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The Bees kindle ✓ 346 pages Ø hannahredhead Ï Enter a whole new world in this thrilling debut novel set entirely within a beehiveBorn into the lowest class of her society Flora 717 is a sanitation bee only fit to clean her orchard hive Living to accept obey and serve she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her belovedWest class of her society Flora 717 is a sanitation bee only fit to clean her orchard hive Living t Bees are exceptional creatures Their hive characterized by drama and high stakes intelligence and a sophisticated organization that is a marvel to study and behold For all its beauty and the tantalizing production of golden luxurious honey the bee life comes at a high price an existence propped up by slavery and the hive mind There shall be only one ueen and no original thought Accept Obey Serve It's Orwell's 1984 in the flesh Thought police and Big Brother included Deformity means death and is ruthlessly stamped out in a strive for purity that rivals Hitler's attempts at Eugenics in the creation of a genetically homogenous Aryan Master raceI was excited to read this book I needed no convincing that bees could be the stars of their own literary masterpiece in much the same way rabbits became legend in Watership Down Growing up one of my favorite movies was The Secret of NIMH a movie I love to this day I bring it up now because it did what The Bees does not and that made all the difference for me in my level of involvement and enjoyment of this novel NIMH based on this classic children's book is an animal fantasy that anthropomorphizes rats and mice to tell a harrowing adventure tale For me as a child and even now as an adult the movie strikes a perfect balance between humanizing the animals enough so that the drama soars yet still allowing their animal natures and the laws of the natural world around them to shine through While The Bees is a beautifully written book with scenes that are uite lovely in their composition I felt the author lacked conviction and an overall commitment to just what kind of story she was telling At times the bees are very humanized At other times they feel alien and unknowable This back and forth and hesitation ultimately prevented me from ever truly bonding with any of the characters I was emotionally shut out of the story even when my reader brain was fascinated by some of the details contained therein For that reason the story dragged in many places If you have a personal curiosity of bees the detailed portrait the author offers here of hive life may indeed appeal to you She has done her research and there is definitely poetry contained in some of the pages of this book and in scenes that deal with the harsh realities of the natural world and the strict laws of bee existence This is a book you read with your brain not your heart

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O accept obey and serve she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her beloved holy mother the uee I really would have rather given this book three and a half stars Four seems a tad too strong It was very readable interestingly novel but thematically confusing I felt like I was supposed to be drawing parallels deeper than Hey those bees fail to adjust their social structures in the face of adversity just like usUltimately stupid complaint I was continually confused by seemingly fluctuating level of anthropomorphism Often it seemed that these were simply normal bees with their experiences translated to human terms a bee in flight thinks about her engines and fuel levels But then sometimes things got human pollen bread is produced in the patisserie cleaning bees have brooms and dustpans I'm willing to assume the author had a very clear logic to all this in her head but it didn't come across to me Maybe if I knew about bee behavior I would have grasped it all better

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The BeesEnter a whole new world in this thrilling debut novel set entirely within a beehiveBorn into the lo People who know me even just a little know how much I love Watership Downso when I saw THE BEES on one of my friends GRs profile and read some reviews one review in particular caught my attention Watership Down with Beeeeees it said I didn't have to read any further than thatFor Flora 717 it is almost over for her as soon as her little life begins She is not like the others in her hive she is bigger and darker than the other bees and being different is never allowed Deformity is evil Deformity is not permittedbut priestess Sister Sage sees something unusual in Flora yes she is darker and excessively large but unlike the other Floras the lowly sanitation workers of the hive Flora 717 speaks Sister Sage decides an experiment is in order to see if she can find a greater use for her and places her in the nursery to see what other tricks Flora has up her bee sleeveFlora will do what ever is asked of her Accept Obey Servebut after being a nurse for a very short while she meets The ueen Bee and is rubbing elbows with favored bees Flora wants and before long she moves up the ladder again when the ueen grows fond of her But the bees closest to the ueen have other ideasand soon Flora will have to use her wit and skill to make her own way in the hiveand hide her secrets from those who would try to harm herIt probably comes as no surprise that I loved this book I originally had it rated at 45because I didn't love it as much as Watership Downbut the I thought about it I decided that was kind of unfair for me it is a 5 star bookand it forever changed the way I will look at beeeeeeeeeees R E S P E C TTHE BEES did remind me of a cross between Watership Down with bees and The Handmaids Taleand although it may sound strange as I was reading it Flora sort of reminded me of one of my most beloved protagonists Amber St Clair from another one of my favorite books Forever Amber If that sounds at alllllll interesting to you you might want to pick this one up and give it try