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Promised You a MiracleHanging leaving the kinder sluggish postwar Britain decisively behind and becoming the country we have lived in ever since assertive commercially driven outward looking often harsher than its neighbour Andy Beckett wrote an excellent book A thorough but very readable review of the early Thatcher years in Britain If you want to know about the last gasp of British auto manufacturing the jingoistic Falklands war what led to the Toxteth riots in Liverpool the Greenham Common women and the anti nuclear protests and what it was to live on America's unsinkable aircraft carrier aka the British Isles the fighting and sometimes silly and self destructive but heartfelt suabbles on the Left the burgeoning women's movement and the re birth death of London as it was then you'll love this book I can't say it better than Hilary Mantel of course I can'tit is Bracingly anti nostolgicand given the current shift to the right in USAngloEuropean politics it is very timely

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Download Promised You a Miracle Book ½ 416 pages Ë Hannahredhead å The early 1980s in Britain were a time of hope and of dread of Cold War tension and imminent conflict when crowds in the street could mean an ecstatic national celebration or an inner city riot Here Andy Beckett recreates an often misunderThe early 1980s in Britain were a time of hope and of dread of Cold War tension and imminent conflict when crowds in the street could mean an ecstatic national celebration or an inner city riot Here An Having written a widely acclaimed one volume history of the 1970s Beckett turns his attention to the 1980s Perhaps Beckett or his publishers have their eye on a multi volume approach since Beckett only covers the first two years of the 1980s Thatchers victory in 1979 kick started the 80s a year early a portentous moment for those who pay attention to portents as Margaret Drabble says at the beginning of her state of the nation 1980s novel The Radiant Way Beckett doesn't uote this but Dominic Sandbrook probably would and this is a crowded market with one volume histories by Andy McSmith and the best for me Rejoice Rejoice by Alwyn Hughes Sandbrook is writing his own multi volume effort So Beckett needs a hook to justify this micro approach and thus uses the title Promised You a Miracle a Simple Minds record and the context for those years according to Beckett though its one he doesn't fully address even in the conclusion which is somewhat weak and half hearted as though he realizes its just a construct to make readers buy the book maybe a familiar pop culture throwaway reference changed into some sort of political zeitgeist I don't remember Thatcher promising miracles unless St Francis of Assisi was really Dynamo in disguiseThe book goes onto to describe in well hewn nicely written chapters some of these miracle workers the Austin Metro designerThe SDP Greenham Common protestors Ken Livingstone's GLC the development of docklands in London and Canary Wharf and a very good chapter on the Falklands WarThis latter event gave Thatcher the impetus to win the 1983 election on the back of a patriotic and Rejoice Rejoice perhaps miraculous piece of logistics Before this war Thatcher's social experiments and economic vandalism my words had failed to kick start the economy Her style was not yet imperious indeed she relied heavily on advisors and was often indecisive and reluctant to commit or follow throughThe book is well written though Becketts journalistic instincts see him a little too keen to describe clothing and house decor as a reflection of how his interviewees David Owen et al have changed over the years whilst retaining modicum amounts of their 80 s incarnations Its a good book but the thematic chapters even though often linked or grouped seem too standalone to provide a fully followed through argument If Becketts miracle turns out to be a mirage it hardly seems to matter since in any decade there will be highs and lows promises kept and brokenOverall he succeeds in giving a flavour of the period with some nicely written prose and links though not always slick or stylish The book promised than it could deliver and the conceit of the title was not fully explained or realized At the end Beckett talks about the actual physical record of the same name in a sort of desperate attempt to tie the metamorphosis of Simple minds from minor Scottish rockers to Stadium fillers as a metaphor for a shiny surface miracle that supposedly became the successful Thatcherism of post Falklands War society Dominic Sandbrook has a successful if eually flawed at times argument about the genesis of 80s aspiration developing in the 1970s where hard faced union men became just like every one else wanting stuff and holidays and social status wanting to aspire Thatcherism may have been the right wing incarnation of this and Beckett is not the first to point out that early Thatcherism failed to deliver its later zeal and fire It will be interesting to see whether Beckett does write further volumes on the 1980s He should perhaps avoid weak metaphors which try to emulate the hopes of anyone at the start of a new decade and focus on a bigger picture For now a promising start but not a miracleComment Comment | Permalink

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Dy Beckett recreates an often misunderstood moment of transition with all its potential and uncertainty the first precarious years of Margaret Thatcher's government By the end of 1982 the country was c Although they were popular at the time the 80s now look dated compared to later decades Many features are redundant and embarrassing and the people who were alive then haven't aged well Altogether it just proves once again that if you remember the 80s then you weren't born later on