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characters Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è Love and death and Levi BrodyBowen Murphy loves two things football and Dylan SundayDylan left football and Bo behind to walk a different pathLife goes on and six years is a long time to be without theHey grew up They became different men Their love stayed strongWhen tragedy takes the man he loves Bowen Murphy is forced to carry on alone or risk losing football Without football Bo has nothingFate sends Bo a shoulder to lean on or maybe loveBut Fate has a wicked sense of hu. I'm stumped by what I want to say about this book375 conflicted starsSo this book is the scorching hot sexual adventure all of the Southern Scrimmage series of stories have been but I'm confused over just what I think of itThe timescales in this one fluctuate between Bo and Dylan's childhood through the six years Dylan was in the Marines and Bo was playing ball and the time period after Bo thought Dylan was dead up until his rescueSo it's mostly both men with other people which didn't bother me as much as it may other readers but it's just a bit too much of everything other than Bo and Dylan for it to be truly enjoyableBook one gave Bo and Dylan an epic romance and then subseuent books seem to have shafted that with cheating or if not that some very definitely dubious morals encountersI felt I understood Levi a bit after reading the last book but this one's just confused all that again as well He goes back to giving off the mixed vibes of being a selfish git and a complete slapper instead of the far nuanced and complex person his autobiography gave usUnderstandable as this is set at the same time as the events in the two earlier books so it's unfortunate it's been published later On a reread I'd definitely add this one in before book one I thinkThis whole book just threw things into a pot stirred them but then never cooked them up into a cohesive unit certainly not one that tied in with events in all the other booksDon't get me wrong though I thoroughly enjoyed this book it's smoking hot has the same great world building as the rest and it gives background to events happening in the first two booksI just seriously hope we get Blindsided and the final book released soon as there's plot lines and narrative threads still left hanging all over the place at the moment

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Love and death and Levi BrodyBowen Murphy loves two things football and Dylan SundayDylan left football and Bo behind to walk a different pathLife goes on and six years is a long time to be without the one you love The stress of war and the lure of fame changed Bo and Dylan T. Just completed this marathon of this series this last book I HATED IT WITH ANGER IMO the author took the first book the epic lifetime love and what I have been reading about through this entire series then in this book contradicted EVERYTHING it was a a big fake lie I am so irritated now I wanted to throw my kindle through the window after 30% If your here you will understand so not any real huge spoilers The first book is Dylan Bo's love story from meeting as kids they were best friends and fall in love HEA The through all the other books we find out not so truebut they should be OK but IMO Bo is a selfish dick I was really ready to give him a little leeway after reading this book NFW Bo is the biggest asshole he should have dumped Dylan years ago when he realized he was so hard up for Levi by sitting next to him on an airplane This book is not the re telling of Bo Dylan AT ALL this is Bo Levi's love story I had a feeling this was where the author is taking this story It is all about Levi It kinda bothers me because where does that leave Tracy Dylan IMO Bo deserves to get dumped by Dylan Levi he is the most selfish asshole Levi who I did really like before this book is just a mess with no conscience At this point I only want to see what happens with Jude Slater Well my Rant is done someone send me a food rec to get my mind off this because I am so Pisssed off that I read this whole series

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Any Given Sunday A Southern Scrimmage Companion #6Mor And Bo is left to choose between the love of his life and the one who saved his lifeThe story began in Six Ways from Sunday and continued in Sidelined This is the story that fills in the gapsReaders sensitive to the perceived cheating in the original two books should avoi. I'm not really good at writing reviews which is why I usually dont but this bookwell this whole series is to amazing to not make the effort There's just something about Mercy's writing that gets to me I love her men I love Levi especially and this book broke my heart for him for Bo and for poor beautiful Dylan I had no clue this book was even being released so it was an unexpected surprise when I saw it on BF this morningI'm glad she felt it was a story that needed telling because it definitely shed some light on Levi and Bo's relationship and I for one appreciate it Like all the other books in this series it's a journey that is difficult and painful and beautiful but it needs to happen for everyone to get their HEANow they wait is on for the next book so looking forward to it Mercy