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The Year of Salamis 480 479 BC Download ó 2 ¾ This is a reissue with a new introduction and an update to the bibliography of the original edition published in 1970 as The Year of Salamis in England and as Xerxes at Salamis in the USThe long and bitter struggle between the great Persian Empire and the fledgling Greek states reached its hiCcounts of both Persian and Greek strategies are clear and persuasive; eually convincing are his everyday details regarding the lives of soldiers statesmen and ordinary citizens He has first hand knowledge of the land and sea he describes as well as full command of original sources and modern scholarship With a new foreword The Greco Persian Wars is a book that lovers of fine historical writing will greet with pleasur. I'm not totally sure that I should be writing this review because I purchased the book recently though I actually read it some 45 years ago as The year of Salamis And I purchased this revised and updated book published in 1996 for my son who is about to engage in a couple of years of ancient history study Obviously the book made a big impression on me because I am basically writing this review on the basis of my recollections of the originalsome 45 years ago I confess that I have not re read in entirety in truth very little of the new version However I HAVE read the author's introduction where he describes some of the changes he has made and some of the academic criticism directed at the original version For example he was accused of fictionalising his characters a bit too much and having the novelist's desire to avoid a gap in the storyHowever from my perspective that is one of the things that i really liked about the work It runs like a story yet has fascinating facts injected such as the military expert who looked over the terrain that Xerxes had to cover and looking at the water resources in Particular estimated that the Persian army at most numbered about 210000 not the 17M infantry plus about another 400000 estimated by Herodotus I was just re reading the section on the Battle of Marathon and I must say that Peter Green tells a good story He had me captivated again Although the book is focused on the events in the straits of Salamis and the naval victory of Greeks over Persians he sets the stage well From the victory of Marathon to the invasion by the massive Persian army and fleet and the follow up land campaigns Green tells a fascinating tale He writes well and as I said above he is a great story teller Though apparently this is not really appreciated by the academic historian critics My version of the book is a bit tattered and marked I bought it second hand and i am contemplating buying a new version One of the things that I remembered reading some 45 years ago was the importance of Themistocles to the victory at Salamishis insistence on building an expensive fleet of triremes Also the luck of finding a wealth of silver at the mines in Laurium Though to get his way with the assembly and get access to the silver and authority to build the fleet he did not refer to a war with Persia but with a direct threat from Aeginawhich was cutting off trade from PiraeusAnd of course the famous battle at Thermopylae which Green manages to turn into something like a thrilling narrative Certainly it engaged me Although the Spartan's lost the battle there he uotes William Golding on the eventual outcome If you were a Persianneither you nor Leonidas nor anyone else could force that here thirty year's time was won for shining Athens and all Greec eand for all humanityA little of Leonidas lies in the fact that I can go where I like and write what I like He contributed to set us freeI really like this book And I think Green has done an excellent job of making history than just interesting It's made it uite fascinating Five stars from me

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This is a reissue with a new introduction and an update to the bibliography of the original edition published in 1970 as The Year of Salamis in England and as Xerxes at Salamis in the USThe long and bitter struggle between the great Persian Empire and the fledgling Greek states reached its high point with the extraordinary Greek victory at Salamis in 480 BC The astonishing sea battle banished forever the specter of Pe. The first book of my summer reading on the Greco Persian wars and it was a great introduction It starts with the creation of the Persian Empire and ends with the hints of an Athenian Empire I am not sure how easy it is for a person who knows nothing of the conflict since the author sometimes references events that has not happen chronologically yet or been dealt with by the author The language is as always a bit hard when it comes to dealing with ancientclassical works since there are allot of places that don't exist any names that are not so common any and sometimes people are mentioned just once such as in this battle X son of Y heroically did this and then never mentioned again just a minor detail Peter Green also uses allot of french sentences and words which for the most part was new to me I know allot of terms from political philosophy but most of these were completely new so be prepared to check up the meanings of these french sentences while readingIn general I liked the book very much it had some good maps but sometimes the maps weren't on the pages that I would have liked them to be but its just a detail I will definitely read Peters Greens book on Alexander the great once I get to that era of history

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The Year of Salamis 480 479 BCRsian invasion and occupation Peter Green brilliantly retells this historic moment evoking the whole dramatic sweep of events that the Persian offensive set in motion The massive Greek victory despite the Greeks' inferior numbers opened the way for the historic evolution of the Greek states in a climate of creativity independence and democracy one that provided a model and an inspiration for centuries to comeGreen's a. More enjoyable than the subject matter is Green's writing style both accessible and brisk combining humor and suspenseMy only word of warning is that it may be bit hard to follow without passing familiarity with the period in uestion Green has a tendency to make references without apology or explanation and while this helps to maintain the pace of the work it does add a barrier to be overcome by the uninitiatedHowever the payoff particularly if one follows the notes and is willing to do a little extra curricular reference hunting is well worth it