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ePub ´ mobi Scourge of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens #6 ô 9780593070581 ´ Douglas Jackson ´ 70AD Disgraced dishonoured and banished into exile on pain of execution if he ever returns to Rome the former military tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens makes his way East through the deAnd son of the newly crowned Emperor VespasianBut when he reaches the ring of legionary camps around the seemingly impregnable city of Jerusalem he finds Titus a changed man Gone is the cheerful young officer he knew replaced by a tough ruthless soldier under pressure from his father to end the insurrection at any cost Soon Valerius finds himself at the centre of a web of intrigue spun Usual high uality historical fictionAnother outing for Gaius Cameron's Verrens Another example of top uality historical fiction Not much to say Do yourself a favour and if you have not done so yet then start reading Douglas Jackson

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70AD Disgraced dishonoured and banished into exile on pain of execution if he ever returns to Rome the former military tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens makes his way East through the death and destruction of the savage Judaean rebellion Valerius knows his only hope of long term survival and a restoration of his family’s fortunes lie with his friend Titus commander of the Army of Judaea This series just gets better and better with each novel This one with two main storylines finds Valerius exiled from Rome In order to regain his honor and fortune and to redeem himself he travels to Syria and points east in the first part and joins his friend Titus son of Vespasian the recently acclaimed emperor in Jerusalem to lend his strong arm and brains to Titus to help subdue that city in the second part Serpentius his ex gladiator bodyguard and friend although now suffering seizures after a terrible blow to the head still fights as well as ever and accompanies Valerius The Judaeans refuse to surrender and a violent siege ensues Titus is resolute in pursuing his goals to capture the city to reduce it to rubble and to bring the treasures of the Temple to his father Vespasian On the rebound from losing Lady Domitia Valerius easily falls for Tabitha lady in waiting to ueen Berenice of Cilicia Titus's paramour An important character in the story Tabitha is an agent of the ueen has misrepresented herself until Emesa then to me and to Serpentius she seems like a devious manipulative sly femme fatale I hope if she becomes a running character both Serpentius and I will be proven wrong Once in Jerusalem we meet Josephus the turncoat Jewish general now Titus's advisor and interpreter I don't think Mr Jackson was exaggerating the man's venal opportunistic personality; Josephus was one character I loved to hate In the midst of the violent siege both Tabitha for her ueen and Josephus probably for himself try to carry out the same secretive agenda Two warring fanatical factions of Jews against the Romans and against each other ambush and skirmish Valerius or the legions; this complicates capture of the cityThe characterization was and subtle and nuanced Well written and polished pacing was very good I liked how the author took elements I've read in books by others but combined them in new fresh ways In Dimitrios the arr I could see shades of James Bond's Of course the city of Emesa wouldn't be the same without its Elah Gabel I was surprised to find Valerius reading Aineas of Stymphalia on sieges to get some tips A few months ago I read a book review of his extant work Soon after I read and really enjoyed the novel The End of Sparta in which Aineas is a major character I didn't like that physical intimacy between Valerius and Tabitha first took place about 25% into the novel and that she initiated it I'm probably old fashioned I do like the fact that whenever it did take place the author shut the bedroom door as it were gave sketchy details and left the rest up to one's imagination The trek east I liked best especially the soldiers making their way through the swamp I think the editor missed this on page 92 When Valerius is modeling the magnificent armor Dimitrios has made for him Tabitha says You could be Titus or his OLDER my capitalization much dangerous brother I believe Domitian was at least a decade YOUNGER One can read the novel as a standalone The author has placed the narration of past events in the text so cleverly that I believe it would tease someone into reading the previous volumes if they had never read them beforeMost highly recommended

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Scourge of Rome Gaius Valerius Verrens #6By Titus’s lover ueen Berenice of Cilicia and her sometime ally the general’s turncoat adviser Flavius Josephus who have an ulterior motive for ending the siege uicklyYet the laurels that will regain his honour cannot be won in the negotiations in the murky tunnels beneath Jerusalem Only amid the fire and blood of battle will he eual the glory that brought him the title Hero of Rome This fantastic book by Douglas Jackson is already the 6th volume of the fascinating Gaius Valerius Verrens seriesAs always the author has produced a most educational historical note in which he sets out the situation at that particular time of history and in a very clear fashion the author himself explains that he has tried as much as possible to remain true to the historical records within this great storyAlso the book contains a well documented glossary at the end of the book while at the beginning two beautiful drawn maps one of Syria and Judaea within the Eastern Roman Empire in the 1st Century AD and one map of the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 which will play a very big part within this delightful bookStorytelling is as ever of a superb uality by this author in my opinion all his books are truly excellent by the way for this book keeps you gripped and entertained from beginning till end because it contains wonderful pictured battle scenes as well as the smell of the hostile atmosphere in this part of the Roman Empire while there's also real lifelike interaction between all the characters involved so much so that they come all vividly to life within this wonderful Roman story and all those factors combined make this book such a treat to readThe book is set in the year AD 70 during the Reign of the Emperor Vespasian and our main character of the book Gaius Valerius Verrens has been disgraced and dishonoured the result of his former Roman adventure and thus he has found himself now banished from RomeSo Valerius heads east to find his friend Titus son of Emperor Vespasian but when he finds him he sees a much changed man who has to deal with the pressures from home as well as an Judaean uprising in JerusalemWhat will follow is a thrilling book full with great gory battle scenes intrigue treachery and backstabbing between different factions and it is in those dangerous circumstances where Valerius has to win back his freedom and rediscover glory if he wants to become a Hero of Rome againVery much recommended for this is a Glorious Roman Adventure