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Read Change Your World ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø Motivational speakers are wrong when they tell us that our success depends on the power of our own thoughts feelings and actions The entire self improvement industry puts the responsibility for change on us as individuals producing few if any long term changes in our hIn the science of success Ungar explores real people's lives and discovers that the answers lie in the people and the support systems around us Supportive spouses caring families high functioning communities nurturing employers and effective governments are very often the difference between individual success and failure The good news is that it is easier to change your environment than it is to change yourself Indeed Ungar has solid evidence that we can influence the world around us in ways that will make us resilient both at home and on the j. A book that takes a deep dive into the science of resilience to identify the factors that actually allow people to thrive Spoiler alert It’s not about hustling a little harder or being motivated it’s about being fortunate enough to grow up in an environment that is rich in opportunityWhat I love about this book is that Ungar rejects the idea that success is something that is completely within our control as individuals and highlights instead the importance of broader systemic factors what’s happening in our families our community and our world Improving our personal circumstances becomes less about changing ourselves and about joining forces with other people to make things better for all of us in other words As Ungar explains “We need a clean break from the mindset that places the responsibility for self actualization on an individual’s shoulders—it is a misread of what the science tells us about what makes us successful If we want to understand why some people succeed and others do not and if we want to succeed ourselves we will need far fewer motivational gurus and much help from the people in our families our workplaces our communities and our society” Bottom line It’s less about do it yourself and about do it with others

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Ank UNESCO and the Red Cross He is one of the world's leading experts on thriving through adversity Delving into the latest research he demonstrates that we share responsibility for our personal well being with our family and friends and even our employers and politicians In fact the the odds are stacked against us the less motivation positive thinking and grit are important to resilience and the we benefit from an environment rich in opportunity The ethic of rugged individualism and the victim blaming politics that come with it are red herrings. Michael Ungar's book Change Your World says in 256 pages what can be said in half of those; change for the better is a result of perseverance and the support of others around you than it is the determination of change Part of his premise is to shoot down the notion that the desire for change and relying on self help resources to get you there are the keys to success Success by his research is only obtained when financial emotional and community support is providedResilience is the central theme of his book and he brings up many instances were resilience is obtained usually in hard situations where less services are provided and better outcomes are obtained His rationale is that the resources provided the less resilient we are to hardships This seems to be a common sense argument but one he fleshes out over a bookFor instance if someone who grew up rich and had all the necessary resources available to them suddenly reached a hardship they would not be resilient and would have a bad outcome This is due to the fact that they theoretically haven't experienced hardship in the past and don't know how to handle it A kid from a lower class that has experienced hardship and not had services available to them know how to get through life one hardship at a time He also brings it into the workplace saying that workers are only as good as the resources available to them If they are not given the resources they need to properly do their job or succeed they will either become middle of the road employees or leave for places that do This is also fairly common sense and a big problem with the workforce todayI did enjoy the reminder that the author provided in why people are shaped the way they are and how they are able to overcome hardships but that is what the book is a reminder of things most already know and can do nothing about

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Change Your WorldMotivational speakers are wrong when they tell us that our success depends on the power of our own thoughts feelings and actions The entire self improvement industry puts the responsibility for change on us as individuals producing few if any long term changes in our health or happiness In this mind bending look at what the science of resilience teaches us about success Michael Ungar shows that individual growth depends very little on what we think feel or behave A PhD and regular contributor to Psychology Today Ungar has worked with the World B. This was reuired reading for my Motivation class graduate program in social psychology Ungar an expert in resilience makes the same argument as does Csikszentmihalyi the expert on creativity the systemic societal structures not our individual thoughts are much important in paving the path to our overall well being It's especially gratifying that I have figured this out empirically a while back having lived in different countriesUngar argues that if self help books worked we'd have fewer depressed people The reality is the opposite as self help book industry proliferates the depression in the US is rampant across all segments of society When you find your place you flourish When you do not you're forced to adapt in ways that discourage your uniue contribution to the overall good of society My advice rather than assuming that you have to mediate cleanse or change look for a niche where you can thrive as you are It is much easier to be an optimist in a world that turns people's vulnerabilities into strengthsHe offers a bunch of specific examples how biking paths allow people to stay healthier how active recess allows kids to be engaged and creative etc Hence the title changing the environment in which you live taking small steps in your community or moving to a different place is far effective that working on individual improvement In other words it's much easier to be resilient to stress if you know that you won't lose your health coverage after losing your job or that you can rely on a paid maternity leave and won't need to pull your hair out figuring out how to stay financially viable AND spend time with your new baby Basically what good does meditation do if the mountain you're sitting on is burning Australians are probably not thinking much about yoga right now Politics social justice economic and environmental policies are all part of our individual well being A good read overall