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Review Ù Zen Macrobiotic Cooking A Book of Oriental and Traditional Recipes ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Japan has the lowest rates of heart disease and most cancers of any country in the industrialized world and Zen monks are the healthiest and longest lived peEautiful new edition of Michel Abehsera's classic teaches that good taste and good health are not mutually exclusive The author provides recipes for over two hundred healthful and truly tasty dishes all made with widely available ingredients including fish fowl and even a little beef From soups sauces and salads to side dishes entrees and desserts you'll learn everything you need to know a. I have been reading a lot of books on macrobiotics over the last few months I remembered hearing long long ago that the macrobiotic diet was extreme even dangerous As I've been reading I've often wondered how it earned that reputation With today's never ending stream of diet fads a diet recommending what is essentially a locally sourced whole foods vegan diet with the addition of fish doesn't seem particularly extreme It does recommend the removal of nightshade vegetables potatoes tomatoes eggplant peppers etc which are mainstays of many diets but nightshades are now known to be inflammatory and avoidance is commonly recommended for those with arthritis andor other diseases of inflammation But no foods are actually forbidden It is all about individual needs and balance Macrobiotics shares a lot of similar underlying beliefs with paleo and other ancestral diets And unlike vegetarianism and veganism it is not absolutist; it isn't about doggedly adhering to particular rules in order to maintain ownership of one of those labels In other words eating a burger doesn't get you kicked out of the clubBut then I read this book and the origins of that reputation become much clearer Several of the books I've read on macrobiotics have been older books but most of those older books were from the 1980s This book far predates those; it's from 1968 And while the books of the 1980s lack some of the scientific acumen usually found in the modern books their message is considerably polished than this much earlier book I'm glad I read it because it was interesting from a historical perspective George Ohsawa was treated like a cult guru by the author and tales of him pontificating between drags on his cigarettes were presented without irony Overeating it was claimed would lead to schizophrenia Eating fruit leads to frigidity and impotence Additionally the voice of the author was weirdly amusing It reminded me a bit of Jeff Smith The Frugal Gourmet but without any of the cultural knowledge Smith brought to his work Sadly as a cookbook it isn't really of much use For a modern day macrobiotic practitioner there are far too many recipes with dairy eggs white flour and peppers Bechamel sauce appears freuently Fish is in heavy rotation as well For culinary enthusiasts the recipes are far too bland and many look as though they would have no flavor at all

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Japan has the lowest rates of heart disease and most cancers of any country in the industrialized world and Zen monks are the healthiest and longest lived people in Japan Studies have shown that diet is a major factor in their longevity Now the life enhancing foods of an extraordinary culture are available to ordinary people in Zen Macrobiotic Cooking Back in print by popular demand this b. This collection of recipes and food thoughts is altogether bizarre Wisdoms gathered eat lots of brown rice eat blue cheese only when in France and avoid mangos because they cause impotence Pooooof

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Zen Macrobiotic Cooking A Book of Oriental and Traditional RecipesBout this uniue style of cookery including the ancient secrets of Zen diet and food preparation And it's all made easy with clear step by step instructions as well as a convenient glossary of foods and terms So whether you want to expand your taste buds lose a few pounds or just get healthy here is a uniue guide to embarking on an adventure into the delights of macrobiotic cooking Zen styl. An amusing as well as informative introduction of Zen to the western world at the end of the sixties this slim paperback is designed for enlightening a young generation than for laying on a kitchen bench during food preparations Partly how it achieves its aim is by stories where the student asks a uestion of the Master and the response begins with the master lighting a cigaretteFrom such a contemplative act much may be learnt but is it necessarily what one wishes to know The Master then proceeds to ask further uestions or pose them as openings to further enuiry rather than sit with a single ‘fact’ to be reckoned with It is an easy volume to stow in your backpack along with Dharma BumsAs an introductory book it also finds common ground between cultures such as the description of gyoza on page 158 as the Japanese version of the Chinese wonton Jewish kreplach and Italian ravioli Zen is not the emptying out of the larder as one might imagine but the seeing of what is already there in a new lightWith the plethora of cooking competition shows now appearing on television it is wonderful to look back at something like this “Learn how to work alone and without help Cooking should not be a copy of a recipe but a creation in itself’ And a real gem “A big secret sympathy Love what you do” That was certainly not what we were taught in cookery at school in the seventiesMany of the recipes and the variety of ingredients have now become familiar yet there are still aspects of this book which help bring the joy of feeding and preparing oneself to be fed which are rare in modern books The author grew up in Morocco and shares his heritage through couscous as well as the sense of rice as the king of grains that the traditional eastern diet emulates The main balance presented here is between the acidic and alkaline foods but it is served with practicality and humour Well worth a rummage in a second hand shop or garage sale if you’d like to check it out for yourself