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Free download ´ The Sword of Kaigen Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ A mother struggling to repress her violent pastA son struggling to grasp his violent futureA father blind to the danger that threatens them allWhen the winds of war reach their peninsula will the Matsuda family haD to defend may stand on a foundation of liesMisaki told herself that she left the passions of her youth behind when she married into the Matsuda house Determined to be a good housewife and mother she hid away her sword along with everything from her days as a fighter in a faraway country But with her growing son asking uestions about the outside world the threat of an impending invasion looming across the sea and her frigid husband grating on her nerves Misaki finds the fighter in her clawing its way back to the surfac. Simply phenomenal A true masterpiece The Sword of Kaigen is a stunning achievement of empathetic and masterful storytellingEvery once in a while a book comes along that sinks its hooks and claws into your very soul It transcends beyond what a 5 star book usually means to me It is a book that I will plead beg and maybe even force everyone to read so that they can experience the same awe and emotions as I did  Thus far I have not gone down the road of awarding 6 stars to some of my favourites but there are several that I could easily place in that category Namely The Stormlight Archive a few titles from Malazan Book of the Fallen and Heir of Novron the final omnibus of The Riyria Revelations Now this extraordinary stand alone fantasy novel which is a rarity in itself has earned itself a well deserved spot among these masterpiecesThe Sword of Kaigen is the most well balanced stand alone fantasy book that I've had the pleasure of reading From its convincing worldbuilding and awe inspiring elemental magic system to the spectacular action scenes and intensely emotional moments and most of all its stellar character development Throughout the entire novel there was not one moment which did not matter and a palpable tension permeated every turn of the pageThe world was heavily inspired by our Far Eastern cultures and its people The Kaigenese are reminiscent of the Japanese and the Ranganese the Chinese  A lot of new and unfamiliar terms such as those used to describe time length clothes social classes and honorifics did result in a rather steep learning curve at the beginning Fortunately there is a detailed glossary available with the book and after reading several chapters context helped to enhance the understanding of these strange words I do not know much Japanese but I have an inkling that a lot of these words are derived in some form or another from this language A lot of care and attention to detail evidently went into creating a world that was entirely new and yet felt familiar and believableI will not elaborate on the plot as the book's synopsis did a great job of revealing just enough without any spoilers Misaki is the only daughter of a well standing and powerful family who had to turn her back from her exciting life of adventure and the man she loved when she married the second son of the Matsudas one of the formidable old warrior houses whose bloodline wields the legendary Whispering Blade Such a union of powerful families through arranged marriages was a tradition observed to maintain the lineage of the bloodline Wives are expected to bear as many sons as possible for their husbands or are deemed a failure The treatment of women as portrayed in The Sword of Kaigen was a brutal reality in our Far Eastern patriarchal societies While advancement and progress have decreased the extent of such gender discrimination it still exists in the traditional and prominent families who treasure the continuation of their lineage above all elseIt was entirely by chance that I ended up finishing this book on International Women's Day This book which honoured the strength and courage of women and their capacity for sacrificing all for the ones they love could not have come at a better time I have either too many words or not enough to describe the characterisation of Misaki As an Asian woman the distinctive cultural sensibilities in Kaigen and Misaki's inner turmoil as she teetered between resistance and submission resonated like a windchime The empathy and strength of her character made for one of the most enthralling and relatable portrayals of a woman that I've come across Undoubtedly Misaki is now one of my favourite female characters of all time if not the favourite She had taken every hardship like a stroke of a hammer turning it into strength No character regardless of how well written can stand on his or her own What made The Sword of Kaigen spectacular was that the author gave even the supporting characters eually masterful strokes This enhanced my level of emotional investment which made the story so intense and grippingI had high expectations when my co reviewer mentioned that the action and magic battle seuences were Sanderson worthy  I was far from being disappointed and was gifted with two exceptionally memorable scenes Barely halfway into the book the power of the gods made manifest in humans clashed in a devastating battle of wind and ice Sometimes action scenes in fantasy can be written with either just a bit too much of a technical or abstract uality that I find it hard to picture the actual fighting In The Sword of Kaigen this was astoundingly well written and with such clarity and simplicity that I could see and feel everything that happened I could feel the force of the wind crushing the air out from my chest and the sharpness of ice piercing the armour of my soul The unrelenting power of destruction rained upon the civilians defenseless in its wake The vivid imagery of the forces of nature wielded by men and women of superlative skills battling for supremacy The vicious desperation of a lone mother protecting her family  As the madness of war abated I could see the hauntingly blank faces of survivors grappling with loss and grief The poignancy in the evocative contrast of snow and blood amid the peaceful yet ghastly aftermath of violence and death; dark red essence of life against the purity of whiteThen came one of the most breathtaking scenes that I have ever read From each of the little or not so little moments that have transpired and from each flicker or flare of emotions culminated an intense scene of such ferocity and strength of will that it belied how small it was on an absolute scale The sheer intimacy of this fight fueled by anguish and anger suffered in silence for years overwhelmed me in an emotional hurricane of ice and snow My already crumbling armour shattered into a million piecesWhat followed after that was a beautifully written and lovingly crafted closure to Misaki's story I appreciated that the author took the time to draw out the ending in what I felt to be a fitting send off for these characters in whom I've grown so invested I cannot imagine saying goodbye so uickly after that emotionally powerful scene I needed to see better times ahead for these people who after so many years of harbouring pain and loneliness have finally found hope Sword of Kaigen was for me a love story or to be exact a story about love It was about the love of a mother for her children the love between a man and a woman the love between siblings family and friends and the love for one's home and its people It was about being a bigger person than you thought possible to protect what you love no matter the costs And to let go when you had to no matter how hard In Misaki it was ultimately about a woman's capacity to love and forgive and in doing so achieving wholeness Maybe this was the 'how' Robin had been looking for the simple magic by which she held herself together Love for what she had and what was gone Love no matter the pain I can't praise this book and its author ML Wang enough I also can't believe that I've not even heard of her before This exceptional book only proved that the fantasy genre has once again been blessed with the emergence of a brilliant young talentDo I need to elaborate any further on how amazing The Sword of Kaigen is Run don't walk to get this book and read it Now You can thank me later You can order this book from US | UK | Book Depository Free shipping worldwide You can also find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions

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The fighters of the Kusanagi Peninsula have held the Empire’s enemies at bay earning their frozen spit of land the name ‘The Sword of Kaigen’Born into Kusanagi’s legendary Matsuda family fourteen year old Mamoru has always known his purpose to master his family’s fighting techniues and defend his homeland But when an outsider arrives and pulls back the curtain on Kaigen’s alleged age of peace Mamoru realizes that he might not have much time to become the fighter he was bred to be Worse the empire he was bre. “We are the Sword of Kaigen If we’ve let it rust then we deserve to die on it along with our enemies” It is 327 AM and I finished reading the book There are 73 people among my friends who want to read it too If you are one of them do this today If you are not—do it anywayI don’t think enjoyment is an apt word to describe my experience with The Sword of Kaigen It took me a while to compose this review because even now I do not know how to put together a coherent sentence that could portray the sheer magnificence of this book especially that I most definitely do not possess an ounce of Ms Wang’s stupendous writing talent This book appeared out of nowhere grabbed me by the throat and then shattered me only to rebuild me in a new shape I cannot remember last time that a book shook me out of my complacency and annihilated the ironic subconscious voice that offers snark comments whenever I read to leave me both awed and grateful The Broken Earth maybe But I’m not sureThe main idea is persuasive yet deceptively simple and relies on a universe where humans have supernatural powers relying on natural elements air water or earth Some humans that is roughly those inhabiting lands modelled after what we call South East Asia in our world with the derivatives of Japan Kaigen and China Ranga being at the focal point we the Westerners are weak and backward peoples worth only some pity in the best case with no magic or civilisation to our name More specifically the story unfolds in a remote and obscure corner of Kaigen seemingly backward village neglected and forgotten keeping to the traditional ways and values of a warrior culture that are no longer respected or remembered elsewhere in Kaigen Indeed the Empire seems to be bent on denigrating the way of life they represent while the enemy is closer than anyone thinks But the overall settings and the high politics serve only as a backdrop for harrowing individual stories with the members on one particular family a father a mother and a son at the fulcrum of the tale The Matsudas don’t cut corners and they are the epitome of their culture And what a difficult culture it is A culture of austerity of perfection of denial Of silences measured in years and weighted in ice mountains You can already see that this persuasive yet deceptively simple design I mentioned is rendered into a masterpiece thanks to the sublime and complex characterisation of each of the protagonists Misaki’s unflinching ferocity Mamoru’s heart breaking stubbornness Takeru’s pertinacious skill are a mixture of virtues that are flaws and blessings at the same time I hated Takeru but was forced to respect him for his principles and deadly skills My heart cried for Misaki but I had to grudgingly acknowledge the darkness inside her I loved Mamoru knowing that my love is doomed from the onset They were all both alien and relatable at the same time and always always surprising until the very end of the story As they breathed and bled on the pages I breathed and bled as I readWhile the relatively modest scope of this harrowing tale might sound discouraging do not be deceived as The Sword of Kaigen is a novel of rare density and potency The pacing is relentless in spite of retrospective flashes The chapters are short but well crafted and with a superbly balanced description to reflection to action ratio Regarding the latter I simply must note that since Ms Wang is a martial art practitioner herself she means business when she writes fighting seuences These are simply phenomenal take my word for it I normally tend to skim through battle scenes because I don’t find them that interesting since they habitually serve the authors as mere tools for plot advancement In The Sword of Kaigen these scenes are a form of art And the best thing about The Sword of Kaigen is that to achieve all of the above the Author does not need a ten instalment long series sprawling over thousands of pages and millions of words No it takes her one modest novel Which of course meant that immediately upon finishing I longed for ten books like this to exist in readiness to be devoured by me before you check there are notAs a final word of caution please be prepared for the fact that especially at the beginning of the book you might have the impression that English is peppered with numerous words you will probably not know or understand unless you are a manga pro In my case this somewhat lessened my reading experience There is a glossary at the end of the book but a I hate when these things are at the end instead of the beginning so I can at least familiarise myself with the terms b a book is written in such a way that the reader essentially needs to check every second word I’m all OK for introducing specific terms and names like in Inda for instance but it must be done intuitively or gradually to give the reader a chance to internalise the meanings Having said this by chapter 7 I was comfortable with the narrative but I can see some readers being dissuaded and frustratedWhat else to say I kept reading until small hours of the night and then I couldn’t sleep for a reminder of it This book is everything you need to read this year It deserves words of the highest praise and as wide a readership as possible Please make it happen PS The end of the world is coming I loved the same book that Petrik did he agreesPS 2 Thank you for reading In case you do not know me my average GR rating is 34 and I really do hoard and guard my 5 starers with alertness than a paranoic dragoness could wish for I do not hand those away like candies When I reluctantly do so it counts it matters and it is supposed to mean something

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The Sword of KaigenA mother struggling to repress her violent pastA son struggling to grasp his violent futureA father blind to the danger that threatens them allWhen the winds of war reach their peninsula will the Matsuda family have the strength to defend their empire Or will they tear each other apart before the true enemies even reach their shoresHigh on a mountainside at the edge of the Kaigenese Empire live the most powerful warriors in the world superhumans capable of raising the sea and wielding blades of ice For hundreds of years. ✧ find this review others on my blog ✧The Kusanagi Peninsula bred warriors and not just any warriors but the fiercest that ever were Years of defending the Kaigenese Empire against its foreign enemies earned the province the nickname “the Sword of Kaigen” and enshrined it as deeply as any truth whispered to the gods before an altar Fourteen year old Matsuda Mamoru wants to claim his legacy as the son of the most eminent warrior family in the Kusanagi Peninsula but it is too hot to the touch Mamoru’s friendship with Kwang Chul hee a new transfer student at the elite Kumono Academy had forced him to confront uncomfortable truths about the government and the insidious lies they circulate to justify bleeding great gouts of Kaigenese men in never ending wars so those in power could pull the world’s riches to themselves like well dressed spiders in the center of a golden web The uestions are something of a snake eating its own tail and Mamoru could not dig himself out so he turns to his mother Misaki for answers But Misaki—who had once been a warrior herself walking side by side with death but who gave it all up to seek some mute purgatory where she could live as the wife to the distant and hard hearted Matsuda Takeru—could only offer him halting truthsMisaki had left the past behind like a photograph abandoned on asphalt under an unforgiving sun but when an attack sends her family careening alone into the fearful darkness it is as if someone had removed a fuse in her mind Misaki will protect her family and she will not count the cost She had thought she was water that could adjust to fill any container be as strong in the shape of a mother as a warrior but in the end maybe Koli had been right about her She was a knife a sharp edge that killed or cut anything it touched It is always a pleasure to find a book you could give yourself up to that you could curl up inside and let the rest of the world flow around you The kind that leaves you marooned like a sleepwalker awakened mid dream wondering what exactly you’d been doingThe Sword of Kaigen is uite a massive book The sheer volume of backstory provided here amounts to literary whiplash the world of potent gods undaunted warriors and horrific monsters is brimming with detail and full of different approaches to gender sexuality faith and language In a lesser author's hands this could easily become potboiler but Wang plots with the meticulous deliberation of a piano tuner She keeps the dialogue slashing the prose detailed yet concise and the action so enthralling my own heart often flied out ahead of me There’s also a persistent sensation of dread throughout a sickening suspicion of where the story might be headed that I didn't dare speak out loud lest that would make it trueAs a result The Sword of Kaigen speeds by at a uick clip and for the space of a few hundred pages everything else in my mind took a step back to clear space for this book I found my eyes reluctant to look anywhere else and I kept going going going as if someone were about to snatch it from my hands I read as plot twist after plot twist went off like a shotgun blast in the uiet of my room and I thought the words should make some kind of sense A text I sent to a friend read please tell me this did not just happenThe Sword of Kaigen brims and bubbles with suspense and nonstop cleverly choreographed action seuences that will have readers on the edge of their seats But some of its most memorable moments occur in stillness and the reader would come to think of these moments small and ordinary though they may have seemed as a harbinger of what was to come The novel is after all a source of scalpel sharp insight and unexpected power and Wang is able to strike at so much of what ails not only her fictional world but also most areas all over the world today The true monsters of The Sword of Kaigen are eerily familiar propaganda disparity militarism and the ways countries can both liberate and dehumanize What sort of a man closed his eyes to the world and called it clarity It’s the novel’s greatest triumph however that its characters seem to carve out their own patterns organically without being prodded into place by the shape of the story Wang never takes the easy way out—she mercilessly tightens the noose on her characters from the very first page offers them a few outs only to deny them right as they leap to accept and pummels them until they think they have nothing left to give This drives the plot to stunning moments that had me laughing from somewhere deep inside and crying too—my tears raging practically leaping from my eyes in full fat drops like rainCrafting a multi voiced novel can trip up even the most seasoned of authors but Wang succeeds on that front in spades Her characters radiate an extraordinary vitality and their points of view are raw and sharp by turns Wang is exceptionally good at flipping the reader’s perceptions and offering unexpected moments of clarity As the plot tightens these people tell us who they really are Too often it is as if we have always seen them from one angle and now that they have turned rotated we are confronted with another facet The fact that the author had me feverishly rooting for characters I spent most of the novel hating with a Casanovian passion is uite the remarkable achievementMisaki in particular is an exuisitely refreshing protagonist Through a series of flashbacks we witness how her personality had flipped from a sharp hot tempered teenager to an older detached mute facsimile of herself The insolence is gone that old aggressive glint Misaki had curled into her good wife place like a bird bred in a cage too dull to fly even when the door stands open But over the course of the novel she becomes something else entirely a column of red energy the inside of a coal furnace Misaki grows tired of listening to her husband tired of the weight of his will crushing her smaller and smaller tired of minding her place She was a woman—not just a body not just skin and softness not a toy or a tamable creatureBut it’s Misaki's relationship to her sons that snagged at me the most Misaki had four children and for years she had not seen any of them clearly When she looked she saw only the mirror of her own faults and she had stood and watched them recede from her shrinking to the end of a tunnel The exploration of motherhood is so acute so candid that we feel the sting of it as as surely as one feels the sting of shards when an hourglass tips off a shelf and smashes How had a soulless block of ice like Takeru and a selfish thing like her Misaki muses at one point created something so bright All in all The Sword of Kaigen is an adventure and a half and I do not doubt that every single fantasy reader will hungrily devour this novel☆ ko fi ★ blog ☆ twitter ★ tumblr ☆