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You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together then you'll hear the sound of your soulMia Kelly thinks she has it all figured out She's an Ivy League graduate a classically trained pianist and the beloved daughter of a sensible mother and offbeat father Yet Mia has been stalling since graduation torn between putting her business degree to use and exploring music her true loveWhen her f Good looking guy CheckCute girl CheckKelly and Ryan good Irish surnames CheckLovable Dog CheckNew York City CheckReferences to Music CheckNo Bondage CheckNo MillionairesBillionairesTrillionaires CHECK CHECK TRIPLE CHECKWhat a lovely find this was Had been going through a bit of a slump in the book department there for a while and this one caught my eye on Goodreads I must say we readers are very lucky with all the new talented authors emerging at the moment This is a debut novel by this author but you would not think it The Prologue piued my interest straight away and the whole book flowed along very nicely for me and the Epilogue was good tooI absolutely loved all the musical references throughout the book I am a big music fan and all these songs were great WILL RYAN MIA KELLY FRIENDSHIP You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together the you'll hear the sound of your soul Awwwwww You've ruined meEver has it been that love knows not its own depth until the house of separationI know some reviewers were not too happy with Mia and her wishywashy couldn’t make up her mind But let’s remember she had just lost her Pops had moved to a new city was trying to run a business was confused about what career path to take it is a lot to take on and then to have a certain gorgeous guy kinda fall into your lap – it would have made my head spin too“Remember me to one who lives thereFor she was once a true love of mine” – Check out the Johnny CashJoni Mitchell version of thishttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vW1O0jWill was the hero who never gave up well deep down he never gave up – she needed her space he gave it to her It was painful it was sad but sometimes Love HurtsOne negative thing and it probably lost half a star for this It is 45 but could have been 5 If I read another book where the Hero shouts “You’re Mine Come for Me” again I will seriously throw my Kindle out the friggin window Let’s be a little bit original here Ya Hear Me?? and don't make the Irish guys out to be Paddys from the back arse of nowhere with their tree tirty instead of three thirty well it was some phrase like that Deliver us Lord from those who think the Irish sound like Tom Cruise sounds like in Far and AwayI am Irish and think I am ualified to make a comment like this I was born in the ould sod I am not a Green Beer on Patty's Day God I hate that phrase Patty's Day Oirish person I am the Real DealOther than that it was a fairly perfect read for meI remember seeing Van the Man in concert many years ago and when this song was mentioned in the book I immediately put it on to listen to It is definitely one of my favourites of his What a classic So crank up the stereo and let the sublime tones of Mr Morrison take you to a Higher Ground And I will stroll the merry wayAnd jump the hedges firstAnd I will drink the clearClean water for to uench my thirstAnd I shall watch the ferry boatsAnd they'll get highOn a bluer oceangainst tomorrow's skyAnd I will never grow so old againAnd I will walk and talkIn gardens all wet with rainOh sweet thing sweet thingMy my my my my sweet thingAnd I shall drive my chariotDown your streets and cry'Hey it's me I'm dynamiteAnd I don't know why'And you shall take me stronglyIn your arms againAnd I will not rememberThat I even felt the painWe shall walk and talkIn gardens all misty and wet with rainAnd I will never never neverGrow so old againOh sweet thing sweet thingMy my my my my sweet thingAnd I will raise my hand upInto the night time skyAnd count the starsThat's shining in your eyeJust to dig it all an' not to wonderThat's just fineAnd I'll be satisfiedNot to read in between the linesAnd I will walk and talkIn gardens all wet with rainAnd I will never ever ever everGrow so old againOh sweet thing sweet thingSugar baby with your champagne eyesAnd your saint like smile httpwwwyoutubecomwat

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Sweet Thing Sweet Thing #1Ather unexpectedly dies she decides to pick up the threads of his life while she figures out her own Uprooting herself from Ann Arbor to New York City Mia takes over her father's cafe a treasured neighborhood institution that plays host to undiscovered musicians and artists She's denied herself the thrilling and unpredictable life of a musician but a chance encounter with Will a sweet gorgeous and LOVED THIS STORY WILL ♥♥♥♥♥ I loved this book every single angsty heart clenching moment and this book was full of themMia has recently moved to New York City from her home in Michigan Her dad recently died and she's come to take over his cafe and live in his apartment until she figures out what exactly she wants to do in her life She's young and recently through with college This story is told from her POV On the flight to NYC she meets Will he's seated next to her and freaking out about flying Initially she tries to ignore him but that doesn't last long It's hard to ignore Will He's sexy as hell and a charmer He's totally different from what she's normally attracted to He's got some tattoos and is a little scruffy around the edges he's also a musician and plays the guitar They laugh and cut up on the plane and she feels like she's made a friend I won't go into all the details of how it happens but he ends up renting out one of the rooms in her apartment with her STRICT rule that they will only be friends The attraction was immediate once he was in the the apartment but she was determined that Will was not they type of guy she wanted and she wasnt going to make things complicated by hooking up with him since he lived with her Will sigh he was so f'king dreamy I loved that man he was so sweet and caring and he was so totally into Mia He wanted her so bad but she kept up this wall in between them that she wouldnt step over She started dating the type of man she thought she should be with and he was nothing like Will HERE COMES THE HEART WRENCHING ANGST This book almost killed me for a large part Will wanted MiaMia wanted Will but Mia did not WANT to want Will so she kept hurting Will over with her actions In turn Will would would try to get on with his life knowing he couldnt have her and this in turn would hurt Mia This went on for a while Are you familiar with Abby from Beautiful disaster? Well multiply how much she pissed you off by 10 and you'll have Mia I wanted to smack this girl around so bad Just thinking of the pain she caused Will still makes my heart constrict days later after I've finished this book But still even though all the incredibly painful angstit was such a good story You get to see Mia grow and become the person she was meant to be and this is due in large part to Will You also see Will become than he was before Mia It was such a long twisty road for them to get to where they needed to be And yes there was a sweet beautiful HEA that left me with a huge smile and tears in my eyes at the end I'm in awe that this was Renee Carlino's first book it was just so so good I did not skim a single part of this book I couldnt turn the pages fast enough And I must thank Amber Amber Reading Room for the book recommendation I was all set to read another book when I got her rec and the blurb made me want to read it right away and I finished it in under a day I am really looking forward to what Renee puts out there next I would recommend this book to anyone that loves the sexy sweet musician with the heart of gold and also loves to have your heart torn apart but the put back together in the best way

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Sweet Thing Sweet Thing #1 kindle ´ eBook Free ó Renee Carlino ´ You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together then you'll hear the sound of your soulMia Kelly thinks she has it all figured out She's an Ivy League graduate a classically trained pianist and the beloved daughter of a sensibleCharming guitarist offers her a glimpse of what could be When Will becomes her friend and then her roommate she does everything in her power to suppress her passions for him for music but her father's legacy slowly opens her heart to the possibility of something A heartbreaking and romantic Aestas Book Blog debut Sweet Thing explores the intensity and complexities of first love and self discovery Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are Sweet Thing was a truly refreshing read What I loved most about this book was its incredible depth If you were to judge this story by its pretty cover and adorable title you might expect a sweet and tender love story but what you're given is substantially This story provides such powerful wisdom—offered in bundles and in subtle whispers It kicks off with one of the most intriguing and well thought out prologues I've read in a while really setting the stage for the insightful tone generously present throughout I love how this uniue introduction creatively ties into the heart of the story Mia Kelly thinks with her head and doesn't let her heart lead her through life She is a talented musician but stubbornly pushes her passions aside as she focuses on obtaining a sensible business degree However all of her perfectly planned out decisions come to a crashing halt when she meets the sexy slightly neurotic and adorably passionate musician Will Will Ryan is full of life and abundantly lives up to his name; his strong willed character was an inspiration and I loved him the second he whipped out his rosary beads Will is guided through life by passion and refuses to sell out or conform to what is expected of him Although he and Mia had music in common Will possessed an inner strength that Mia lacked by remaining true to himself always The romance in this story was slow building which I always find extremely refreshing I adored the genuine feel of the 'friendship first' process and its gradual progression truly allowed the love to ignite when finally recognized Music and art saturated these pages—the love for it; the knowledge of it; and its poetic display were all eually and beautifully portrayed I've never wanted to jump inside the pages of a book so badly before just so I could listen to the music being played It was described with such an intricate grace that I almost felt like I could hear itbut I was thankfully able to feel every little bit of it The writing was elouent insightful and truly allowed the characters to become relatableThis touching story became such a lovely example of breaking down those protective walls that guard us and having the faith to go forward After all the barricades we build around our hearts may protect us for a while but never allow us to truly thrive in their presence You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you'll hear the sound of your soul This was a birthday buddy read with my girls Thanks for joining me ladies even though I severely trailed the read Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult▪ Steam Caliber ModerateSteamy▪ Romance GradualFriendship first Sexual tension Solid connection▪ Characters Adorable sexy passionate musician hero Guarded strong but sweet heroine ▪ Plot Uniuely executed Centered on finding that balance between listening to your mind and having the faith to follow your heart Awesome prologue▪ Writing Developed and lyrical; engaging ▪ POV 1st Person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger NoneStandalone