Paul are interesting but they make him seem like some sort of a god that was responsible for every good thing that ever came from The Beatles Christopher Sandford portrays John Lennon as a raging dickhead who contributed next to nothing important At least he even mentions John George and Ringo are hardly mentioned at all and when they are they're both represented as talentless making mention of Ringo as just the drummer As if this weren't bad enough he really downplays the closeness they shared If I had never heard of The Beatles and read this book I would have thought they all hated each other from the beginning I did however enjoy the facts about his childhood Very informative All in all I wouldn't recommend it

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McCartneyBetween 1963 and 1970 Paul McCartney sold 160 million albums throughout the world; co authored with John Lennon twenty five US and UK number one singles; recorded the first rock album with Rubber Soul and established the concept of rock as art with Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band As a member of the most important rock band ever Paul McCartney compelled millions of kids to pick up electric Wow this is disappointing on almost every level it's poorly written poorly researched I think I got information on Paul McCartney from those old Beatles bubblegum cards