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Reader » Blood Shadows 380 pages Download Ë For vengeance would you trust a vampireFor justice could you betray your familyFor love are you ready to uestion everything you believe inGifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’s most powerful agent Despite that herUsly killed 7 years apart to the day Caitlin knows that without Kane’s help she is nextShe has four days to make a deal with the wicked the irresistible the treacherous Kane Malloy The vampire who despises everything she stands forOr dieBlackthorn Book On DNF 19%I don’t remember the last time I read a book and genuinely hated it from just a few pages inKane is a powerful vampire who has been brutally killing people for decades The special vampire police unit is after him Caitlin is the lead on the case She is determined to get him not just to advance her career but to get revenge for her parents although she’s really not sure what happened to them Her cop story is highly typical of UFPNR copPI ones Her parents were murdered so now she’s determined to rid the world of evil and avenge her parents Everyone underestimates her abilities since she’s a fragile woman Much to her chagrin Caitlin is deeply attracted to Kane Initially the attraction developed from looking at his picture I shit you not Anyway Kane and Caitlin meet very early on in the book and the attraction is instant I was not feeling it Just to throw another lame trope into the mix sex with other men isn’t appealing The elusive and evil Kane is the only one who gets her hot and bothered I hate Caitlin She's wicked annoying One second she'll think about how Kane viciously murders people and the next she'll be horny It's bad enough that she's a special snowflake but what's worse is she thinks she's all that So she does have exceptional shadow reading skills but it doesn’t really matter since she’s TSTL Each decision she makes is dumber than the last I'm not convinced she would be the one capable of taking Kane down She lacked the skills and intelligence She couldn't even get Rob off of her when he pinned her to the wall but supposedly she can handle a vampire who is much stronger She doesn't think clearly when it comes to Kane If this wasn't a romance her obsession and lust would be her downfall and everything the other men are saying would be right All of the men are assholes Kane's behavior isn't despicable so far but he's not charming enough to be book boyfriend material I love vampires but Kane didn’t impress me Xavier is manipulative Max isn't an asshole but he's irritating Rob the ex is a complete douche She should have kicked him in the ballsI can’t get into this when I despise the characters and don’t think any of them are particularly smart Practically every romance trope there is was used It was too much Nothing about this stands out from other PNR It’s not worth reading a romance when I don’t ship the couple

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For vengeance would you trust a vampireFor justice could you betray your familyFor love are you ready to uestion everything you believe inGifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’ 45 Blackthorn StarsI'm not sure why this series is tagged as YA But it isn't this is 100% adult UFWhat an absolutely intriguing story Caitlin Parish is a shadow reader she can reader a Vampire's shadow this is basically like a soul and by doing this she knows their deepest secrets and desires She's been tracking Kane Malloy a master vampire for years He's the only vampire that can help her kill what's after her her parents were killed by the same sinister creature exactly 7 years apart and if she can't get Kane Malloy to help her she's nextKane Malloy is infamous known to be twisted and cruel he hates Lycans and humans alike When Caitlin confronts him in a bar she realises she bitten off than she can chew Kane is predatory and 100% alpha male that night the nearly kidnaps her with her unit only a few meters away That doesn't stop him though Kane needs Caitlin for something and he's determined to get her and Caitlin only realises the extent of what he's capable of once she's handcuffed to his bed Is that why you're arrogant enough to think you can get my soul Because you think I fancy you I didn't for sure But I do now Caitlin exhaled curtly You're unbelievable Say yes next time I've got you on your back and you'll find out just how unbelievable Analysis Blood Shadows is a heavily plot based story there are so many plot twists so many secrets unraveled that I doubt anyone could get bored while reading this book The sexual tension was palpable the sex scenes sensual and very hot Kane is 100% alpha male and Caitlin gives him a run for his money I found the first 30% overly descriptive and rather slow which is why I gave a rating of 4 45 Stars But the story definitely picked up after that I love it when I find a new author and series it's rare that I find a story that caters to my particular tastes so accurately

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Blood ShadowsS most powerful agent Despite that her mission to hunt down Kane Malloy – a master vampire – comes with a death wish Many have tried but few have survivedFor Caitlin tracking Kane is about than just professional reputation With her parents both mysterio Gotta LOVE a sexy vamp“he flashed a hint of that sexy smile those deadly alluring incisors she hated the way he ignited her inside Hated the fact he was so damned sexual So damned bad So damned everything that deep inside she cravedCome to Momma Kane Malloy I'm officially in love with another vamp He's a powerful and sexy Master Vampire It just doesn't get perfect than thatCaitlin Parish works for the agency that controls and helps regulate the third species and she's studiedstalked Kane Malloy for yearsshe knows everything about him or so she thinks “What’s my middle name’ ‘James Kane James Malloy If the records are correct’ He almost smiled his gaze meeting hers fleetingly before he turned his attention back to what he was doing ‘Genuine little stalker aren’t you”When these two finally come face to face with each other it's a battle of wills seduction smarts and trust I freaking loved itShe hated her attraction to himhe was too sexual and manipulativeway out of her league However she holds her own as best she can against himHated the fact that she wanted him despite knowing he was poison A poison so deadly that if she let it into her system it would all be over”This book was great I'm a PNR junkie at heart and the world building in this one was fabulousI was glued to the pages Especially the last 30% I couldn't put it downI was hiding under the covers so my husband wouldn't see the light from my iPadI COULDN'T STOP I had to know how it endedit was one of those you just couldn't pause until tomorrow type endingsThe only thing I would change was the inner monologues sometimes got a bit long winded but that's it I loved the restStarting book two today I'm very excited to see where this storyline is headedMay add to this later today