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The Dark Tower Boxed Set Books 1 4Set in a world of ominous landscape and macabre menace The Dark Tower features one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations The Gunslinger 'The Gun Slinger' A traveller chases the mysterious Man in Black across a dangerous desert His unnamed uest is aided by some hindered by others in a bleak and brutal worldIn many ways this is a strange book It feels wrong both as a reading experience and as the opening volume of 'The Dark Tower' Stephen King's almost terse writing style is tempered by the sense that there is something looming on the horizon which casts a shadow on this bookThere is a sense of foreboding and terror which is never made explicit in the novel but then there wouldn't be For this a novel of beginnings and prophecy and there are other worlds than these'The Drawing of the Three' Roland Deschain continues his uest by beginning to gather together the group who will one day form his ka tet his band of destiny Eddie Dean is a junkie from New York who is extricated from a perilous situation by the arrival of Roland and in turn saves the Gun Slinger's life Odetta Holmes is a society heiress who lives with a dual personality the feral Detta Walker Alternatively needing their help and trying to kill them Odetta may be the key to saving RolandKing's fine grasp of character and place helps us to ground Roland and his posse in a way the previous novel did not To describe this as lighter in tone would perhaps lead readers to expect no horror but the lobster monstrosities and the uncanny nature of the dimensional corridors grow disturbing with each encounter

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A haunting figure who embodies the ualities of the lone hero through the ages from ancient myth to frontier Western legend As Roland crosses a I didn't read this boxed set edition but I wanted to review these as a lumpLet's face it I loved the whole thing There isn't another story out there uite like this one I am not a fan of the fantasy genre I like my science fiction on the hardcore side This series softened my attitude toward fantasy fiction because King applies his softest touch ever here You can tell that he didn't just knock out another tome for the sake of his publisher which is a feeling I get about a lot of his latest work This is the work of King's lifetime of telling stories If you are a King fan there is much here to fascinate youI was almost scared to read the last volume of this work I'd been reading the books as they came out ever since the first one and I was worried an anticlimax was coming King didn't let me down though The ending of the series is just so

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Download mobi Ü The Dark Tower Boxed Set Books 1 4 ↠ Stephen King ã Set in a world of ominous landscape and macabre menace The Dark Tower features one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations—The Gunslinger a haunting figure who embodies the ualities of the lone hero through the ages from ancienDesert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own he moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares There’ll never be an eual to Lord of the Rings That we can all agree onEverything that tries to copy the high fantasy splendour is just a cheap imitation a flimsy plastic copy of something pure and goldThat’s what I love about The Dark Tower It doesn’t try to imitateIf LotR is precious metal gems and leaves then Stephen King’s magnum opus is gunpowder sand and soft red petals It doesn’t try to copy Tolkien but you feel his influence in the best and dearest wayThere’s lots to be said about Roland’s uest for the Dark Tower I didn’t read these books until many years after they were completed I never had the decades of waiting between instalments I saw no problem with Sai King writing himself in or cyclical end or the anticlimactic final battle with the Crimson KingAs a set I enjoyed The Gunslinger the least It feels as King himself points out in his final introduction juvenile I skimmed it during my first read The Drawing of the Three pulled me in I loved the way the Gunslinger overrode people’s personalities I loved that Jake survived I loved everything down to the last Tooter Fish Popkin crumbThe Wastelands was a pure Mad Max delight Blaine the train is a pain and his riddling game was a wonderful nod to Bilbo I felt the same thing that is important in Middle Earth too this is a world that has moved onWizard and Glass has long stood as my mothers favourite in the series she recommended these books to me I see why she loves it Poor Susan Poor Roland The Wolves of the Calla is my favourite It feels like the western I always wanted to see The ka tet of 1999 ride into town they come commella and they face off against the wolves final attack I liked the robot I liked the women and their plates Father Callahan returning was the most wonderful and unexpected surpriseSong of Susannah is the saddest for me The fellowship is ending Mia has truly arrived The scrimshaw turtle and the Tet corporation gave me hope Sombra Corp and the low men in yellow coats scared the shit out of meThe Dark Tower is my other favourite It feels sublime at times I don’t care if you think the three Stephen Kings with the gift basket are hoaky Mordreds death is wonderfully meaningless while Oy’s still makes me tear up seven years later I’ll have all of it with Schlag The final spiral up into the tower is a perfect reading experience The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed