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ePub ã mobi The Toll Gate · Free ✓ His exploits were legendaryCaptain John Staple back from the battlefront is already bored with his uiet civilian life in the country When he stumbles upon a mystery involving a disappearing toll gate keeper nothing could keep the adventure loving captain from investigatingBut winning her will be hiHis exploits were legendaryCaptain John Staple back from the battlefront is already bored with his uiet civilian life in the country When he stumbles upon a mystery involving a disappearing toll gate keeper nothing could keep the adventure lov Georgette Heyer wrote several mysteries both historical and contemporary as well as her widely known and beloved Georgian and Regency romances I don't think I'll ever love any of her mysteries the way I do some of her romantic comedies but this was still an enjoyable readCaptain John Jack Staples has returned from the Napoleonic Wars and is trying to readjust to civilian life which is boring him to tears He takes off on horseback to visit an old friend out in the country but manages to get lost in the stormy night and ends up at a toll gate I had no idea they had those back then manned by a frightened boy who's trying to cover for his missing father Jack lost and tired convinces the boy to let him stay the night and promises to try to help him with his troubles in the morning But morning brings complications including a tale of lost treasure as well as an attractive young woman and Jack decides this is the adventure he's been waiting for Besides the boy's father is still missing and someone has to man the toll gateFor a detailed plot summary I'll refer you to npoohbear's excellent review I liked the hero Jack Staples a handsome giant of a man with curly blond hair BTW it still irks me that the cover of my paperback has a dark haired guy He's brave kindhearted and a little stubborn He doesn't think he'll ever get married and tells his motherBut the thing is I've got no fancy for one of these dashed suitable marriages where you don't really care a fig for the girl or she for you I don't mean to offer marriage to any girl who doesn't give me a leveller So I daresay I shall remain a bachelor for they don't—any of 'em And if one did he added thoughtfully it's Lombard Street to a China orange that you wouldn't take to herSo it's pretty amusing when while he's temporarily replacing the keeper of the toll gate a tall somewhat shabby but genteel girl with chestnut hair and humorous gray eyes rides up He stood as though stunned for he had received his leveller at lastThe romance has a lot less ups and downs and twists and turns than the usual Heyer romance I think focusing on the mystery freed Georgette Heyer to give us a nice sweet straightforward romance Jack and Nell kiss before the 50% mark And they never have a misunderstanding or major fight It was kind of refreshing actually But the mystery rather than the romance is the focus of our tale here so don't go in expecting this to be like a typical GH romance The romance is definitely a subplotBetween that and the fact that the entire story is told from Jack's point of view you don't get to know the heroine as well as you typically would Nell is intelligent capable and loyal to a fault but she's much less of a personality than Jack and the colorful secondary characters who fill the pages of this bookFor much of the story Jack is pretending to be a person from a much lower social class Maybe as a result this book is chock full of dialect and Regency era cant I'm pretty familiar with the expressions used in Regency books but this book left most others in the dust when it comes to odd expressions that are hard for modern readers to understand A couple of ding boys that's certain I never got a chance to tout their muns Prigged his tattler too but I sold that I'm a great one for a pinch o' merry go up I daresay I'd get a double finnup for it too but when it comes to tipping over the dibs there ain't a lock as isn't a hog grubberFrankly it got irritating after a whileThe mystery in this book reminds me a little of Treasure Island It was kind of exciting as the book revealed the reason for all of the odd appearances and disappearances in this part of the country and you had to cheer for Jack's determination to solve the mystery without hurting the people he cares about3 12 stars but it left me in a good mood so I'm rounding up

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Charge look like a particularly tame hand of loo Between hiding his true identity from Nell and the arrival in the neighborhood of some distinctly shady characters Captain Staple finds himself embarked on the adventure and romance of a lifetim The romance was established very early in the story and then the mystery took over Also the audio wasn’t great on this one

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The Toll GateIng captain from investigatingBut winning her will be his greatest yetThe plot thickens when John encounters the enigmatic Lady Nell Stornaway and soon learns that rescuing her from her unsavory relatives makes even the most ferocious cavalry Unable to endure his stuffy cousin's engagement party than one night and tired of his mother and sister's matchmaking schemes Captain John Staple sets out for his friend's hunting box Much to his dismay he gets a late start his horse loses a shoe on the moors and he takes a wrong turn and ends up in the middle of nowhere Derbyshire in a rain storm Finding a toll gate John demands entry to the pike hoping to spend the night in the nearest town The gate is opened by a ten year old boy wet cold and afraid Ben's father the toll keeper has disappeared and Ben doesn't know where he is or when he will return John wet and tired and also intensely curious decides to spend the night until Mr Brean returns Mr Brean has not returned by morning and John always up for an adventure takes on the role of toll keeper One of his first customers is Miss Nell Stornaway the Suire's granddaughter Suddenly John's reasons for staying increase Miss Nell is not a young miss nor is she missish She's taken over the management of the estate from her ill grandfather and cares for the old man as he lays dying Now her cousin and grandfather's heir Henry and his sleazy friend Nat Coate are staying at the Manor and Nell is sure they're up to no good John wonders if Henry Stornaway's arrival has anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of the toll keeper and if so what is the connection With the help of a highwayman with a heart of gold John sets out to solve the mystery and protect Miss Nell with all his heart and body This is an unconventional novel for Heyer The hero doesn't even appear until the second page and he doesn't speak until page 6 There are kisses in the middle of the book and romance than most of her other novels I'm not complaining though I enjoy a good sweet romance The plot reads like a copycat for the first half but the last half sparkles with her usual wit and intelligence Only Heyer could create such uirky characters and infuse humor into a mystery plot John is a great hero he's an alpha hero but he's not arrogant or angry and never loses his temper Nell is one of my favorite heroines She's strong intelligent and capable of taking care of herself The romance is a bit unbelievable given the time frame it happens in but I like the couple together and think they'll suit very well Nell has just the right temperament to deal with John I adored the secondary romance which made me giggle a lot The mystery is impossible to solve and kept me turning the page far too late into the night I can't believe I hadn't read this one before because now it's one of my favoritesSecond read January 2019I enjoyed this one a whole lot the second time around The first half is a little slow but I couldn't put the book down from Chapter 10 onwards The mystery picks up and there's a whole lot of action some romance and Heyer's usual trademark uirky characters I uestion some of the violence at the end I would have left it ambiguous as to what actually happened First time readers may have a tough time with the cant but download the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue if you can't figure out the meaning from the context There are some fabulous new words to insult people in this novel This book would make a fabulous PBS Masterpiece Mystery miniseries