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The Ghost kindle Ó â hannahredhead º Adam Lang mantan perdana menteri Inggris menghadapi tuduhan kejahatan perang Seorang penulis bayangan direkrut untuk membantunya menuliskan autobiografi yang menjadi satu satunya cara membela diri di depan mata duniaHanya saja ketika sang hantu alias penulis bayangan mulai bekerja dia menemukan terLitik Adam Lang yang awalnya membantu penulisan memoar sang PM yang melakukan riset menyeluruh terhadap masa lalunya tapi kemudian ditemukan tewas di pantai sunyi Martha's Vineyard Barangkali McAra mengetahui terlalu banyak rahasia rahasia yang membawa kematiannya Entertaining thriller with a cleverly twisty plot and an engaging narrator a professional ghostwriter hired to revise the draft autobiography of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang Our ghostwriter who doesn't seem to have a name mostly pens autobiographies for aging rock stars and football players who can't string three words into a sentence He seems an unlikely choice as the voice of Britain's most famous PM since Margaret Thatcher but the publishers are getting desperate Lang's autobiography is due out in June the draft version is a mess and the original ghostwriter has just drowned by accident or suicide off the coast of Martha's Vineyard Can our ghost write an autobiography in a month? For 250000 plus bonus he's sure as heck going to try The Ghost is great fun Much of the novel is set in Massachusetts particularly Martha's Vineyard a posh island that's a favorite haunt of Clintons and Kennedys though generally not in January The PM is holed up in a secluded mansion euipped with emergency steel shutters that can come crashing down over windows to the sound of klaxons I really got the feeling for what it's like to live in the heady but claustrophobic world of the rich famous and potentially threatened whisked from corporate jet to black SUVs traveling always in motorcades ringed by secret service surrounded by sycophants chafing at the lack of privacy but always deep down needing the power Lang is clearly supposed to be Tony Blair though the real Blair seems less chastened by the Ira war disaster than does his fictional counterpart I have no idea what the Blair's marriage was is? likeLang and his wife made me think of Bill and Hillary Clinton Are any of our political elite actually human? I'm not too sure about that but Harris made them real PG Warning Profanity and a fair number of four letter words Politicians behaving badly with some fade to black sex scenes

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Adam Lang mantan perdana menteri Inggris menghadapi tuduhan kejahatan perang Seorang penulis bayangan direkrut untuk membantunya menuliskan autobiografi yang menjadi satu satunya cara membela diri di depan mata duniaHanya saja ketika sang hantu alias penulis bayan This one is somewhat of a departure for Robert Harris despite the main character Adam Lang being clearly a version of Tony Blair and Lang's wife being a fictional euivalent of Cherie Blair this is essentially new ground for Harris as the novel is not based on true events as such and therefore not historical fiction as per usual for HarrisWritten with Robert Harris usual flair for an intelligent thriller 'The Ghost' provides us with an intriguing and exciting story with thinly veiled nods aimed at Tony and Cherie Blair effectively social and political commentary perhaps at their expense All in all whilst being compelling in the way that all Harris novels are this isn't as strong as the majority of his novels to dateIt has also been suggested that as a former supporter of Tony Blair but subseuently disillusioned this was Harris perhaps with some kind of literarypolitical point to make with particular reference to Blair's role in the invasion of Ira? Definitely worth reading and much better than the movie adaptation although definitely not amongst Harris best novels by any means

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The GhostGan mulai bekerja dia menemukan terlalu banyak hal yang tidak sesuai tentang awal karier politik Adam Lang tentang kebijakan kebijakan politiknya tentang keterlibatan badan intelijen negara asingDan yang paling mengancam nyawanya kematian tak wajar McAra ajudan po The Ghost has everything a great thriller needs There's the slightly too curious for his own good Everyman who stumbles onto something huge there's the geeky technical delight in details here of ghostwriting and there's the strong suspense and atmosphere of barely restrained menace There's even the obligatory and now outdated scene where the protagonist badly shaken does his research in an internet cafe and the obligatory scene where a GPS is used to retroactively follow someone If a political thriller with a lot of cynicism and a slow boil sounds good to you you will enjoy The GhostOur unnamed narrator is a long time professional ghostwriter most prominently of celebrity memoirs who is suddenly thrust into the political sphere when he's tapped to take on Adam Lang's memoirs Lang we uickly learn is the controversial former Prime Minister whose reputation in Britain has been sullied by his close relationship with America and promotion of the War on Terror; even now accusations of Lang having facilitated the CIA torture of British citizens float through the news Our protagonist has one month to make something out of the massive and almost unreadable manuscript left to him by his predecessor Lang's longtime aide who died in a suspicious accident while working on the book It would be enough to make anyone back off if the money for rushing it through to publication wasn't ridiculously goodThe ghost finds himself drawn into Lang's life his genuine charm his possible sins his psychological slipperiness that makes the task of writing in his voice so difficult Not to mention his wife Ruth brilliant and unpredictably chilly and his aidemistress Amelia witty and driven All the ghost has to do is keep his head down and write but he finds himself poking at loose ends in Lang's stories What to make of the polished anecdote that turns out to be almost completely fabricated? The insistence on minimizing the entirety of his early dramatic career? The private phone number of Lang's enemy scribbled on the back of a seemingly innocent picture? The Ghost develops its unease as it goes along and manages the difficult trick of keeping you sure that something is going on it says something about the world that at no point is there any real doubt that Lang did in fact aid the CIA in kidnapping and torturing his own citizens in the narrator's mind or in anyone else's That's not ultimately what the suspense is really about while nonetheless winning your emotional involvement in the Langs and their lives There's an especially good scene where the ghost under pressure composes a uick statement for Lang to give to the press in the midst of the controversy finding himself almost becoming an accomplice to whatever cover up is going on He didn't mean to He just got swept up in it So did I Bleak note from the past Harris's hero has to look up what waterboarding is