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characters Starborn ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Death and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony ending centuries of tradition So when an unnatural storm targets her superstIty's subterranean chambers amongst fanatics and rebels But first Kyndra will be brutally tested in a bid to unlock her own magicIf she survives the ordeal she'll discover a force greater than she could ever have imagined But could it create as well as destroy And can she control it to right an ancient wro. Kyndra finds herself running away from home with two strangers on the day of her Initiation Ceremony a day when she was suppose to find out what was in store for the rest of her life Kyndra's new friends are beings of power Solar and Lunar and they think she has power too But Kyndra's experiencing weird visions that may be a sign of something even dangerous and ancientThis was a real let down for me and I'm so sad I had to give it two stars I was expecting a really exciting fantasy journey which saw a young girl come into herself and tap into a power she never knew existed Instead I got 400 pages of a lot of boring confusing nonsense and a rush at the end where everything ended up being explained in a rush I just felt like there was very little character development most of the character's seemed disjointed and all over the place Bregenne and Nediah I just couldn't figure them out and the romance was played up too much between them considering hey weren't main character and the story just didn't come together for me like I expected it too view spoiler Also Reena and Kierik where did that happen How did they meet Did Reena go to Naris Did Medavle somehow sneak Kierik out to the Vales That was so confusing hide spoiler

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D She fears for her life until two strangers save her by wielding powers not seen for an age powers fuelled by the sun and the moonTogether they flee to the hidden citadel of Naris And here Kyndra experiences disturbing visions of the past showing war and one man's terrifying response She'll learn in the c. DNF at 32% I'll be honest I think I knew from the start that I was going to be DNFing this but I stuck with it for as long as possible until I got to the point where I was saying to myself Kayleigh you're not enjoying this You're struggling to read this There is nothing about this story that you like You shouldn't have to force yourself to read a book Give up the ghostThe writing is generally of a decent uality but the pacing was awful it was all over the place You would go for a few pages of decently paced decently written prose and then all of a sudden you were flying through important scenes which seemed to have half the information you need missing and you'd come out the other side confused than you went in and not in the way that makes you want to read to find out what is going on but in the way that makes you wonder why you're still readingBut then the things that are supposed to be mysterious and keep you guessing for example Kyndra's special snowflakeness are so blindingly obvious that it makes you feel genuinely embarrassed for HounsomThe plot is something I've seen a hundred times before ordinary village girl turns out not to be so ordinary after all I can enjoy these books if they are well written or if the author has done something new and exciting with the story Hounsom does nothing new or exciting and it is not well written The world building was lacking I'm trying to be nice Again there's nothing new here but she does try to shake things up air ships and gets it horribly horribly wrong The characters were awful Completely 1 dimensional and unrelatable I hated most of them Passionately In fact the only character that I remotely liked was Nediah and even he was on the flat sideIt's like Hounsom has taken aspects from books written by Trudi Canavan and Brandon Sanderson and tried to make a story out of it Just minus the writing talent and creative geniusSorry but no Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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StarbornDeath and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony ending centuries of tradition So when an unnatural storm targets her superstitious community Kyndra is blame. I received an ARC of this book on the expectation of an honest review Unfortunately sometimes an honest review is not a good review and I can in all honesty say that I could not recommend this book to anyoneThe main reasons for my poor review are as follows I found Starborn to be badly written badly plotted badly characterised ineffectual and poorly imagined as a novel and I was extremely angry about the way the book handled 1 the threat of sexual violence against female characters 2 the only canon ueer character and 3 the only canon disabled character As a whole the novel is hugely sketchy on consent in any situation and falls into many terrible fantasy tropes I haven't seen widespread use of since the 1990'sI'm extremely disappointed that Tor not only published this but is promoting it as one of their big debuts of this yearThe rest of this review will explain certain points of the plot such as it is and although I'm not going to give a blow by blow of everything that happens as such the entire thing is going under a spoiler tagview spoilerLet's start with the bad writingThe prose is clumsy to poor but I would have accepted it as a first novel effort if what was being described was in any way engaging The only time the writing elicited any kind of emotional reaction other than frustration from me was at two brief moment when the action spiralled suddenly into Unbelievably Creepy More on that laterThe world building is not wholly un salvageable just thinner than I like and inconsistent in it's delivery Using what is essentially a history essay full of made up words and convoluted sentence structures as your prologue is a bold move that straight up did not work for me in any way shape or form I also wasn't able to suss out any kind of pattern or cultural identity in any of the made up words so I never transitioned into believing these were actually the names of places or people Some of the decisions made spoke either of a massive lack of research the horses ride all night and then all the next day with only a short break and the main character notes that they don't seem particularly tired and then a little later on the characters can only ride very slowly towards their destination because the horses will get tired or rather because they needed to move slower so a plot point could catch up with them or I honestly don't know Winner of the most bizarrely incoherent piece of world building is a toss up between the airships of course airships that can only travel along set routes because they're chained to rails between the different landing stages for reasons This one probably doesn't win because I can almost see how that would be a cool idea if had been done with it although absolutely no mention was made of how come this aggressively medieval low fantasy world has airships or the fact that the main character doesn't know what bacon is Yes we get a whole scene in a book which largely doesn't mention the actual day to day business of life where the main character watches someone magically cooking bacon and then they eat the bacon all the while aggressively not using the word baconBecause airships are fine but what is this mysterious thinly sliced pork I was completely mystified by the fact that this character who had grown up in a rural tavern apparently did not know what bacon was to the point that I didn't pay any attention to the magic Which was probably just as well given how it wasn't time for the plot to talk about the magic yetWhich brings me on to the plot Largely the plot lacked focus and drive It wasn't a bad plot certainly by two thirds of the way through at the point at which I genuinely hated myself for continuing to read this book the plot started to do some things I could recognise as somewhat interesting and unexpected I think I was supposed to realise they had been foreshadowed but they really hadn't This book can't pull off foreshadowing but it just happened Mechanically Things happened because the plot outline said 'now this thing happens' not because it felt like a natural progression of the story In all honesty this should have meant that the book had decent enough pacing and hit the major plot beats if the plot had been formulaic I could have dealt with it But it was badly paced and meandering to the point of aimless This is how come we have two mysterious characters turning up speaking cryptically to the main character and then leaving abruptly in immediate succession and I do mean immediate succession there's only a few pages and absolutely no plot movement between the conversation with Kait in the tavern and the conversation with Medavle how on earth are you supposed to pronounce that anyhow outside and then they both disappear entirely for a third of the book before reappearing on the other side of the world A side effect of this mechanically driven plot is that characters appear in certain places because they need to deliver a particular piece of information to the reader not because it makes any sense for them to be there the biggest example of this is how Jhren yeah not sure how to pronounce that one either the main character's childhood best friend we know this because she told us so repeatedly turns up in the nearest town just as she decides to run away expressly it seems for the purpose of telling her that he's marrying someone else and there's nothing left for her That was the most obvious of the clumsy deus ex machina devices in this book but it certainly wasn't the only one In case this wasn't already clear the weakest part of Starborn which is not a strong book was the characters None of them seemed to have any kind of distinguishing voice I could not tell their dialogue apart They didn't appear to have any motivations or drive They were marionettes being shoved around to make the plot happen according to the outline on paper I found I cared just enough about Bregenne to hate the way she was treated by the plot on that later but that was about it I would have disliked the main character Kyndra if I'd actually been able to think about her as a person rather than a writing mechanism all this plot has to happen to someone because the decisions she made were entirely nonsensical Not asking uestions until three chapters after something happens because that piece of information can't be revealed just yet Not realising plot points that were entirely obvious until it was time for her to act on that information Telling her entire life story and trusting implicitly someone who just assaulted her More on THAT later tooSo that is why Starborn is bad Now this is why it's awful and made me furious which fair warning does not involve actual rape but is going to get pretty goddamn suickyFirstly let's talk about what happens to Kyndra She's been brought to the super secret invisible magic mountain and is awaiting a test to see whether or not she's got magical powers I'm being slightly flippant slightly Kyndra is studying in the library when three students enter one is the young girl she met a chapter or so ago who she 'just instinctively knew she could trust' that's not a direct uote but it might as well be and her two male friendsBoth young men proceed to mock and belittle Kyndra who is clearly upset and angry one of the few times Kyndra actually displays a genuine emotion and then one of them forcefully immobilises and silences her through magic climbs on top of her and kisses her on the mouthRemember how I mentioned that the writing in this book becomes alarmingly competent at only the creepiest moments This is one of them It's deeply viscerally upsetting Kyndra is entirely powerless and the man's intentions are very clearly to humiliate and hurt herThat's not what made me angry What made me angry was that the very next time they meet Kyndra tells the two men her entire life story And becomes their friend And nobody suffers any repercussions for this at allIt's entirely like the book is saying Yes you basically sexually assaulted this girl but we know you're essentially a good person so that's fine And it's not It's really notThe other moment of 'unsettlingly creepy and upsetting and also when did the writing become competent in this novel' involves the only canon ueer character Janus Get it Janus the two faced godJanus is a minor villain He's pretty he's not very competent and mostly ineffectual he's sneaky and slippery and a liar his entire job in the plot is to pretend to be the main character's friend and then betray her and he's madly in lust with an older powerful man who's using his attraction to manipulate Janus into doing whatever he wants Their conversation is the aforementioned creepy creepy but semi competently written scene in which for three pages the novel becomes insanely ueasy simpering sexual tensionIf you're thinking that Janus sounds sort of familiar then congratulations You also read all the awful fantasy novels of the 1990's that I did growing up For literally a decade and it was a pretty formative decade this was the only ueer representation I saw in fantasy the soft and effeminate gay male villain and that is not a place I ever want to go back to It's not a place we have to go back to We're better than this Who read this and thought 'yes okay it's 2015 and this is a reasonable representation of ueer people'Anyhow this moves me on to Bregenne who as I mentioned previously was my favourite character to a vastly reduced uantity of 'favourite' Least indifferent perhaps Bregenne should have been great she's an older woman a powerful mentor figure who uite frankly should not be casually disrespected throughout the entire novel by her peers in the way that she is but that kind of background radiation pales in comparison to what I'm about to talk about and she's disabled for most of the novel She's completely blind but has adapted her magic powers to allow her to sense her surrounding in some situations It has limitations but generally speaking she's a really good representation of a disabled person who is powerful and has adventures I am 100% here for a book about disabled women being powerful and having adventuresWhen Bregenne Kyndra and Bregenne's younger male work partner who is of course madly in love with her a relationship I was dissatisfied with the execution of but pretty much happy with it's general trajectory right up until the final chapter when everything went horribly horribly wrong return to the super secret magic mountain where the magic people live one of the first things that happens is that we establish one of the minor male characters is creepily obsessed with BregenneHe corners Bregenne in her bedroom while she's in her nightdress and proceeds to embrace and fondle her while saying generally creepy and unpleasant things like You want this really Because Bregenne is a semi competently written awesome character Bregenne blasts him in the face with magic and orders him out of her bedroom Because Bregenne also suffers from being in a horrible narrative Bregenne then spends the next few paragraphs fretting about how she shouldn't have worn such revealing clothes Needless to say the man in uestion never gets punishedWhile unpleasant that scene is nowhere near as upsetting as the one with Kyndra and although I was overall unhappy with how it was handled it pales in comparison to what happens to her at the end of the book In the final chapter Bregenne's younger male work partner who is supposed to be madly in love with her forcibly heals her eyes without her permission while she screams for him to stop and this is portrayed as a loving actLet me repeat that; the only disabled character in the narrative gets 'fixed' by a younger man without her consent because he loves her Because clearly he knows better than Bregenne what is the right thing to do with her body Because clearly a disabled woman can't be trusted to make her own decisions about her disability of course she wants to be 'fixed' this can't possibly need negotiating I cannot convey how unbelievably furious this casual ableism made me Like it wasn't bad enough that the only character that was in some way compelling was grossly mistreated by the plot at every opportunity but had to be denied agency of her own body specifically because she was disabledIn case you didn't have enough of a bad taste in your mouth in the final chapter it's also revealed that brace yourself Kyndra was conceived because Medavle a character she also seems to trust for some reason despite the fact that he categorically does terrible things rather than just being uite annoying and a bit of an asshole like every other male authority figure in this book manipulated the mind of a character who is tactfully described by the book as a madman When this character appears in the book his mind is so badly damaged that he's unable to speak is sometimes violent and is kept emphasis on the word 'kept' in a room with no sharp edges In case this wasn't weirdly sketchy and upsetting enough Medavle uses his influence it's a plot point that would take too long to explain to convince this character that what he REALLY wants to do is escape from his confines and go have sex with a woman with the intention of impregnating herBecause that all sounds completely fine and consensually for everyone involved Don't worry Medavle was keeping an eye on him so he wouldn't hurt anyone I genuinely don't know if that statement practically a uote makes it better or worseI feel like most of these points would have been fine if they'd been properly handled if there had been some satisfying resolution against Bregenne's attacker if Kyndra had not decided to become besties with the man who assaulted her if Janus had been a half decent villain instead of a horrible vintage stereotype or you know not the only ueer character if Kyndra had responded with the kind of revulsion I felt to the news about her parentage instead of going off into the sunset with the man who orchestrated it while the book plays out a 'romantic' postscript between her parents but even with a proper consensually discussion I would still have been moderately unhappy about Bregenne's eyes being healedAs it stands I think everyone involved in the production and publication of this novel owes me an explanation as to why they think this kind of misogyny ableism and homophobia warrants publication hide spoiler