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doc ✓ The Sheikhs Destiny Desert Nights #3 ✓ Paperback è hannahredhead à He has found his destiny But to claim the throne of Azmahar Rashid Aal Munsoori needs Laylah Aal Shalaan Seducing her into marriage will defeat his rivals—and if she becomes pregnant with his heir his hold oWith his heir his hold on his homeland will be completeLaylah has always secretly loved Rashid Her sexy sheikh might be scarred inside and out but that only makes her love him until s Olivia Gates does it again I've started trying to summarise what Rashid has been through in his life but I can't describe the hell he went through nearly as well as Ms Gates does I'm not a writer just a reader Anyway he has a plan to guarantee the throne of his country It all depends on the woman he believes to be a selfish spoiled bitch He realises almost immediately that she's not Laylah's is the first female born into her paternal family in years Her mother and aunt are the devil's spawn They tried to build her in their image Despite all of their efforts she's sweet and innocent yet very strong willed She's also been in love with Rashid her whole life Ms Gates writes an intense passionate love story where you fall in love with both the characters and want to race to see how they work things out But wait Read every word and savour every moment of this delicious story You won't regret it

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He has found his destiny But to claim the throne of Azmahar Rashid Aal Munsoori needs Laylah Aal Shalaan Seducing her into marriage will defeat his rivals and if she becomes pregnant The Desert Knights trilogy concludes with a story of overwhelming desire and intensely felt emotions When Olivia Gates decided on a heroine for the tortured hero in this book she chose wisely and gave him someone who could possibly mend his shattered beliefs THE SHEIKH’S DESTINY beautifully expresses the power of love and how it can change those who think they are unlovable Although princess Laylah Aal Shalaan has known Rashid Aal Munsoori all her life and even now has special feelings for him she never thought they would ever have an opportunity to form any type of relationship When they do meet again under unusual circumstances she can tell he is not the same man she once knew but this does not dampen how she feels about him Laylah is honest about her deepest feelings for him and Rashid is pleasantly surprised by her sincerity One touch between them seals both their fates and it seems as though her wishes will come true while his dream of being king of Azmahar may be within reach Just when it looks like their futures will be fulfilling with happiness the real reason Rashid first pursued Laylah is learned by her Now she must decide what is best for her and the child she had thought was conceived in love With each new story in the Dessert Knights trilogy the emotional issues have gotten complicated and continuously drawn me into the lives of the couples involved The intrigue of how everything will ultimately play out in THE SHEIKH’S DESTINY definitely grabbed me from the start as I could tell Rashid and Laylah are very passionate individuals who will work for what they want in life Although they have separate agendas for being together this couple often surprises the other with how they react on numerous occasions and the reader is always privy to each of their personal thoughts at the time Olivia Gates has such a way with words as details are depicted with a thoroughness not usually seen Every scene regardless of what is occurring vividly comes across and lets one experience the moment to the fullest Traditions are one area where Ms Gates excels and I got to enjoy numerous aspects of the culture where the story takes place Another subject matter where this author shines is the feelings of her characters and those conveyed in THE SHEIKH’S DESTINY are some of the most powerful I have ever read These sentiments are also extremely revealing as to how this couple actually thinks and my own feelings became caught up in the lives of these two time and again There are so many outside influences freuently affecting Rashid and Laylah and I never knew what direction the story would take uite a few times The attraction between them is realistic and steamy and several of their intimate encounters are particularly heated with fervent eagerness Many characters from other books by Ms Gates make an appearance and their roles were very welcome THE SHEIKH’S DESTINY is constantly packed with passion and heartfelt emotions

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The Sheikhs Destiny Desert Nights #3He discovers his true motives She may never again trust her lover but how can she walk away from the father of her unborn child a baby destined to ally their two desert kingdoms forev Truly amazing the range of emotions in this book the depth of each and the twists that keep coming until it leaves you stunned by how much you are emotionally involved and totally satisfied by a passionate story masterfully told Rashid is an incredibly tortured and totally yummy alpha hero He starts frozen dark and so remote it's like he's left the human race far behind Then he's exposed to Laylah and her total acceptance and absolute love for him melts him slowly until his dependence on her for his very breath takes the readers' breath away Then comes the revelations and twists to keep this breath bated and your guts twisting with emotion until the wondefully satsifying end Five stars and for this masterpiece I only so wish there books in this magnificent trilogy but regretfully this story ends the DESERT KNIGHTS trilogyOh well At least there is re reading those incredible and delightful love stories over and over Which I will surely do