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An Accidental WomanRs Weekly Um drama poderosíssimo escrito por uma das principais mestres da literatura feminina Book Pag Ah typical Barbara Delinsky Her books are such comfort reads to me I always know that I'm going to enjoy the story no matter what the subject matter is It's the way that she writes the development of her characters and their relationships with each other I didn't connect with Micah uite as much as I did Poppy and Griffin but I think this is because I wasn't entirely convinced by the way he rejected Heather from keeping secrets from him and then accepted her back so easily Heather didn't have much character development of her own but was of a catalyst for the events than how she dealt with her past I wish there had been about Cassie as there seemed to be a lot of potential for a story about her and her husband their issues with her working too much Perhaps some of this was covered in the previous book Lake News which I've yet to read as I'd forgotten that the books were linked My only real complaint about this book would have to be that the Camille situation seemed to be revealed at the utmost convenient moment in the plot and that Thea took to Poppy a bit too easily but perhaps that was natural for a teenage girl who is inuisitive about her past Overall another excellent saga from Barbara Delinsky Whenever I read one of her books I wonder why I waited so long to read it I must have at least ten of her books on my bookshelves so I'll have make an effort to read of them this year Perhaps one a month 810

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An Accidental Woman kindle Ô 415 pages Download Ü hannahredhead ☆ Críticas de imprensaEm Uma Mulher Misteriosa Delinsky oferece nos uma visão realista de problemas ue todos nós temos de enfrentar a perda e o amor BookReporter Uma notável contadora de histórias Publishers Weekly Um drama poderosíssimCríticas de imprensaEm Uma Mulher Misteriosa Delinsky oferece nos uma visão realista de problemas ue t This was a fairly well constructed book but a bit too tame to be my cup of tea We have a sweet love story of Poppy who is a paraplegic due to an accident that left another dead for which she had not forgiven herself A writer fell for her and Delinsky distracts us with a legal thriller subplot as their story unfoldsI felt the subplot detracted from the theme of forgiveness but I did like the description in that subplot of how maple sugar is now made I got the basics reading Little House in the Big Woods The chemistry remains the same but modern agriculture sugarbush management and the new technology for collecting sap are describedI also liked Delinsky's device of having the hero acuire a blind cat who adopts the heroine The cat's acceptance of its disability and its fearlessness in exploring its new environment and trying new things are used by the author to teach Poppy an object lesson which I thought was greatAlso Delinsky gave the subplot almost as much attention as the main plot at times I wasn't sure which was primary Another weakness of the book is that one needs to have read Lake News first The secondary characters are introduced described and fully fleshed out in that book in this one they are merely mentioned We are not given enough to understand their motives in An Accidental Woman It seems as if the entire book and Lake News were one large book and some editor chopped them into two For best enjoyment read them consecutively

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Odos nós temos de enfrentar a perda e o amor BookReporter Uma notável contadora de histórias Publishe In the middle of the night the FBI appear at Heather Malone's home with an arrest warrant claiming she is actually a woman named Lisa Matlock Lisa Matlock is wanted for a 15 year old murderThe town of Lake Henry is shocked Nice gentle Heather could not possibly be this woman that they are talking about But as people begin to uestion the assertions of the FBI they also begin to uestion themselves Nobody really knows much about Heather's life before she appeared in Lake Henry 14 years ago Not Micah the man that she's been living with for the past several years and with whom she's made a life and built a business Not Poppy the woman who counts herself as Heather's best friendThis book is actually two stories in one The main story is really Poppy Griffin's love story The secondary story is Heather's plight As much as I liked this book and I really did enjoy reading it I only gave it three stars for several reasons1 Poppy and Griffin's story is a welcome continuation of what was begun in Delinsky's earlier story set in Lake Henry Lake News As such it is gratifying to catch up with Poppy again and see that she gets her guy But as nice as it is to see these two get together their story wasn't as compelling as Heather's story And because it wasn't as compelling I became a little impatient at their passages because I couldn't wait to get back and see what new revelations there were about Heather2 For all that Heather was a major catalyst to the story that is all that she remained She had no voice in this book She was for all intents and purposes mute She refused to talk about her past and even when she did finally give Poppy a crumb it was just three words and she mouthed it silently I am sure that that was a conscious decision on Delinsky's part to keep Heather silent so that we learned about her from other people This worked really well for Delinsky in Coast Road where her heroine is in a coma and her family reflects on her life so that the only way the reader sees this pivotal character is through other characters eyes Although I liked that techniue in Coast Road I didn't like it so much here I wanted the hear Heather3 Call me a sucker for the Hollywood ending but I wanted closure Heather's story was such a good one with a boffo surprise and a great ending But that was it It ended I wanted follow up I wanted closure I still have uestions about what happened after all is revealedI love Barbara Delinsky She is really one of the best writers of contemporary character driven fiction out there And she's at her best when she's looking at the effect one person has on a whole community as she did in The Passions of Chelsea Kane This was book was a good story I think it would have been a great book if the Heather story had been the main focus and the Poppy story had been the secondary