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American Royals Download ✓ 104 Ò What if America had a royal family When America won the Revolutionary War its people offered General George Washington a crown Two and a half centuries later the House of Washington still sits on the throneAs Princess Beatrice gets closer to becoming America's first ueen regnant the duty she has embraced her entirAnt the duty she has embraced her entire life suddenly feels stiflingNobody cares about the spare except when she's breaking the rules so Princess Samantha doesn't care much about anything either except the one boy who is distinctly off limits to herAnd then there's Samantha'. Well This didn’t go very wellI love a fun fluffy romance y read I love royalty tropes I love Ragtag Groups Of uirky Teenage Friends I even lovesome drama And when I picked this up I thought I would either get that or a big heaping cereal bowl of disappointmentMaybe my expectations have been irrevocably made too high by Red White Royal Blue butboy oh boy did I get the latterIt also could have been my fault for not realizing this was the first in a series I was likeWHERE is the PACING WHY is this so SLOW WHEN is ANYTHING going to HAPPENThe plot didn’t even really start until the halfway point and plot is a strong word So is start for that matterWhich I mean Kinda makes sense because the story is being stretched out over multiple books But not reallyI can’t pretend to know what will happen in the next books but I want to say AT LEAST the events of the second one should have been included in thisFor my own sanity and well beingBecause legitimately nothing happened until the book was almost overAnd now my brain is brokenThis was not helped by the fact that there is not one not two not even three but FOUR PERSPECTIVESFOUR OF THEMWhich is bad even if you’re invested in a character or two or all of them if you can even imagine but is a neverending hellish cycle of suffering if you dislike them allAnd boy oh boy did I dislike them allFolksthese are some horrible peopleThey are SO AWFUL To each other They don’t care about anyone else only their own ambitions They act without thinking of others and they hurt each other accidentally or on purpose and the whole entire book is just mean careless people making other mean careless people feel like shtAnd that’s not even the worst partEven terribleThis was not like other girls y and girl hate y as hellAnd I don’t care about any of the 3 4 ships and I hope all of them perishI know that sounds mean but remember they’re fictional and therefore it’s fineBottom line ACKThis is such an unpopular opinion it was the second optionreview to come 15 stars this book seems RIDICULOUSwhich is why i'm either going to enjoy every second of it or hate it with my life

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S twin Prince Jefferson If he'd been born a generation earlier he would have stood first in line for the throne but the new laws of succession make him third Most of America adores their devastatingly handsome prince but two very different girls are vying to capture his heart. From now on you are two people at once Beatrice the girl and Beatrice heir to the Crown When they want different things the Crown must win AlwaysKatharine McGee's American Royals is an entertaining soapy romp built on a terrific concept when the Revolutionary War ended the American people offered George Washington a crown and he accepted The House of Washington has remained on the throne for than two and a half centuries and America is as obsessed with stories about the royal family as other countries with monarchies arePrincess Beatrice is next in line for the throne Thanks to an edict from her grandfather the crown will now pass to the oldest child regardless of gender Beatrice will become the country's first ueen regnant a role she has been preparing for her entire life But while she's always been the dutiful daughter doing whatever has been expected of her whatever her parents have asked her to do the closer she comes to the moment she'll rule the she wonders whether the sacrifices she has had to make were truly worth itWhen her parents tell her it's time she choose a suitable husband read a member of the nobility she prepares to be the dutiful daughter as always But then she realizes her heart wants to go in a different direction and then she can think of nothing else Is her choice either to ignore her heart and find someone she someday might fall in love with or follow her heart and disobey her parents—and risk losing the throne The choice she must make impacts than just her and she knows she's bound to hurt someone in the processHer younger twin siblings Jefferson and Samantha have it a little easier since they're considered the spares with Beatrice as heir to the throne Both struggle with their identities—what are they expected to do if they won't rule the country Why does it really matter what they do Even than that however both siblings have their own romantic struggles Samantha who has always been the carefree impulsive one is in love with the one man she cannot have and Jeff despite the intense attention from a beautiful and suitable young woman who is determined to land him is in love with a young woman who wants nothing to do with the scrutiny that would be aimed at someone dating a prince no matter how much she loves him backI was hooked on American Royals from the first few pages McGee has created a compelling fascinating story that reminds me of all the reasons people are so fascinated by stories about William and Kate Harry and Megan and Charles and Camilla Nothing particularly surprising happens in the book but it's just so well told with healthy doses of melodrama that I couldn't put it downThere is one character in the book I absolutely loathed and of course you were supposed to feel that way but I honestly began skimming the sections where she appeared after a while But other than that I really enjoyed this book despite the fact that the ending didn't uite feel complete since it was merely setting up McGee's next book which is due out in the fall of 2020If you find yourself unable to turn away when the news media covers the latest news about what Princess Kate is wearing or a trip that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are taking if you woke up super early to watch one of the royal weddings American Royals is definitely for you Can't wait for the next book See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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American RoyalsWhat if America had a royal family When America won the Revolutionary War its people offered General George Washington a crown Two and a half centuries later the House of Washington still sits on the throneAs Princess Beatrice gets closer to becoming America's first ueen regn. TWO DISAPPOINTED ANGRY TIME CONSUMER MOOD KILLER WORSE THEN YOUNG AND RESTLESS EPISODES STARSWhen NetGalley rejected me to send this book I gave the same reaction every time when I get rejections I threw myself on the floor punched the rug and gave my ugliest cries Even my neighbors were scared that a wild animal escaped from the zoo and jumped in from our window When I said I was the wild animal they only shrugged I think I should move sooner And after reading this book flashbacks of my rejection moments appeared on my mind and I started to hit my head against the wall several times Why did I waste my precious tears Why did I terrorize my neighbors who are still thinking I’m a crocodile Those tears were real you mean people Anyways I’m so pissed off my wasted precious drama ueen moments I should save those acts for later rejection from a producer Let’s turn back to roasting the book I was expecting a witty historical romance not the worst version of day time soap operas and telenovelas I felt like somebody locked me in a room and forced me watch the worst 1000 episodes of Kardashians because the book’s characters have so many similarities with them Samantha could be great Chloe Nina could be marvelous Courtney and Beatrice could be an amazing Kim because their life stories their dramas and their conflicts are so unreasonable illogical and obnoxious just like reality show stars I think I donated my several I points and now I turned into a regular Hollywood blonde who is suffering from too many plastic surgeries wiping her dripping saliva hiding her mimic less face under a big sunglasses collecting the calories of diet cokes she has been drinking daily Only I liked the villain Daphne who should slap all these characters and get control of the story She deserves her own book Her detailed schemes and her highly organized vendetta plans took my interest Atta girl So this big was painful thenListening to Miley Cyrus songs Poor girl What an extreme waste of local cordsWatching Fox newsCooking anything in the kitchen Correction This is the most painful thing for my husband see my efforts to burn foods Indecisive people standing in front of me to order ice cream and trying at least 10 different tastes ignoring the growing line reminds you regular DMV line total nightmare isn’t itPeople talking in the movies and giving spoilersReunion of Beverly Hills 900210 castingThe sum of all these things I listed might be eual to my suffering from this book If you have high pain tolerance be my guest and start to read this one But my suggestion to you pick up a better book and don’t waste your time for nothingbloginstagramfacebooktwitter