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READER ↠ DOC White Jazz º HANNAHREDHEAD ´ Los Angeles 1958 O FBI decide proceder a uma investigação para acabar com as lotarias clandestinas do pugilismo ligadas ao crime organizado e às máfias ue proliferam em toda a região do Sul da Califórnia A iniciativa é encarada como manobra política e forma de lançar suspeitas soLice Department Um enredo ue nos leva aos clubes de jazz do sul da cidade onde se cruzam os ícones do be bop os heróis do white jazz e outras figuras do submundo do cri When I was reading them each entry in the LA uartet was my favorite book Kinda awe inspiring to watch James Ellroy move from a style your 11th grade English teacher might have described as economical to a one so determinedly spare it makes Hemingway seem profligate 'Long about LA Confidential we see him start to use sentences like Bud soft and I started to love things about the English language I'd forgotten about like how having too many words means you don't need as many rules as you think you do Hey folks'll figure it out if they want to Black Dahlia and LA Confidential got the big screen treatment but The Big Nowhere and White Jazz will be the ones I re read All the novels are about obsession about guys trying to make the world good by being bad about Ellroy slowly killing the things he hates about people and about himself His characters look like him they act like him they probably uote him By The Big Nowhere book 2 things have already become so bizarre and unlikely that it feels like Ellroy has lost control of his process that he is perhaps so angry and lousy with self loathing that his characters have literally become ravenous animals who are cannibalizing themselves and returns are already diminishing So it's cool to read LA Confidential book 3 which introduces Ellroy as a great writer capable of holding an ensemble cast of obsessed bad men in stasis with each other for almost an entire decade It's abstract and it's vicious though not as vicious as TBN but it's pretty restrained for all that White Jazz book 4 is not; we get corruption murder and incest damn near from the giddy up and I was uestioning the humanity of anyone to sport an LAPD badge by page 25 Can't decide if that's what Jimmy actually wants or not He pals around with a lot of cops seems like and his author's photos always make him look like a Nazi fresh from the Alps But he's conflicted right? Conflicted guys write books right? If conflict wasn't interesting goodreads would just have a bunch of manuals on it

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Los Angeles 1958 O FBI decide proceder a uma investigação para acabar com as lotarias clandestinas do pugilismo ligadas ao crime organizado e às máfias ue proliferam When Dave Klein the dirtiest cop in town catches a burglary he uickly becomes entangled in a web of drugs prostitution and murderJames Ellroy's four volume treatise on family values and the integrity of the Los Angeles police department comes to a conclusion in White Jazz White Jazz ties up some nagging lose ends leftover from the previous three volumes Gone is the trinity of sin structure of The Big Nowhere and LA Confidential replaced by a first person narrator a throwback to The Black DahliaEllroy's machine gun style is ratcheted up to an insane degree in this one the short choppy sentences hitting like the needle of a sewing machine Honestly it got a little hard to follow what was happening at times However the crazy style added something to the book giving it a frantic paranoid feelThe story itself continued in the vein of the previous two; the corpse of the integrity of the LAPD was exhumed violated in every orifice and buried again What starts as a burglary investigation tears the scab off of the gaping wound of the LAPD's narcotics division and exposes the infection beneath namely their longtime relationship with the Kafesjian family Dave Klein a cop lawyer and mob enforcer finds himself navigating a maze of filth to figure out just what the hell is going on caught in a power struggle between two of the most powerful men on the forceAfter finishing LA Confidential I mentioned that I thought Dudley Smith was James Ellroy's Randall Flagg After reading this book I stand by that The master manipulator was in fine form in White Jazz doing his puppeteer act from the sidelines for most of the book Once all the cards were on the table the book got so frantic I thought I might have an anxiety attackAs with the previous books the dialogue and relationships between the characters threw a lot of gas on the fire Klein's complicated relationships with his sister and Glenda as well as Junior and the rest made him another of Ellroy's shitbird characters that you couldn't help but root for especially since all the other shitbirds had a lot blood on their handsWhile I didn't like White Jazz uite as much as the previous two books in the LA uartet it did a great job wrapping things up Hell when the three previous books are of such high caliber they're hard to follow Four out of five stars

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White JazzEm toda a região do Sul da Califórnia A iniciativa é encarada como manobra política e forma de lançar suspeitas sobre a corrupção dentro do próprio Los Angeles Po Every time I've finished an Ellroy book I've had to sit back and process everything climb up out of his world shake my brain free of his expert grasp With White Jazz he concludes his epic LA uartet by narrowing his focus even so than in The Black Dahlia and miles away from the gargantuan LA Confidential Returning to first person narration and a single protagonist Ellroy presents a portrait of racist and corrupt police lieutenant Dave Klein who finds himself a pawn in a law enforcement political war when a Federal attorney mounts an investigation into LAPD malfeasance and its involvement in Southland viceKlein is a fascinating character because he's not some hero or your everyday good guy caught up in a conspiracy and must be the one to bring it all to light Instead he's a full time criminalpart time cop who finds himself in over his head involved with individuals and systems that are even corrupt than he is and must fight through the entire book just to keep his head above water And it was cool to witness as some semblance of justice maybe goodness starts to seep in to his motivations once he gets a little love in his life and is forced to confront his actions in the pastStyle wise Ellroy takes the trimmed and slashed prose style he adopted for LA Confidential by cutting out unnecessary words to cut the manuscript down by 100 pages per his editor and ratchets it up to a thousand here Paired with yet another complex plot the clipped style makes White Jazz a very challenging read as it's hard at times to follow as major plot developments and twists can occur in just several well chosen words and if you blink or skim you miss it It's not a casual read But once I got settled in and used to it I was along for the ride And I began to realize how much this jazzy bebop prose fits the confessional stream of consciousness style that's used in the book It's Dave Klein truly telling his story in his own words And at times it can be really poetic in it's own way Here's what Ellroy himself had to say about his choice to continue the use of this techniue for Klein in a Paris Review interview I saw that if I eliminated words from his speech I would develop a convincing cadence for him paranoid jagged enervatedThis book it's content and it's writing style as with most of Ellroy's work definitely won't be to everyone's taste and I would suggest that people new to Ellroy not start with this one probably start with the accessible Dahlia For a taste of what's in store in the book here's a portion of the novel where Klein searches police records for a possible suspect Keyed up—glom the pervert file Dog stuffBEPeeping Tom see what jumped A German Shepherd fucking Marine Doctor Dog popped for shooting his daughter up with beagle pus Dog killers—none fit my man's specs Dog fuckers dog suckers dog beaters dog worshipers a geek who chopped his wife while dressed up as Pluto Panty sniffers sink shitters masturbators—lingerie jackoffs only Faggot burglars transvestite break ins Rita Hayworth–Gilda gown dyed bush hair caught blowing a chloroformed toddler The right age—but a jocker cut his dick off he killed himself a full drag San uentin burial Peepers windows skylights roofs—the roof clowns a chink brother act No watchdog choppers the geeks read passive caught holding their puds with a whimper Darryl Wishnick a cute MO peep break enter rape watchdogs subdued by goofball laced meat—too bad he kicked from syph in '56 One flash peepers played passive my guy killed badass canines Although the style is challenging than the previous books making for a less smooth a read as I wanted this novel is still an incredibly engaging crime saga and skillfully ties in the events in the earlier novels bringing the entire uartet to a close in satisfying fashion Ellroy's most poignant ending since Dahlia Ellroy and his work continues to fascinate me and he just climbed even higher in the ranks of my favorite authors To eclipse my guilt with the sheer weight of his evil I'm going to kill him in the name of our victims find Glenda and say Tell me anything Tell me everything Revoke our time apart Love me fierce in danger