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An Honorable Offer eBook ´ Paperback Ì Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother in law attempts to rape her She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her He nurses her back to health only to find that he is not a hero Instead he's a gentleman who has compromised a lady Now there's only Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother in law attempts to rape her She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her He nurses her back to health only to find that he is not a hero Instead he's a gentleman who has compromised a lady Now I don't know why the H finally admits her loves the h in this one he's a pretty big dick in it after they get married but they do have CAT RACING in this book which as the owner of lots of cats in my life find hard to fathom as possible My cat would literally lay down and fall asleep or yell at me for food so I gave this 3 stars just for the cat racing which was so totally left field in this one it really didn't even fit in the story just random cat racing thrown in 🤔

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There's only one thing left for him to do marry her But Sabrina turns him down leaving him completely baffled However things don't turn out uite the way Sabrina planned and it is she then who must propose sweetening the pot with a big dowry and an offer of freedom for Phillip But what's This book could have SHOULD HAVE been so much better if our heroine had simply kept her backbone I HATED that she would cower like a wimp whenever she finally got the nerve to speak her true feelings And not only was that disappointing to me but it was even worse that after she kneed her sorry excuse of a husband in the groin but she then APOLOGIZE for it I mean c'mon he was standing in his tart's bedroom with said tart posed on the bed fully nude the bedroom of a home he was STILL paying for must note that the plaster was just redone over the bed and the bill for it was sent to his marital home by the skank and she APOLOGIZED ArghNever him or his tart apologizing SHE HAPPILY STOLE THAT POOR GIRLS WEDDING NIGHT FFS Just the poor sad pathetic wife apologizes even when THEY should have done soEach time I've read this story I have prayed that Ms Coulter does a rewrite on it to make our pathetic heroine a person we could be proud of a steel backbone making them grovel for forgiveness and she brazenly rounds up her Ton friends and with them scares all their men into being faithful and they all pitch in to purchase one way tickets to Japan for all the tarts stinking up London AND stand on the decks with their men waving bye bye to them all I'm sure the tarts would find a seedy brothel in Japan Paris is too close to work at they'd love it LOLHonestly I'd love to have had Martine get her comeuppance Her stupid head nodding during Sabrina's breakdown just made me want to reach in an deck her one hard Martine needed to disappear why oh why did Jack the Ripper have to disappear? Yes I hate her THAT muchAnd I wish she had made Phillip beg even harder and called him out on being about to tell her it was over when he was clearly undressing and laughing with the tart Please Sell that to someone dumb enough to buy it I hope Sabrina sold Martine's house without permission from either the douche or the tart and all contents were sent to Sabrina to go through before GIVING the rest to a local brothel for free LMAO REVENGE OF A WOMAN SCORNED Martine the Tart ueen deserves it just for stealing Sabrina's wedding night

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An Honorable OfferA husband to do when he knows his bride is afraid of men? And important what is the bride to do when she follows her husband to his mistress' lodgings and discovers him on the point of indulging? Phillip and Sabrina have a long way to go before they can sit amicably at the same table togeth Ugh barely made it through this book It started out pretty goodSabrina flees some horrid family members and nearly dies in a snowstorm But oh here comes Phillip to save the day Kind and noble Phillip who nurses her back to health and doesn't even attempt to seduce her even if she is beautiful and naked What a swell guy right?WRONG Somewhere along the way Phillip becomes the world's biggest asshole It was as if the writer put down her pen and let someone else write the second half of the story because Phillip totally changedand not for the better I don't care what the reasoning is abandoning your bride on your wedding night to go screw your mistress is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE I really should have stopped reading right there but I naively thought he would realize how empty and hollow having a mistress was when he had a beautiful vibrant wife back home But nope the bonehead remained clueless and not only continued to maintain his mistress but had zero ualms about it essentially throwing it in Sabrina's facedespite the fact that she told him she loved him even after he selfishly screwed her and gave nothing back in return And on top of all of this he was absolutely ridiculous and impossible to please One minute he was complaining that Sabrina was too compliant and lacked passion and then when she showed passion he would bitch at her about it There was nothing she could do to make him happy He didn't deserve a wife or a family or that damn racing cat that he got at the end He deserved a good beating from Clarendon because I might have hated him than the evil wannabe rapist TrevorI've read a lot of books and I love me a good jackass hero but Phillip was just a jackass He had no redeeming ualities and honestly I think he is probably the worst hero in a book that I've ever read at least any that I can think of I spent 75% of the book wanting to punch him in his freakin face