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Disappearing Earth doc Ê Hardcover Read ë One August afternoon on the shoreline of the north eastern edge of Russia two sisters are abducted In the ensuing weeks then months the police investigation turns up nothing Echoes of the disappearance reverberate across a tightly woven community with the fear and loss felt most deeply among its woOne August afternoon on the shoreline of the north eastern edge of Russia two sisters are abducted In the ensuing weeks then months the police investigation turns up nothing Echoes of the disappearance reverberate across a tightly woven community with the fear and loss felt most deeply among its womenSet on the remote Siberian peninsula of Kamchatka Disappearing Earth draws us into the world of oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for BEST MYSTERYTHRILLER 2019 what will happen?this is one of those rare perfect books the fact that it’s a debut only makes it impressive and no matter what this author writes next i will be on it immediately i was fortunate enough to stumble upon a free arc of this thinking to self ‘this looks like it could be good’ and then when i saw all the high praise it was receiving in its early reviews i decided to bump it up the old arc stack and see what all the fuss was aboutlemme tell you the fuss is earnedit takes place on russia’s kamchatka peninsula and at its center is the disappearance of two little girls; sisters eight and eleven who get into a stranger’s car and vanisheach chapter that follows carries the story forward a month from the girls’ abduction in august to the following july and each is told from a different character’s perspective the disappearance worms its way into every chapter but is usually only used to season the stories how the situation affected different people who live in the area most of whom had no direct connection with the girls themselves and each chapter is gripping and fully realized enough to stand alone as a short story it’s such an original way to tell a missing kids narrative; using that same structure i love in Winesburg Ohio a smalltown short story cycle that both is and isn’t a novel but this one has specific touchpoints and as time passes the impact of the tragedy shifts the way any sensational news story shifts with the passing of time and proximity slipping into cautionary tale or local legend dredging up memories of earlier disappearances giving way to ’where were you when’ recollections becoming a different kind of collective reference point most multiple POV books will pick a handful of characters and alternate between them and it was a great moment of realization for me about three chapters in when i clocked to the “oh so we’re just not going to go back to that character’s POV at all wow” at first i was a little disappointed because i had become invested in particular voices but with each chapter i found myself making a whole new investment and once i started approaching this as a short story cycle i appreciated it even because that’s just so freaking hard to pull off and she does it remarkably well characters do pop up again but seen through someone else’s eyes and these transitions and the recurring motifs are handled beautifully i admit to being a very ignorant person when it comes to culture and geography and this book introduced me to a region i knew absolutely nothing about; phillips’ descriptions of the landscape ethnic makeup history and social fabric of kamchatka was illuminating and engrossing and without a drop of hyperbole on my part masterfuli loved this book so very much her writing is flawless the build is rich and textured the ending is satisfying my only oh so minor complaint is i wish she hadn’t dropped that mic in the final paragraph because we knew without it being pointed out and i think it would have been elegant to not call attention to it so explicitlybut i mean really that’s not even a couple’s spat in the love i have for this book it is not to be missed stunned a brilliant brilliant debut review to comecome to my blog

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An astonishing cast of characters all connected by an unfathomable crime We are transported to vistas of rugged beauty – densely wooded forests open expanses of tundra soaring volcanoes and the glassy seas that border Japan and Alaska – and into a region as complex as it is alluring where social and ethnic tensions have long simmered and where outsiders are often the first to be accusedIn a I had high hopes going into Disappearing Earth as I had heard so many great things about it But it pretty much disappointed me from beginning to end I think this is a case of mismatched expectations and experiences Everything that others loved about this book are all the same reasons I don'tThe premise of this book is interesting enough two young girls disappear from a Russian town which sends the the townspeople reeling over the next few months as the investigation turns up nothing Except what I got isn't what I expected First there was no real crime investigation depicted in this book It was mostly a bunch of hearsay on the part of gossipy townspeople and inactionincompetence on the part of the police So to go into this book thinking it is a crime drama of any sort would be mistaken Also this town isn't small so why would people be obsessed with the disappearance of two girls for months?The writing is stilted and awkward There are sentences where the meaning is unclear so I have to read it multiple times to understand There are ambiguous pronouns in multiple places There are odd dialogues where it sounds like someone is making a joke but it's not clear why it's funny or who said what All this made the book hard to readThe theme of this book doesn't tie together either This is written so that each chapter is a month from the perspective of a different woman in town Unfortunately with one exception their stories don't have anything to do with each other so you are essentially reading standalone stories that all just happen to take place in the same townAlso none of the characters are likable or memorable Most of them are narrow minded prejudiced and uick to judge others When faced with choices they inevitability make the wrong ones and end up with the wrong men But instead of learning from their mistakes they choose to suffer as if suffering itself was a noble cause Then once having chosen that they look down their noses at others trying have a little joy in their life It's an odd culture that permeates this town and this bookI almost abandoned this book many times but I thought it would get better if I toughed on The only parts of the book I found interesting are the ones related to the crime itself which are just the beginning and the end The rest was a meandering journey through unlikable characters making the worst of circumstances and feeling bad for themselves I'm sorry to say that this isn't for me

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Disappearing EarthStory as propulsive as it is emotionally engaging and through a young writer's virtuosic feat of empathy and imagination this powerful novel provides a new understanding of the intricate bonds of family and community in a Russia unlike any we have seen beforeBeautifully written thought provoking intense and cleverly wrought this is the most extraordinary first novel from a mesmerising new talent Two sisters ages eight and eleven go missing on the Kamchatka peninsula Boy did I want to yell at my book No no no no no during the first story UGH The police are uickly called to investigate but find nothing no clues no evidence etc They are missing without a traceThis book spans the course of a year with each chapter being another month after the girls go missing Each chapter is also about a new character The characters have had their lives changed in some way due to the girl’s disappearance Some being a witness a detective a customs officer a student a woman whose sister went missing etc The final chapter is the girl's mother As the book suggests this book shows the lives of women and those in their lives who have been touched in some way due to the girl’s disappearance I found this to be a fast read Due in part mainly to the fact that the chapters read like short stories and it was easy to go through them While reading about the lives of those in the community I had a nagging thoughtwhat happened to those girls? I really enjoyed how the stories were connected even if only by a small thread The connections are there Plus the writing was beautiful Hats off to the Author for her uniue and enjoyable story telling I found myself enjoying each storychapter a little bit than the lastPlus the ending That is all that I will say Very enjoyable book which was very original and captivating I have been getting annoyed lately with books that remind me of other books Reading this was like a breath of fresh air This could have been a mystery about two missing girls but it became so much Everything comes together in a very seamless mannerThank you to the publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own