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Seuins and Spurs reader ☆ Mass Market Paperback read ´ Her last chance at redemption Singer Ruby Dearing is tired of life on the stage and yearns for a place to belong She returns home to beg forgiveness from her mother and sister only to find stubborn Nash Sommerton—her sister's widower—in charge Nash is prepared to figTher and sister only to find stubborn Nash Sommerton her sister's widower in charge Nash is prepared to fight this unruly beauty for his ranch but Ruby amazes h Loved the book The characters pop off the page and into your living room They are so gentle and kind full of spirit and empathy but with some flaws I'm an animal lover so a good clean Christian story with caring human beings and horses is a book I can get lost in I believe we are where we are supposed to be at any given moment Ruby returns home after 8 long years of being on her own finding her way in the world only to uestion if she returned home too late Or did she? Horses children in laws doctors life as we know it all rolled into a warm inviting family story Another fabulous historical story by Cheryl St John You keep writing and I'll keep reading

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Im with her determination to restore the house to the home it once was Can he persuade Ruby to forgive herself and see the second chance they've both been given Ruby Dearing is a woman after my own heart I like her heard the siren call of the stage and the theatre Unlike Ruby I set that aside and settled down as a wife and eventually a mother I felt an affinity with her though I surely understood what drove her to keep going Sometimes I was irritated with her for so completely losing touch with her family but there is redemption in StJohn’s writing and redemption and forgiveness shone through to me Nash Sommerton is a good guy at heart but he’s got a chip or a boulder on his shoulder as big as the Grand Canyon And he’s not really in the mood for forgiveness—especially not for Ruby She’s going to have to prove her worth and he knows he can’t depend on her because he believes she will flee again and head back to the stage Might not be today maybe not tomorrow but he knows that one day she will disappear once again It’s really too bad that he likes the change she brings to his ranch He likes the breath of fresh air that she is to his soul He would like to talk to her about second chancesbut do second chances really exist?Another must read page turner from Cheryl StJohn I always know I need to plan a long evening with nothing scheduled in my morning when I pick up her books Once I start the first page I won’t be sleeping until I’ve read the last page StJohn creates such complex and believable characters that wrap you up completely in the story You will forget that you aren’t living on the prairie before electricity and grocery stores while you are reading this book Written with great attention to historical accuracy it’s a pleasure to learn about times gone by without the accuracy overpowering the plot and story Seuins and Spurs is one of StJohn’s best books to date Make sure you get your copy ROBYN

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Seuins and SpursHer last chance at redemption Singer Ruby Dearing is tired of life on the stage and yearns for a place to belong She returns home to beg forgiveness from her mo This story started off with a bang and kept right on moving The author keeps a pretty fast pace with something to always keep your attention This might be a clean read but have no doubt you will feel the passion not only of the two main characters but the whole family This is a story you will get lost in the author gives you such wonderful character with stories inside of stories that keep you saying lord what else can happen as she shows you just what she has planned for this characters These are characters you can relate to with normal lives of years gone by The author gives you a story based on honor love caring giving forgiving that makes this a wonderful romance as she shows you that this is what this country was based on many years ago This is a story based on forgiving not only of others but of ourselves of second chances starting anew and rebuilding lives Ruby lost the one person that was the most important to her at a young age Never getting over that and not fitting in with her family she decides to run away be a singer and actress It wasn’t easy for her it wasn’t long before she knew she made a mistake but was to proud to return home Eight years later she sucks up her pride and returns only to find life as she knew it to have changed with those she loved gone She can’t ask them to forgive her and cannot forgive herself for not returning in time What she does find is her sisters widowed husband isn’t so forgiving and she has a lot of proving herself that needs to be done Ruby has never run from a challenge and she isn’t about to now She is bullheaded and strong will enough to make a new life for herself and help take care of the family left behind I really like Ruby no matter what she set her mind to she put her best foot forward never asking for help No job was to big if she didn’t know how to do it she worked it out until she got it right There is a strong pull with her and her brother in law these two drive each other crazy in many ways Ruby was a delightful women who I know her mother was very proud of one of the most things that made her dearing was she might have ran away but she always sent money home for her mother Most people would not have done this it really shows the kind of women she truly isRuby isn’t the only one with guilt and broken promises Nash has a few of his own Life is to short as he finds out He thought he had years to make a passionate marriage with his wife what he found was you should not put off until tomorrow what you should have done today for tomorrow might be to late Even before he ever set eyes on Ruby he disliked her for not being there to help her family He doesn’t trust her and makes life hard for her He put his blood in this ranch that he got through marriage to her sister with her returning he may lose it all What he find with each day that passes is Ruby teaches him something new he just cannot get her out of his mind He doesn’t have room for her in his life not with her past of high tailing it out when things get tough I really liked and respected Nash for his strong will caring ways he admits when he is wrong family comes first he works hard to make a good home he is about honor and family All he wants is his life back to normal with his family under his roof From the first moment he sets eyes on Ruby she puts his world in a spin he finds his self down for the countohhhhhhhhh that was just to funnyThe author gives you a well told story with a wonderful plot She keeps this book hopping with never a dual moment You will find yourself laughing one minute and sad the next as she gives you a heartbroken story of lost love and life This was a book I had trouble putting down just when I thought it would get to a part what it would be easy to close the book the author throw another twist and I found I had to find out what happen I enjoyed this books so much I picked it as my favorite read this week She gives you wonderful characters that tear at your heart as others bring smiles to your faces as you chuckle your way through the read saying OH MY a few times From the first page my heart was beating fast as she brought a little suspense in with the story This is a well written with the word flow easy as your race across the pages to find what she has in store for these characters There will be a lot you won’t see coming as she hits you with a few spins I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did I can’t wait to read the next book by this author I am sure it will be a wonderful story filled with an outstanding thrilling tale