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The Sun Also RisesThe uintessential novel of the Lost Generation The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post World War I generation the Oh to have been Ernest Hemingway Except for the whole shotgun thing He was a man back when that meant something Whatever that means He had it all a haunted past; functional alcoholism; a way with words; a way with women; and one hell of a beard I mean this was the guy who could measure F Scott Fitzgerald's penis without anyone batting an eye He was just that cool I love Hemingway You might have guessed that but let's make it clear off the bat For Whom the Bell Tolls is in my top five all time fave books there's nothing better than a literary novel about blowing up a bridge The Old Man and the Sea is a fever dream A Farewell Arms is one of the most exuisitively depressing things I've ever read Despite my high expectations The Sun Also Rises does not rise get it to the level of those books Or maybe I'm an idiot It's possible This book is supposedly one of his masterpieces if not his magnum opus I thought it was gulp kinda boring Generally I attempt to avoid using the word boring in a review It's a broad vague and diluted descriptor; a subjective one off that doesn't tell you anything Its use is better suited for a bitter 10th grader's five paragraph theme turned in on the last day of school after that tenth grader skimmed twenty pages read the Cliffs Notes version and stayed up all night typing with two fingers I try to hold my Goodreads reviews to a slightly higher standard the standard of an 11th grader who is taking summer school classes to get a jump on senior year Really though that was my impression boring Of course I didn't read this while lapping sangria in Madrid which I've heard will heighten this novel's overall effect The Sun Also Rises tells the story of Jake Barnes an ex patriate living in Paris He was wounded in World War I and is now impotent He is in love with Ashley who is a What did they call sluts in the early 20th Century Because that's sort of what she is though she has a tender place in her heart for Jake to whom she keeps returning Jake is a journalist apparently haunted by the war and he spends his time drinking in Paris There's also a guy named Robert Cohn a former boxer who's also in love with Ashley Bill and Mike also hang around; Mike was originally in a relationship with Ashley before he lost her to Cohn who in turn loses her to a Spanish bullfighter The plot as it is involves a bunch of drinking in Paris Jake drinks a lot stumbles home then drinks some before falling asleep The drinking and stumbling home reminds me of my own life which is worth at least one star Jake eventually takes the train to Spain to do some fishing Hemingway describes the scene in excruciating detail and you really get a feel for the placeThen the road came over the crest flattened out and went into a forest It was a forest of cork oaks and the sun came through the trees in patches and there were cattle grazing back in the trees We went through the forest and the road came out and turned along a rise of land and out ahead of us was a rolling green plain with dark mountains beyond it These were not like the brown heat baked mountains we had left behind These were wooded and there were clouds coming down from them The green plain stretched off It was cut by fences and the white of the road showed through the trunks of a double line of trees that crossed the plain towards the northThe book goes on in this manner for some time It's as though Hemingway has turned into an elouent Garmin device Step by step The walk to the creek The heat of the sun The taste of the wine It is all very vivid and beautifully written but really it didn't go anywhere It seemed like filler Something to break up the constant drinking while the drinking breaks up the Spanish travelogue The lack of a plot normally wouldn't bother me much but the book as a whole just wasn't working for me I didn't care for the characters who are mostly drunken indolent well off whiners Also I was intensely jealous of the characters who are mostly drunken indolent well off whiners In other words aspirational figures Really though I just wanted out of this book Hemingway's other works have burrowed deep into my consciousness so that I find myself referring back to them time and again The Sun Also Rises did not achieve this feat Eventually Jake's merry band of drunkards go to Pamplona to watch the bullfights There is drinking Fighting Drinking Bullfighting Drinking Drinking Passing out Drinking I actually got a contact drunk from reading this book I imagine that sex also occurred somewhere in the midst of the drinking and the bulls and the overflowing testosterone but Hemingway is discrete There are some good things here As I mentioned earlier Hemingway is a master of description His prose is deceptively simple; his declarations actually do a great deal to put you there into the scene with immediacy The book also features one of Hemingway's most famous uotes Nobody lives life all the way up except bullfighters For some reason that line has taken on a kind of profundity though I have to admit I almost missed it in context The best part of the book is the last lines uttered by Jake Barnes Isn't it pretty to think so I'll leave it to you to determine its meaning As for me I am anxiously awaiting the moment when after a night of hard drinking I can use this line on someone who has just uttered an inane commentAlas I'm still waiting for that moment And that gives me all the excuse I need to keep sidling up to the bar ordering a whiskey straight with a whiskey back and chatting up the people around me in the hopes that one of the drunks I meet will also be a Hemingway fan

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Novel introduces two of Hemingway's most unforgettable characters Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley The story follows the flamboyant Brett and the hapless Jake as they journey from the wild nightlife of 1920s Paris to the brutal bullfighting rings of Spain If I were Hemingway's English teacher or anyone's any kind of teacher I'd say This reads like a screenplay than a novel Where are your descriptions where is the emotionAnd he would say something like The lack of complex descriptions helps focus on the complexities and emptiness of the characters' lives and the emotion is there it's only just beneath the surface struggling to be freeAnd I'd say OK I'll move ya from a C to CBasically The Sun Also Rises shows that Hemingway liked bullfights a lot than most of the people reading his books and that he was vain but also hated himself While the characters are wittily funny from time to time the whole thing doesn't hold a candle to I don't know Seinfeld Without being told Ah yes this is about the true character of America you'd think it was just a drab romance novel with subtleties than mostSpeaking of how was this about America It was about America's elite Most Americans in 1926 weren't hanging out in France and Spain moaning about their lives They were hanging out in America trying to make it You know without dying Pretentious with poor descriptions and transparent characters I can give a character a subtle injury too and have it pain him does that make me amazing The Sun Also Rises is one of the most overrated books I've ever read I'd rather read a 1926 newspaper

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kindle » The Sun Also Rises Paperback read ¿ ernest hemingway Ë The uintessential novel of the Lost Generation The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post World War I With a motley group of expatriates It is an age of moral bankruptcy spiritual dissolution unrealized love and vanishing illusions First published in 1926 The Sun Also Rises helped to establish Hemingway as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth centu I've read this book every year since 1991 and it is never the same book Like so many things in this world The Sun Also Rises improves with age and attentionSome readings I find myself in love with Lady Brett Ashley Then I am firmly in Jake Barnes' camp feeling his pain and wondering how he stays sane with all that happens around him Another time I can't help but feel that Robert Cohn is getting a shitty deal and find his behavior not only understandable but restrained Or I am with Mike and Bill and Romero on the periphery where the hurricane made by Brett and Jake and Robert destroys spirits or fun or nothing which is decidedly somethingAnd then I am against them all as though they were my sworn enemies or my family No matter what I feel while reading The Sun Also Rises it is Hemingway's richest novel for me I feel it was written for me And sometimes feel it was written by me I surely wish it wasHemingway's language his characterizations his love for all the people he writes about no matter how unsavory they may be his love of women and men his empathy with the pain people feel in life and love his touch with locale his integration of sport as metaphor and setting his getting everything just right with nothing out of place and nothing superfluous all of this makes The Sun Also Rises his most important novelIt is the Hemingway short story writ large It is the book he should be remembered for but isn't I often wonder why that is and the conclusion I come to is this The Sun Also Rises is too real too true too painful for the average reader to stomach And many who can are predisposed to hate HemingwayA terrible shame that so many miss something so achingly beautiful