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Laura Sunfire No 10There was a fierce war raging abroad and another in her heartWhile men are fighting overseas in World War I lovely Laura Mitchell is caught up in the struggle for women's rights in the Washington D C of 1918 Dismayed by her willingnes. See my review of Amanda for my general review of the seriesWell there ya go Vivian Schurfranz You can write a Sunfire that's not annoyingThis one's even got a nice plot Laura Mitchell high school junior in Washington DC becomes heavily involved in the women's suffrage movement towards the end of World War I As the novel opens she's primarily concerned with trying to get her childhood friend Joe Menotti to notice that she's not a kid any In due time she gets her head turned by a uniformed charmer named Shawn O'Brien who pretty much immediately notices that Laura's not a kidWhile there are a few clunky historical expositions the research is well integrated here than in Schurfranz's other Sunfires In particular the descriptions of the suffragists's activities was very interesting I applauded the seamless inclusion of details such as Laura's mother and sister's feeling that Laura's devotion to the women's cause is borderline treasonous with a war going on and the background scenes of German immigrants being picked on Coincidentally this was the era during which my German ancestors started insisting that they were Austrian But I digressAnyway as long as Schurfranz is showing and not telling this novel is pretty enjoyable It held my attention very well Another thankful deviation from Schurfranziness is Joe Menotti He's thoughtful mature not pushy and he shows through his actions that he'd do anything for Laura My favorite scene is Joe's cross city dash in a borrowed wagon to get Laura to school on time And Laura's not ever really sure of his feelings It's a nice change from the usual Schurfranz suitors who are usually both protesting undying love before the book's half overA few major gripes still exist however and one of them is the Shawn plotline Laura's waaaay too smart and savvy to write off his possessive and condescending behavior as many times as she does Although it's kind of funny when Laura goes all so I have two boyfriends so what now you shut up to her staid sister Sarah the constant playing off of Joe against Shawn gets fairly irritating towards the end of the novel especially since Shawn is so blatantly and terribly unsupportive of everything Laura wants in lifeAnother common Schurfranz irritant is than present here the historical figures have entirely too much of a presence in the story I'm really glad our intrepid author had so much fun reading Alice Paul's speeches but I could have done without their inclusion and without Alice and the other prominent DC suffragists becoming major speaking characters who of course all take a personal interest in and extol the specialness of Laura I already like Laura I didn't need history's opinion tooThe verdict These annoying aspects were egregious enough to cancel out three stars but I have to add one back in for the sheer pluck of Laura and the cuteness of her relationship with Joe And another half star for the historical details I would grab this one up if I found it it's definitely enjoyable

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Download Laura Sunfire No 10 ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô There was a fierce war raging abroad and another in her heartWhile men are fighting overseas in World War I lovely Laura Mitchell is caught up in the struggle for women's rights in the Washington D C of 1918 Dismayed by her willingness to go to jail for her beliefs LR off her feet with his Irish charm and dashing good looks Yet everyone but Joe wants her to give up her ideals Should she change herself try to change the man she loves or follow her conscience to the man who is waiting with open arm. As WWI and influenza dominate the thought of most Laura's best friend discovers suffrage and brings Laura in Will she fight Or will she cave in to those who tell her to stay away and be a good girl and future wife

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S to go to jail for her beliefs Laura's mother and sister encourage her to pay attention to her suitors Laura only has eyes for her neighbor Joe Menotti who treats her like a kid sister But her brother's friend Shawn O'Brien sweeps he. I think this one was set during WWIDid these come from the book orders through the school My mom must have bought them for me My parents were always great about buying me books We didn't have a lot of money but I ALWAYS got to order books through the school and I got books as a reward for making good grades