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FREE READ ð The Last Silk Dress Á High spirited beautiful Susan Chilmark fourteen vows to do something meaningful to support the Confederacy during the Civil War Despite the wishes of her mother Susan and her best friend Connie collect silk dresses from all the ladies of Richmond to make a balloon that will be used to spy on the YankeesBut the issueThe ladies of Richmond to make a balloon that will be used to spy on the YankeesBut the issues behind the war aren't as obvious as Susan thinks When she meets her dashing scandalous older brother and discovers why he was ban. I was hooked on her writing They are researched history books with the character experiencing the events


High spirited beautiful Susan Chilmark fourteen vows to do something meaningful to support the Confederacy during the Civil War Despite the wishes of her mother Susan and her best friend Connie collect silk dresses from all. That really suckedI'm sorry but it did I know lots of people love this book but I just hated it Reading it was pure torture The only reason I got past the first chapter was because it was reuired reading for school eg my mom made me finish it because it came highly recommended; WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THIS TO ME Just because other homeschool moms recommend a book doesn't make it good or even bearable and it as painful as pushing a train uphillSo the whole time I was just like I think I can I think I can I think I can Spoiler alert I can't Okay I did but it wasn't easy Or profitable Or a good way to spend my timeSeriously though I just don't think it was for me It was first person but a really annoying first person And I don't particularly like first person to begin with unless the narrator is really interesting For instance I liked Katniss Everdeen's voice just because I'd never read a style like that before and I liked Jane Eyre because OHMYGOSH IT'S JANE EYRE HOW COULD YOU NOTBut most first person is a chore for me WHY AM I STUCK IN THIS PERSON'S HEAD And if the person just happens to be an immature little girl 14 at the start probably 16 ish at the end though I honestly wasn't paying close attention at that point it's sooo annoyingShe is just so stupid She talks back to her mother and brother even though she knows it's going to get her in trouble She gets in all sorts of scrapes not funny scrapes; uncomfortable stupid scrapes because she's being rebellious and dumb Even almost gets her brother hung for having to LITERALLY MURDERED SOMEONE to protect her at one point She acts three years old throughout the entirety of the novel I never see her grow up or become a better person though the book claims she does Yes her beliefs change a little but not that much Not enough for me to care And even so I don't really see how that whole arc worked Did she just start not really believing one thing and then end up sorta kinda believing another but not really I'm frankly not sureBesides just being annoying and screechy or maybe that's just the way I interpreted it but I don't know she just wasn't the kind of person I care about I don't like people who just sit there and take it when someone mistreats them but Susan has no understanding of her mother at all Her mother is clearly troubled which is a nice way of saying ABSOLUTELY CRAZY She doesn't care She has no sympathy for her mother's fragile mental state And yes her mother is a witch But that doesn't excuse her give her an excuse for being rebellious and disrespectful and almost cruelThen there's Lucien I frankly don't know what to make of him but I don't want to He's against slavery but at the same time he doesn't really seem to have morals He owns a gambling house and though he claims it's not the same as a brothel um And then he has a mistress who he seems to have no intention of marrying Between that and his crazy temper and his stuck up self righteousness I didn't think of him as a likable character at all He always seemed angry and he didn't have any sympathy for Susan at allAnd yet she still worships him from the very start I suppose just because he hates her mentally unstable mother just like Susan so they have something in common HoorahThen there's Susan's father Weak weak weak I know he has a reason for giving in to his wife about EVERYTHING even though like I said she's crazy but that doesn't really excuse it Having a reason for doing something wrong doesn't make it any less wrong Also that whole plot twist just another excuse for hating the characters You can read about it in the content section; it's in spoiler tags because it is a spoiler though if I were you I wouldn't read the book so um doesn't matterNone of the other characters were notable or at least I didn't care about them one bit Never really rooted for anyone in this book Didn't care what became of themAs far as the plot goes it was all right Not amazing I mean it wasn't terrible at least A little slow in my opinion It seemed that a lot of the book was Susan thinking about her life and how terrible it is how sorry she was for herself yada yada ughThe setting was interesting I enjoyed that Civil War is one of my favorite eras particularly in the South That's why I gave it two starsOverall I just didn't like it I'm a huge fan of historical fiction so it's not like it wasn't my genre I just disliked all the charactersAs far as contentThere is a spattering of cussing throughout the book mostly dmn with the occasional hll Lucien owns a gambling house and has a mistress Susan asks Lucien to get silk dresses from prostitutes essentially for her balloon I'm not even going to talk about this a man attacks and seems about to undress Susan at one point prevented by Lucien of course and there's a plot twist view spoilerwhere Susan finds out that her father had a child by their slave and then raised the child as a servant who Lucien fell in love with and then realized it was his half sister and ran off while she went North; he stays in contact with her; talk about a sick relationship AND when Susan's mother found out that Susan's father had committed adultery and father a child she apparently slept with a random Yankee to get back at him thereby conceiving Susan I hate this family so much hide spoiler

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The Last Silk DressIshed from the family Susan unlocks a Pandora's box of secrets that forces her to rethink and challenge the very system she was born into Does she have the courage to do what is right even though it may hurt the ones she lov. This was actually super good Yes she cried a lot but she wasn't a baby We are hormonal teenagers it is entirely natural Yes she did some stupid stuff but she was young and she doesn't know a lot about people and the world which is hard when your world is contstantly changing The use of nigra was interesting It wasn't offensive like the n word is but it seemed entirely natural in the situation I'd never heard that and it was interesting I liked her character developemnt she seemed very human all the way through The characters were very well developed