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mobi Ç Silver on the Tree ↠ Susan Cooper Iman and Bran the Welsh boy whose destiny ties him to the Light Drawn in with them are the three Drew children who are mortal but have their own vital part in the story These six fight fear and death in I remember loving these books as a child but I had forgotten how much I skipped over Re reading childhood favorites is dangerous but in the case of the Dark Is Rising books you really should not do itWhat I loved was the Drew children because Stone Over Sea is a wonderful book and I kept reading to get of them But everything having to do with Will Stanton was so outrageously irritating I nearly didn't finish the fifth book Silver on the Tree Good lord He magically gets all these outrageous powers with no effort then is a rarefied Old One and crucial to the survival of the worldFirst off I hate it when people get superpowers without any cost Second Will is boring He just is He doesn't have to fight for anything Third his powers are awfully convenient or inconvenient and that's just annoying Every E Nesbit book is infinitely careful about powers and rules and costs than these booksSilver On the Tree was the worst offender followed closely by The Dark Is Rising for being full of convoluted and nonsensical challenges and mysterious labyrinths of guesswork About fifty pages of Silver on the Tree the part in the Lost Lands could have been cut out with no discernible loss I went back to read these because of my own writing in YA and I did learn a lot but I never expected so much of it to be what not to do I learned a tremendous amount about writing terror in children Stone Over Sea is completely terrifying Barney and Jane and Simon constantly in situations far beyond their understanding or capabilities But that is nearly always human danger danger from recognizable human sources even when those are driven by the Dark When the danger is oversized and silly it's impossible to grasp like the absurd Tethys and the bellowing Greenwitch who just become bizarre and almost laughable in Greenwitch after a very promising beginning with an extremely frightening figure made of branches and leaves Whereas by far the most terrifying thing to me in the whole series was the farmer who shot Bran's beautiful dog I'm still in shock from that So when I write YA with supernatural elements I want to be sure to keep my evil and my danger located firmly in the human The supernatural is always a metaphor somehow isn't it The supernatural Dark should stand for the darkness within us not the other way around

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Silver on the Tree kindle ì Mass Market Paperback ¶ The Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world And Will Stanton last born of the immortal Old Ones dedicated to keeping the world free must join forces with his ageless master Merriman and Bran the Welsh boy whose destiny ties him to the Light Drawn in with The darkly brooding Welsh hills in a uest through time and space that touches the most ancient myths of the British Isles and that brings Susan Cooper's masterful seuence of novels to a satisfying clos And now we have to talk about The Thing Spoilers abound for once because I’ve really just gotta get my teeth straight into this Before that though the rest of the book It’s honestly I’m not crazy about it I remember that this was never one I reread much as a child Well that’s not true – I reread the first third all the time but I’d stop whenever the magic started coming thick and heavy There is something so wrenching about Will and his brother by the river about Stephen caring enough to ask and his blunted adult incomprehension of Will’s answers the depth of Will’s loss in that moment Contrast that to the back half of the book which is having a uite high level discussion of the production of art and it just it’s not like it isn’t a good discussion Cooper is and was a hell of an artist herself obviously I’m just not engaging on that level after the book opens so viscerallyAll right enough stalling The ThingAs a child the end of this book was arbitrary and cruel because it directly opposed my main interest in fantasy Nothing unusual about what I was after – I wanted to read about kids having access to a world bigger than the regimented difficult pedestrian one I lived in I wanted to read about kids being able to open a door into power and wonder And the end of this book slammed the door in all our facesThis time of course I knew what was coming and as an adult I can follow the argument Cooper has been having about it all along Mostly in Greenwitch much to my adult surprise And it’s look it’s not like I agree with her I don’t to put it bluntlyBut I do get it now and I think it’s actually some really difficult territory she’s on Losing the memory of what has happened isn’t a way to strip everyone of the power they’ve accessed; it’s the only way to open the door to a new power and responsibility That’s what Merriman says anyway “For Drake is no longer in his hammock childrennor is Arthur somewhere sleeping And you may not lie idly by expecting the second coming of anyone now because the world is yours and it is up to you It makes me think of my favorite monument which is in fact a “countermonument” It’s a monument against violence and fascism a pillar designed over time to sink into the ground and disappear Eventually the monument space will be empty because as the monument itself reads “in the end it is only we ourselves who can rise up against injustice”I love it It’s a symbol of how collective recovery is a process We have to remember but the obtrusion of the memory into the world changes over time – the emotional shadow it casts literal shadow in this case its usefulness for the business of living Not a perfect analog for the end of this book by a long shot but thinking about the monument helped me to grow a general respect for the decisions Cooper made She wrote about the passing of an age about the ascension of man No longer caught between the temptations of the dark and the outsider rebuttals of the Light So yes casting the Dark out of the world means that the Light too must go and I can see the esthetic sense in which she concluded as a matter of course that they must forget No one is coming to save us as Merriman says and the kinds of power she was writing about – the alien magic of the Light and the complicated ownership man has over the world – could not exist in the same spaceIt still deeply offends me on a personal level on behalf of the Drews They earned those memories with a lot of courage and striving Living through it changed them and to have it all so casually erased is still outrageous to me a kind of assault But on the broader thematic level yeah all right I get it I don’t like it But I get it

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Silver on the TreeThe Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world And Will Stanton last born of the immortal Old Ones dedicated to keeping the world free must join forces with his ageless master Merr This was a disappointing end to a disappointing series It's all too vague says Jane at one point at the start of yet another random adventure a sentiment that unfortunately applies to the whole of The Dark Is Rising seuenceI don't even know where to begin so I'll start with the same criticisms I had with the other four books no explanation about how all the magic works and overuse of capitalized words that signify nothing Now there is a little speech Will gives at the beginning of this book about how there are the Old Magic Wild Magic and High Magic and how there are two poles the Light and the Dark and how the Old Ones are there to keep the Dark at bay etc But this is a summing up of rather than an out and out explanation There's no exploration of the myriad things they can or cannot do seemingly dictated by what is needed by the plot There doesn't seem to be any set rules by which all this magic is governed and any new magic is introduced to fit the plot and isn't really revisited againuestions I have so many uestions that I know now will never be answered such as What does it mean when Will's scar burns Why do Will and Merriman shout at each other in loud situations when they can easily use their telepathy Why does Will have trouble learning Welsh in The Grey King when in Silver on the Tree it says that learning a new language in this case Latin came without effort to an Old One as did any language of the world Chapter 3 The Calling Why do bunches of twigs from 7 different trees make magic grenades If the Drew kids are so important to the whole saving the world adventure why are they continually kept in the dark about what's going on You must do what I say or something bad will happen Okay what do I have to do I can't tell you that Why Can't tell you that either Why is the Lady so weak throughout the whole series and yet when the Dark issues a challenge to the High Magic court of law I KID YOU NOT she appears as if nothing were wrong with her and helps officiate Why would there be a freaking courtroom scene right in the middle of the buildup to the end battle As in both sides are racing to the battlefield and boom court scene Why do the Dark and the Light follow what the High Magic court says when Will himself earlier said No other power orders them Why was there a slight rewrite about what happened when the six Signs were joined What Will remembers here is different that what happened in the 2nd book Why would the revealing of a mole be shocking here when the character was really barely introduced in this volume and exists only for a few pages of the whole saga Why would anyone think this is as good or better than Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Narnia or His Dark MaterialsI could go on but my point is made The writing and descriptions are well done the story imaginative but it's all for naught if the details are lacking and the plot is weak Even the philosophical underpinnings are contradictory and muddled I don't recommend this for anyone above the age of 12 There are far better thought out and sophisticated books and series out there than the Dark Is Rising's simplistic approach to everything So what's my job as an Old One You and only you can find the objects needed to vanuish the enemy Okay where is the first one Everywhere and nowhere Here and there In This Time and Out of Time pointing It's over there Oh there it is That was easy You did have to get a chair to reach up there I guess Okay so the Five of us are here Shouldn't there be Six of us Shut up that doesn't matter right now You don't have to be rude That's the way it is with us Old Ones So where's this thing we're supposed to find I haven't said that part yet Sorry Go ahead I'll say it when I want to not when you tell me pause Okay so we have to find this hidden object Where I dunno All I have is this mysterious riddle Find the thing you're looking for somewhere that isn't here What kind of riddle is that Everywhere else is somewhere that isn't here Well lets start looking then pointing Let's start over there Omigod it's right there Whew That was really hard No it wasn't We found it in the first place we looked You know it's a good thing you won't remember any of this when we're done Okay so I'm a normal human child What do I have to do to defeat the Dark Tsk child there's no such thing But you just told me there was There's a Dark and a Light and the Light is good and the Dark is bad waving his hand in the air Forget everything child you are just a human who can't handle knowing these things Who the eff are you Obi Wan I said forget Forget what Good Now we have a very important thing to do What We must find a hidden object Why Because if We don't find it They will Who's they They With a capital T Okay who are They They are the Dark We are the Light I thought I wasn't supposed to know that When it's convenient for me Now go find it So the end battle is it gonna be totally rad and violent and epic It sure is There's six of us Well actually seven maybe eight but whatever What's our role What's gonna make us beat the Dark The magic sword The six magic signs The albino kid Merlin The old broad No Well yes but not really So what Well we're gonna pick a flower Say what It's a totally magical flower though On a totally magic tree We need seven people and a magical lady to do this Yes Really Yes Really really Yes We need the sword to cut the flower So any one of us could do this No only the albino kid can use the sword The rest of us have to help keep the Dark away How We'll stand around the tree holding the Signs Oh We can't just put them around the tree No We have to hold them One per Sign Yup Whybecause