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During a botched jewel robbery a teenage Lottery heir unhappy with his home life becomes a willing hostage for the gang of thieves Pip Valentine craves excitement drama anything that'll get him away from his family especially because the ransom is going to hit them where it hurts right in the bank account The gang leader who grabs him round the waist as a human shield between himself and the police holding a gun to his head and hissing threats and promises in his ear and telling him to hold still and behave is all part of the crazy new Hollywood gangster film thr. Kinky as fuckThe core conceit was enthralling the first 10 20 times it was illustratedIt should have ended at page 60 but it didn't and I spent the next 140 hoping something would happen besides the same stuff that happened in the beginningIt's not a bad book exactly; it's just waves inarticulate hand in the airI did spend two days masturbating with it of course—it is rather excellent offbeat erotica after all—it's just not Just tooWell that's all it isAs Gertrude Stein once said of the place whence she came There's no there thereCunningly she is also noted for having said a rose is a rose is a rose which suits this book just fineIf all you want is roses you're all setUpdate 30 January 2014This novel has been removed from circulation while the author prepares to re issue revised editions of the series I would recommend waiting for the upcoming releaseUpdate 18 August 2015eeeeee the new covers are delicious nothing gets me wet like a properly deployed sans serif font mr ridermad props to you sir

characters Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome #1

Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome #1Esticity then sharing his house with a kid fifteen years his junior who thinks it's okay to leave nailpaint bottles scattered around the bedroom and eat Haribo for a main meal This is a thousand times harder than robbing banks Stockholm Syndrome is an unconventional love story where opposites attract like bullets Russian Roulette is foreplay and a hand closed tight round your wrist is as good as an I love you Sometimes you find your missing jigsaw piece in the weirdest circumstances And sometimes you've got to really force it into place through sheer stubborn wil. This was all kinds of Fucked up But did i care Ummm nope Loved every fucked up wordThe writing probably is not for everyone but i enjoyed itMind Blown Like for real you can't top this “Valentine clears his throat So Why can't you just say it Say what You know what It's hardly the time or placeIt is if you're dying I can't You're a dick Just fucking say it I can't I'm English What am I a Martian I say it all the time I know you love me why can't you say it If you know then why do I have to You're missing the point a bit I took your bullet you little twat don't you dare uestion whether I love you Yeah but you could say it The throb of the gunshots is pounding all down his arm and body The pain's so bad he wants to cry like he's five and he's skinned his knee coming off his bike Je t'aime he says through gritted teeth to shut the kid up Je ne sais pas pouruoi Tu es complètement bête tu t'habilles comme une pute travestie je hais ta musiue tu es fou tu me rends fou mais je suis fou de toi et je pense à toi tout le temps et je t'aime oui Tu comprends Je t'aime Seulement pas en anglais Je ne peux pas Valentine's shifting about like he's uncomfortable I ain't got no idea what you just said but I think I need to change my pants Maintenant ta gueule”

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characters ´ Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome #1 104 ☆ During a botched jewel robbery a teenage Lottery heir unhappy with his home life becomes a willing hostage for the gang of thieves Pip Valentine craves excitement drama anything that'll get him away from his family especially because the ransom is going to hit theIllLindsay Brown's secret life as a criminal is worlds away from his sensible day job and uiet seaside home Things never usually go wrong he's too careful about his plans This kid wasn't part of any plan but now he's here making things difficult and Lindsay can't make himself get rid of him especially not when he realises what kind of reaction the kid has to his gun his temper and his issues with control When love starts to creep up on him it's unexpected and unwelcome and he fights it as much as he can stand but it doesn't work He's hooked The alternative is dom. Mindfuck This one is without any kind of doubt one of the best books I've read this year Now all I have to do is wrap myself up in latex and sing Bad Romance until sunriseYou better have solid moral compass engraved on your brain because this is not a book to learn from and even less to get inspiration from in real life This is far from being a role model in relationships and society in general unless you are a wannabe sociopath in that case this is made exactly for youWhat does make it so special It's an understatement to say this is not the usual thing Far from it it's such a weird combination of humor craziness and love there is no way to avoid falling under the spell Rest assured there is no real Stockholm Syndrome here Valentine is just SO eager to be kidnapped by Lindsay he immediately complies He had never been so happy to obeyTo be honest my intestines would be lurching in a funny way if not for some spot on features firstly the absurdity of most scenes Secondly the unexpected sweetness of certain moments Thirdly the madness that surrounds everything from the decision to gather a gun for risky foreplay to the second when Lindsay threatens to spank Valentine if he doesn't eat the broccoli It was all so out of the ordinary and so ridiculous than it was supreme stupidity turning into real brilliance by the bat of an eye The author managed to choose the correct words to tell the perfect tale in such a way that incredulity was never annoying because you were bursting out laughing so violently you had no time to think WTF have I just read till it was too lateI enjoyed this as a child but I know I shouldn't have Because seriously these too are terribly sick I can't point out who is crazier here Valentine is such a brat he is strikingly immature and childish so that makes Lindsay look out like the reasonable one in comparison Most of the time Lindsay is like Valentine's daddy in sense than one protecting him from those who mean harm imposing his authority on him when he goes out of hand chastising him when he behaves badly comforting him when he cries arguing with him when he goes beyond reason He even picks up his crayons and serves him the hot chocolate at night Yes you might have guessed at this point already this relationship is not the ordinary oneThis book is not for the faint of the heart but it's undeniable there are very romantic chances to see them really together So romantic you even come to believe they are meant to be due to fate or destiny Because is there much of a possibility for Lindsay to precisely rape Valentine's ear with a gun in that robbery when they first met I don't think so and Valentine is of course of the same opinion as he states than once while testing Lindsay's patience with his I love yous I'm smiling so broadly right now you wouldn't believeI jumped at the constant push and pull between these two Valentine exaggerates his childish behavior whereas Lindsay struggles to keep a poker face and a grumpy reaction at every challenge Valentine throws at him on purpose or not Their dynamics are on the grounds of a fragile balance that becomes apparent at the end of the book It's true that each one of them plays a role in the relationship The role is not an unmoving one because it changes everyday but within certain limits If you cross those limits their world could shatter forever And that's what happens indeed How can you rebuild something that seems beyond repair One the trust is broken it's very hard to regain it Once you see the ugly face of things the illusion does not look appealing any Can things go back to normal whatever their version of normal isçThe ending broke my heart a little but that's why second and third parts exist so do not worry It all pays off in the end view spoiler hide spoiler