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Free The Time Travelers Handbook kindle ñ eBook 9780062469380 ☆ Travel through time to witness some of the most extraordinary and colorful events in world history with this unusual and entertaining guide that includes fascinating cultural details from each period including what and where to eat what to wear how to acAtest moments in the human timelineFilled with engaging and colorful details The Time Traveler's Handbook helps you make the most of your “travels” giving you background information insight into local customs and advice on all aspects of period life to make your adventures authentic and help you actually live them Forget museums and history books The Time Traveler's Handbook gives you unprecedented access to a wide range of milestones including Celebrations Exhibitions; Moments That Made History; Cultural Sporting Spectaculars; Epic Journeys and Voyages; and Extreme Events Observe Mount Vesuvius erupt and Actual rating 35That was cool I really liked the concept a ton and the execution was fairly well done I think the main fault of the book is that it often throws details at you without going deep into any of them especially when it comes to names Like you can name all the important people who were at an event but it's not gonna mean much to me if you don't tell me why I should care they were there Also I wish they had some sort of website with extra pictures and links and stuff I know that sounds like a lot to ask for but I think that it would have been specially useful for the trips that were heavily based on and centered around music Just listing the names of the songs that were playing didn't do much to immerse me in the time and place especially when I hadn't heard most of them before I mean sure I could go and look up the songs myself and play them while I read and stuff but I'm lazy It's a small thing but I think it would've been neat if they'd had links to them easily accessible That aside though there was clearly a lot of thought put into it They describe the clothes the food the language how advanced toilets are very thorough As you'd expect some trips were interesting to me than others I suppose that's not really their fault but some of them I just got bored with My favorite was probably the Opening Night at Shakespeare's Globe but I also liked the Eruption of Vesuvius the Fall of the Berlin Wall and a couple of others One thing I would have liked is a conclusion They have a short intro but after the last trip the book just ends A short welcome back hope you had a nice trip please travel with us again blurb would have made it a much fulfilling ending and it totally fit with the format and feeling of the book Overall though this was a really creative way to read about history which was cool Also the cover is fantastic just saying

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Travel through time to witness some of the most extraordinary and colorful events in world history with this unusual and entertaining guide that includes fascinating cultural details from each period including what and where to eat what to wear how to act like a local and most importantly how to stay aliveHave you ever wished you could have experienced some of the most interesting and important events that have helped shape history? With The Time Traveler's Handbook you can Johnny Actonis David Glodblatt and James Wyllie transport you back in time providing a “you are there” front seat view of some the gre My son gave me this book as a gift and I have to say he chose exactly what I would have wanted A great mixture of fantasy and factthe authors have taken notable and well known historical incidences exhibits voyages and events and placed the reader there at the moment on the spot in the time As a time traveler you are urged NOT to interfere with the spacetime continuum but to be the spectator and to follow inclusive directions to the letter which is possible because the directions are meticulously accurate and based on obviously well researched historical informationYou can be in the Roman holiday resort of Pompeii on the night Vesuvius blows her top with an escape plan of course You can be in Berlin on the night the wall that divided that city came down and a guided walking tour will take you on a route where you will be a part of the action throughout that long night and walk into the path of those not responsible or not for the collapse of the Soviet control in the east of the city Having been in Berlin just a few weeks before in 1989 on both sides of the wall but not there when it came down I had felt that I'd missed a spectacular part of history but this book really helped place me back there with it's bird's eye view and attention to detailSo if you want tosail with Captain Cook around the newly discovered 'Terra Australis Incognita' or be ringside when Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in 1974 or you'd prefer to be ringside at London's Golden Globe Theatre in 1599 when Shakespeare presents his latest tragedy Julius Caesar then let the authors tell you which tavern to stay in which pub to lunch in and which streets will lead you to the sight of Master Will staring in his own play so then; this is the book for you

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The Time Travelers HandbookSurvive see the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo boogie with the Beatles in Hamburg accompany Marco Polo to Xanadu attend the opening night of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater smell the cordite at the battle of Bull Run and sit ringside at Foreman and Ali’s “Rumble in the Jungle” in KinshasaIllustrated with color and black and white paintings and photographs of famous figures and locations as well as detailed maps and illustrations to aid in your journey through time The Time Traveler's Handbook is the ultimate guide to exploring history that unlocks the wonders of the past as never befor The concept for this was a lot better than the execution I enjoyed some parts than others my favourites were eventstimes I knew uite a bit about like Field of the Cloth of Gold Great Exhibition VE Day Pompeii and Shakespeare Honestly I had no interest in some parts At times it was funny and clever but I think it suffered from being overly detailed