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read kindle Ü Written in the Ashes ´ Hardcover Ò k. hollan van zandt â In the bloody clash between Christians and pagans in fifth century Alexandria a servant girl becomes the last hope for preserving peace in this evocative and thrilling tale—a blend of history adventure religion romance Tions Hannah embarks on a dangerous uest to unite the fractured pieces of the Emerald Tablet the last hope to save the pagans and create peaceOn this odyssey that leads her to the lost oracles of Delfi and Amun Ra and to rediscovered ancient cities and rituals Hannah will experience forbidden loves painful betrayals and poignant reunions But her efforts may be in vain Returning to Alexandria Hannah finds a city engulfed in violence even as her own romantic entanglements come to a head Now it’s not only her future but the fate of all Alexandria that is at stake K Hollan Van Zandt’s debut novel about the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria is a fantastic page turner Anyone who starts this will be riveted from page one to the end I am a lover of epics and this filled me with its wonderful grand sweep of history tantalizing detail and compelling characters making me feel like I was there This is also an action adventure with an epic scale complete with terrifying high stakes battles between nation states rulers and those devoted to a beloved causeThe fabric of Ashes is history the thread is a grand love story that keeps building in passion desire and some inevitable regret It made me think about true love versus life and living Can they meet?As a student of history and philosophy the book teaches the importance of Hypatia of Alexandria and the Great Library itself It was truly the Internet of antiuity Van Zandt’s exhaustive research and attention to detail make this pivotal moment in history leading to the Dark Ages come aliveAs a Jew the book and its central character Hannah takes on added importance as it taught me another lesson about what it means to be Jewish and why Israel must stay strong

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E Account of an Imaginative Life and Villa IncognitoAfter she is abducted from her home in the mountains of Sinai Hannah is enslaved and taken to Alexandria where she becomes the property of Alizar an alchemist and pagan secretly working to preserve his culture Revered for her beautiful singing voice the young slave is invited to perform at the city’s Great Library where she becomes friends with the revered mathematician and philosopher Hypatia as well as other pagans who curate its magnificent collections Determined to help them uphold pagan culture and tradi Oh where to begin with this book? Where to begin? There were so many things that I loved in this book First one of the main stars of the show is the Great Library of Alexandria As a voracious reader with a love for history I've always felt a little sad when I think about the Great Library burning While it may seem silly to still be upset about things that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago just think of all that information that was lost when that library burned Think of everything that was lost Think of what we could have learned Okay now that I've made you a little bit sad about a building burning down many many years ago let's continue ;VanZandt does a fantastic job with recreating what it must have been like to live back in Alexandria during the 400s You can see the sites of the port in your mind's eye You can imagine the clothing of all of the different kinds of people that made their way to Alexandria I love great settings and I love great characters but I love most of all when an author can give you a full bodied experience And what I mean by that is when an author gives you everything you could want in a book You feel like you could be in the setting You know exactly what the characters look like You can see yourself hanging out with them oh Hannah you are so awesome or punching them in the face oh Tare you're pretty terrible and have way too much for your own good To say I got sucked into the book would be an understatement In the interest of full disclosure I found myself sneaking looks at my Kindle just to read another page or two whenever I could And yes this book almost made me miss my Metro stop I didn't miss it but came very close to doing so; a mark of a great bookLet me tell you about the characters too Hannah the main character was a stand out for me She's the type of person that I'd love to have a glass of wine with and just chat She was from Sinai and was brought to Alexandria where she was sold as a slave She's bright and is so nice to everyone who is nice to her She also knows how to kick you know what and take names when she needs to I love that she can do both It's such a good balanceNot only did this book take me to a place that I had never really been before I've read historical fiction about Egypt but most of it seemed to take place elsewhere and not in Alexandria I think I would have gotten on well in Alexandria It seems like my kind of place with all of the education and philophizing going on This was sooooo goodBottom line Historical fiction lovers who want a full bodied experience must read this book emphasis on the must; this is not optional

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Written in the AshesIn the bloody clash between Christians and pagans in fifth century Alexandria a servant girl becomes the last hope for preserving peace in this evocative and thrilling tale a blend of history adventure religion romance and mysticism reminiscent of The Mists of Avalon“Written in the Ashes is one of those rare novels that sets ‘history’ afire to bathe readers in the glow of a greater hotter truth Fans of The Mists of Avalon will find this romanticalchemicalfeministspiritual epic eually captivating” Tom Robbins bestselling author of Tibetan Peach Pie A Tru I finished this book a few days ago and I wanted it to settle before I wrote my review The novel by the author's admission is part history part imagination and part magic Going back so far in time leaves an author with little written record to rely on for fact The burning of the Great Library at Alexandria was a monumental loss to humanity The facts of the matter aside this novel was truly arresting and I had a hard time putting it down to get anything doneAncient history fascinates me Religion fascinates me This book manages to tie both together in a story that resonates through time People have been fighting over the better god for millenia and I fear it will never end Written in the Ashes pits the ever strengthening Christianity against the Old Ways considered to be Pagan Cyril the bishop in charge of Alexandria wants to solidify his power base uh huh as if it's ever REALLY about religion and get rid of the practitioners of any other religion other than his own He does this through fear and intimidationHypatia the last recorded librarian for the Great Library is a forward thinking woman who wants all to be able to practice as they feel She has a base of support but Cyril is calling her a witch and a whore so the people are learning to fear her One of her main supporters Alizar has recently taken a slave into his household Hannah Hannah is a Jewess who was kidnapped from her father She has a destiny of which she is completely unawareThe book was fascinating The characters were well developed and I really didn't want to leave this world of ancient Alexandria The imaginary magical priests and the beautiful goddesses created by Ms Van Zandt lent themselves to a mystical world that was uite believable within its context As the story unfolded I was rooting for Hannah to fulfill her destiny and find peace with her past I am looking forward to the next chapters in these characters lives