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Scent of a Mate Sassy Mates #1T on claiming Aric as her own Battle lines will be drawn love will be put to the test and Aric will have to fight Jordan's strong personality to keep her alive Two alpha hearts seeking control will either find the balance or risk losing their love forever Mature reader warning Adult content including but not limited to Violence and raw sexual language and actions INCLUDES Bonus short A Hero Scarred from Milly writing as April Ang. Holy Shit balls I am so in love with this book and I am already trying to figure out how to get the next bookThis book was super extremely hotness and I probably should have waited until evening when my husband is home to read this so I could attack him SeriouslyAric and Jordan have both had a crush on each other without the other knowing Aric's mother and sister both give him a push to move to claim his mateThe thoughts that Jordan has about Aric are crazy but honestly who hasn't thought about your man like thatJordan is trying to get information about her best friend's kindshifterswolves This ends up getting her and her friends into some serious trouble But because she is such close friends with Ellie and the Wolfe family she is practically one of the pack Which means she is always protectedThis book had so much heat it was just so fan freakin tastic Loved the drama that unfolded around the pack and Jordan The story wasn't just about sex but about the life of Aric's pack and Jordan trying to write the book about shifters and their matesI was given this book in exchange for an honest review and I honestly can't wait to read of the Sassy Mates Series

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Up to something and expected her best friend Jordan to be in on the chaos He finally had an opportunity to lay claim to a mate that had been under his nose for years Jordan's scent called to both the man and the animal and he was done fighting the call of the beast It was time to mark his mate Mission Survive an Alpha When a good intention creates a problem for the Wolfe family Jordan finds herself being stalked by a woman inten. Favorite Line “I wasn’t asking for permission You’re already mine”“Will you allow fear to hold you back from what’s right for you For me For us” She grinned “I hold the key to everything huh” “You may not think so but you do”“Think again bitch Aric picked me”“You’ll never be alone again my love”Man I love my wolves She's done it again I know when reading one of this authors wolf books I will get EVERYTHING I NEED This book gave me it all and Jordan is not the perfect size 4 woman and I LOVE HER FOR IT She's amazing a teacher and sassy as hell She's always lusted after her best friends brother Aric So when Elle gives her a chance to watching the scenting ceremony for her pack she jumps at the opportunity What she did NOT expect was to be getting down and dirty with Aric at the ceremony Woo hooAs always the wolves of Milly's are sexy protective sexy sweet sexy tough sexy protective and did I mention sexy Aric has loved Jordan since he first met her but his sister said to wait and back off Jordan He did wait but he's done waiting She's his mate and he wants to claim her I really enjoyed this story too because not only did it have my wolves but it had the amazing group of friends who made me laugh The kinda of friends every female must have I can't wait to see what Milly comes up with next for theses OH SO SEXY WOLVES The writing of these books suck you in from page one and keep you wanting and Never a dull moment or a page that doesn't make me blushFIVE MATED FAIRIES

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Read & Download Scent of a Mate Sassy Mates #1 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × Mission Scent a Mate Jordan Alvarez knew that a promise to her best friend involved staking out the local wolf pack's scenting ceremony and recording the graphic details but she was the writer and the only one with the baMission Scent a Mate Jordan Alvarez knew that a promise to her best friend involved staking out the local wolf pack's scenting ceremony and recording the graphic details but she was the writer and the only one with the balls to finish the task No one would know that four human women had sneaked proof of their rituals or at least that was the plan until Aric Wolfe showed up Mission Stake a Claim Aric Wolfe knew his baby sister was. 25 StarsI'm currently going through a werewolf phase and try to appease myself with reading books about those sexy possesive Alpha fur balls As you can see from my rating i'm on the fence with this oneIt's not that i didn't like it or that it was dreadful or anything like that but truthfully i had many issues with this book First of all the story There is no such thing in here period Nothing really The moment something started out the book abruptly ended Just like that I was searching profusely for the rest of itThen the heroine I liked Jordan so much at first she was sassy funny boisterous and sweet but suddenly she became a mindless girl who put herself into harm's way repeatedly acting recklessly all the time even though she knew that danger was aroundAlso the editing needs some work i found the many errors uite disturbing while i was reading Anyway there were goods things too like the chemistry Jordan and Aric share and the amazing sex life they have I have to admit though i was pretty destructed by Ellie's story I bet she and Caleb have a long way ahead of themThe storyline is about Aric and Jordan finally finding their way to each other They are in love for many years but something keeps them apart well not anyAll in all Scent of a Mate it's an ok book sweet and easy to read also it feels as a preuel i enjoyed it a lot and i will eventually read the rest of the seriesTHOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Jordan is a good character for the most part It's so cute that she was in love with him since the age of 13 I liked his mom so much The girls were great