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READ Ó To Save His Child Ñ Caine O'Roarke regretted vanishing into thin air and leaving Lexie Hollister asleep in his bed – but he had no choice The mercenary had been called in for an urgent mission in the middle of the night He'd miss Lexie but the former Seal told himself that he and Lexie would both get over it They'd been completely wrong for each oE's the only nurse in a small village And she has a child His child Will Caine be able to save the woman he hasn't been able to forget Will Lexie be able to forgive him for disappearing And will they be able to survive the jungle and figure out how to create a family. EhhokayCaine O'Roarke and party girl Lexie Hollister have a month long tryst that ends abruptly when Caine is called away on business leaves in the night and with no word to Lexie Lexie obviously scorned and hurt flees to the little village of Santa Ysabel in San Rafael Once in Santa Ysabel Lexie discovers she is pregnant and get this to repay the kindness of the villagers she puts her nursing degree to use by vaccinating the locals and providing limited medical careMeanwhile eleven months later Caine returns from an assignment and is asked by Lexie's father to go to San Rafel and bring his wayward daughter back to Washington Because of how things ended between them Caine is a bit reluctant to go retrieve Lexie but puts it behind him and decides to go get herUnbeknownst to Lexie she and her daughter Ana are in harm's way in San Rafael as it seems the political situation in San Rafael is dangerously unstable and the brutal El Cuchillo the knife wants all Americans out of the country except for Lexie he wants to keep her in the country at all costs To say Caine is stunned that Lexie is a nurse a far cry from her wild ways in Washington but that he is the father of the kid aka AnaCaine's plan is to smuggle Lexie and Ana out of Santa Ysabel to the city of Lis via the jungle yes the jungle with a BABY Desperate times call for desperate measuresAn uninteresting couple of days in the jungle with a lot of breastfeeding snakes heat jungle and human and murmurings of El Cuchillo but no actual sighting or interaction boring Inevitably Caine Lexie and Ana escape the jungle and San Rafael to arrive unharmed back in Washington only to realize they love each other and can be a familyShockingly back in Washington El Cuchillo's men catch up to the trio and for about two minutes there is a flash of action when Tim takes one for the teamI had hoped this free read would be an action adventure however it is devoid of action and the romance is so so Proceed with caution


Caine O'Roarke regretted vanishing into thin air and leaving Lexie Hollister asleep in his bed – but he had no choice The mercenary had been called in for an urgent mission in the middle of the night He'd miss Lexie but the former Seal told himself that he and Lexi. Rating 35Caine is shocked when he is told by his boss to go and get his daughter from San Rafael since the country seems to be in unrest Caine dated Lexie for a month but he didn't like her life of partying and doing nothing and then he was called away on assignment and captured so his plan of talking to her never materialized but when he makes his way to her he finds a very different Lexie one who tells him she trained to be a nurse five years ago and loves where she is and helping out people and also finds out to his shock she gave birth to his daughter Ana who is two months oldLexie is shocked to see Caine she is over him and he represents her old life where she was under her father's thumb and did nothing worth while She also feels she never knew him since he never opened up and is just like her father controlling and she does not want to go back to her old life but when she finds out that they are in danger all three of them make a trek through the forest for safetyTheir journey is filled with danger exhaustion and the fact that Lexie is a nursing mother but through all of that Lexie showed great strength once she came to terms with the fact that she had to leave the place she had finally found peaceShe is also hurt by the fact that Caine doesn't seem to want to acknowledge their daughter and tries to keep distance by referring to her as kidWe of course know that he has his own reasons related to his father and ex wife but the revelations come slowly in the book Both of these see a side to each other they never saw in civilization since they are now operating on instincts of survivalThe chemistry between them cannot be denied but it is the opening up of each others inner thoughts and feelings that take time and Caine is the uintessential strong silent hero who appears unruffledI enjoyed the book but you have to overlook many common sense stuff like Ana is a just two months old and never even once cried

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To Save His ChildE would both get over it They'd been completely wrong for each other – in all but one way Eleven months later when Lexie's father asks Caine to rescue his daughter from the civil war in San Rafael he barely recognizes Lexie The former party girl has grown up and sh. To Save A Child is book 1 in the Into The Storm series by Margaret Watson This book is a fast paced romance that will pull at your heart strings while keeping you on the edge of your seat I know it did for me I only planned on reading a couple of chapters and before I knew it I had read the entire book in one sittingI really am not a fan of the surprise baby plotlines that are used in some romance novels Mainly because there are excuses made up by the mother about why they never told the father about the baby But in To Save A Child there are no excuses Even if Lexie wanted to tell Caine she wouldn’t have been able to find him He had left her sleeping in his bed and went on a mission that went south want to know exactly what happenedyou need to read the book Lexie ran to San Rafael found out she was pregnant and had her baby there There was no communication between them until he turned up at her house and told her that she was in danger and that she needed to leaveAt first I thought Lexie was a bit of a brat Caine is in her house telling her “You are in danger you have to go” and she flat out told him no she needed to wait for the vaccines I kinda sat on my couch shaking my head and I also kinda wanted to reach through the book smack her and say “If someone says you have to go you are in danger you GO” Even when Caine found out about Ana and stressed that Ana was in danger too she was like “Let’s wait until after the vaccines come“ Again it was a repeat of my above statement It wasn’t until they were in the jungle that my opinion of her changed Caine had been dealt a serious blow when he found out about Ana and I think he handled it fairly well He was still focused on getting Lexie and Ana to safety I also felt awful for him because of his past Because of that he felt he couldn’t be a good father to any child and he was afraid to bond with Ana He showed with all of his actions while they were trekking through the jungle that he was a good father and protector I just wish that he saw that before the end of the book I know that Lexie didSpeaking of that trek it was perilous and had so much danger Caine set a grueling pace and didn’t allow for much stopping only stopping long enough to let Lexie nurse Ana and change her diaper Honestly if that were me doing that I don’t think that I would have made it Even when they got to the city they still had to escape and how they did it was amazingThe sex scenes were very hot I had read a lot of books where they had been a little graphic and To Save A Child struck just the right balance Hot but not dirty and I loved itThe end of the book was pretty typical and was an HEA Over all a great book that you could read while at the beach or by the poolHow many stars will I give To Save A Child 4Why Great plot great sex and good charactersWill I reread YesWill I recommend to family and friends YesAge range AdultWhy Sex language and some mild violenceI received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it