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Epub ☆ Monsters of Elsewhere ô 598 pages Download ↠ Hannahredhead Î There is a land – let's call it Elsewhere – that is in no small amount of trouble Giant wolves are tearing villages apart a monster king is bringing his army across the sea to capture the legendary Hall of Glass and theChildhood adventure is a faded memory until his fiancée vanishes Until he is drawn into another world Until he is pursued by a blind assassin – with only a monster and a dead man for company across a land that is in no small amount of troubl This was a fun well written sweetly crafted twist on the traditional fairy tale story I think what I enjoyed most was that it wasn't exactly far fetched and dependent upon stereotypes or tropes but rather written with an eye to humour realism as much as can exist in a fantasy world and characters with true development I want to say that the ending was tied up too neatly for my tastes but ultimately I can't as it was just as charming and sweet as the rest of the tale Definitely worth reading and as enjoyable a first entry as any I've read I am uite curious to see what else Waldram comes out with

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There is a land – let's call it Elsewhere – that is in no small amount of trouble Giant wolves are tearing villages apart a monster king is bringing his army across the sea to capture the legendary Hall of Glass and the High Lord has complet Monsters of Elsewhere is a strange book It also happens to be the best self published book I've read so far A gripping book that has deprived me of sleep and sucked me into its world in the best possible wayBefore we even begin to talk about the story one of the most important things to get out of the way is to explain Matthew Waldram's style of writingMr Waldram describing himself as a 'large flightless bird' is from Derby and is as English as English can be This includes levity in times of grimness and a dry and intelligent wit permeating everything he touchesMeaning that if you like things exclusively grim and gritty then you'll want to avoid this bookTake a dollop of Pratchett a pinch of Gaiman mix with two parts Eddings and Gemmell and then throw in the modern sensibilities of today's fantasy writers and the result is Matthew WaldramYou see the opening chunk of Monsters of Elsewhere stars a young but inuisitive child called Henry Whistler who is adamant in his belief that there are monsters underneath his bedUnlike the rest of the children his age it turns out that Henry is absolutely correct There's a monster under his bedAt this point I was preparing to cast aside this uaint but humorous young adult fantasy which would have been the biggest mistake of my reading life Thankfully I persevered because while a small boy getting lost at bus stations wasn't precisely my cup of tea it was written in a humorous fashion that drew me in It really could have been the opening to a classic children's novel such was the uality of the craftingFortunately for me the rest of the tale flashes forward after the events dictated by this initial child like romp into a fantasy world Henry Whistler becomes a man he gets engaged and he forgets all about his previous adventure as the adult world surrounds himI'm not going to spoil the plot any further but sufficed to say that Henry is drawn back into the world he has previously visited as a man instead of a boy The narrative still drips humour but certain events unfold that shake you out of that amused reverie This is a serious book for all its uirksWaldram is an absolute master of injecting serious conseuences into a humorous narrative and vice versa One minute he'll have you crying with laughter and the next he'll have you legitimately crying That's a rare gift indeed I actually fist pumped the air at one point I don't recall ever doing that beforeIn fact such is the brilliance of this book that my sleep addled mind cannot form the words capable of expressing just how impressed I am with it so you'll excuse me if I catch a few Zs and report back with a in depth exploration of the textI have now caught the aforementioned Zs and will continue trying to explain just how good this book is here goesThis is one of those rare books where even the ancillary characters are well crafted and cared about When the inevitable happens and you're taken away from the protagonist you wonder how the author is going to deal with these other points of view The answer is splendidly Not only do you care about the fate of one Henry Whistler you're exposed bit by bit to the world he has been dropped into through the fates of othersThe antagonists of our piece are believable have clear motivations and don't want to cover the world in a second darkness That also helpsOne of the most important elements of this book is that Henry Whistler isn't particularly special He's not given a fellowship of companions just one or two decent folk that help him along the way He doesn't have any special powers or great destiny and as is amusingly pointed out he'd probably lose in a fight to just about any armed guard or soldier in the landI was going to critiue the book but I'm genuinely struggling to find anything wrong with it In fact the only criticism I can level at it is that I wish it was even longer so I didn't have to finish it so uicklyI guess I could repeat that the style of writing isn't for everyone Some people might find the humour irritating but they'd be very dull people indeedI won't hesitate in giving this book five stars only the second time I've awarded an independently published title this high a ratingI don't know if this is a one off stroke of genius on the part of Mr Waldram but I sincerely hope that his next work builds on the ualities exhibited here I also hope that he goes back to his captivating Elsewhere universe because if he doesn't he'll be getting a strongly worded e mail informing him that he must

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Monsters of ElsewhereEly disappeared Henry Whistler was eight when he got lost at a bus station in Hounslow There his adventure began For that was when he met the exiled invisible man the monster swordsman and the girl with the bright red hair Now a grown up Henry's I really enjoyed this book An entertaining blend of Gaiman Pratchett and some good old fashioned adventure fantasy My biggest regret is that it is unillustrated I would love to see Elsewhere An Illustrated Natural History I also felt like some of the surprises were a bit overly telegraphed It felt like an awkward amount of suspense given the fairly obvious foreshadowing Less of one or the other could have improved things a bit As far as I know this is a standalone book which can be rare to find in the fantasy genre today I hope it stays that way I liked the way the book wrapped up the plot but still had a dollop of mystery in the ending But I would definitely welcome books set in Elsewhere It seems like a world with definite opportunity for stories