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Epub Ñ Five Days in November 243 pages Download ☆ The New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs Kennedy and Me share the stories behind the five infamous tragic days surrounding JFK’s assassination—alongside revealing and iconic photographs—published in remembrance of the beloved president on the fiftieth anniversary of his Tand beside a shaken Lyndon Johnson as he is hurriedly sworn in as the new president We experience the first lady’s steely courage when she insists on walking through the streets of Washington DC in her husband’s funeral procession A story that has taken Clint Hill fifty years to tell this is a work of personal and historical scope Besides the unbearable grief of a nation and the monumental conseuences of the event the death of JFK was a personal blow to a man sworn to protect the first family and who knew from the moment the shots rang out in Dallas that nothing would ever be the sa I was 13 and I remember seeing a teacher sobbing her make up streaking her face I remember walking home from school that day and everything was so uiet no children playing no one watering their lawn no dogs barking no cars just silence and the world seemed so gray I was certainly old enough to understand what had happened and by 13 had already experienced the loss of my grandparents so I understood grief but this was so different Reading the detailed description of what happened during those five days I am overwhelmed with the strength and dignity of the individuals who experienced that horror so intimately Of course I saw Jackie on television with the Kennedy family and admired her strength and ached for her grief but listening to Mr Hill's recollection almost seeing his face and those of the other agents who were there once again brought me to tears No one should have to see something so horrific but to have to deal with it as they did is unimaginableMr Hill's generosity and sense of patriotism in sharing his up close and personal experience reflects as I said before an uncommon gentleman In his previous book sharing his recollections of protecting Mrs Kennedy he maintained his dignity and his respect for an exceptional lady never succumbing to the maudlin sensationalist journalism that others writing of this time have too often presented in their story telling His grief and guilt which was mirrored by the other agents assigned to the First Family underscores the incredible commitment to the task they fully embrace There is no way any of them could have possibly prevented what happened but no matter who tells them that even Jackie their sense of duty did play a huge part in the magnitude of their grief Too bad they can't look at their reactions as I do and see how truly remarkable they were Although it may not carry a lot of weight I am truly proud of Mr Hill and all the agents who supported the Kennedy family A madman succeeded They did not failI highly recommend this book to people who experienced that time in history Although it takes us back it also gives us something to be proud of Bravo Mr Hill Well done Jackie would be so pleased

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The New York Times bestselling authors of Mrs Kennedy and Me share the stories behind the five infamous tragic days surrounding JFK’s assassination alongside revealing and iconic photographs published in remembrance of the beloved president on the fiftieth anniversary of his deathOn November 22 1963 three shots were fired in Dallas President John F Kennedy was assassinated and the world stopped for four days For an entire generation it was the end of an age of innocence That evening a photo ran on the front pages of newspapers across the world showing a Secret Service agent jumping on Powerful touching honest and gratifying Clint Hill's voice and memories are than I born after the assassination ever expected to hear They are clear and not muddled by theories or historic vitriol The authors give a clear view of the events of those five days through the eyes of Clint Hill

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Five Days in NovemberThe back of the presidential limousine in a desperate attempt to protect the President and Mrs Kennedy That agent was Clint Hill Now Secret Service Agent Clint Hill commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the tragedy with this stunning book containing than 150 photos each accompanied by Hill’s incomparable insider account of those terrible days With poignant narration accompanying rarely seen images we witness three year old John Kennedy Jr’s pleas to come to Texas with his parents and the rapturous crowds of mixed ages and races that greeted the Kennedys at every stop in Texas We s I like so many other Americans can remember with amazing clarity where I was when I learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill assigned to protect the First Lady has written a book about the assassination and the events of that weekend that followed from a perspective that only he has While I thought that I knew a lot about these events in fact I stood in line for hours to view the casket in the Capitol and watched the funeral procession move through the streets of Washington DC I found that there was much that I didn't know I ended up reading this book in one evening and was surprised at the strength of the emotions that it evoked Recommended for anyone wanted to read a concise and moving account of those dark days in November fifty years ago