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A funny thing happened to me when I moved to the strictest Islamic country on earth shortly after my 40th birthday my life stripped of drugs alcohol and women I felt happyIn middle age English Teacher X makes a major life change He leaves behind a world of debauchery darkness drunkenness and devoshki in Russia and takes a job in the strictest Islamic Kingdom in the Middle East His life suddenly full of sunshine sand sobriety and an adult type salary he also unexpectedly finds himself in a long distance relationship with a sweet and loyal yet oh so stubborn and provincial Russian girl With plenty of money plenty of holiday ti. The third and final installment in the Burnout Trilogy All three of the entries are or less stream of consciousness collections of short anecdotes with titles involving English Teacher X's memoirs about travel English teaching abroad various misadventures usually with slutty women actual prostitutes or his freuently mentally unstable fellow teachers and inconceivable amounts of alcohol By the third entry X has turned 40 and left Vodkaberg the dumpy Russian industrial town where he spent nine years avoiding cirrhosis by a hair's breadth and fucking everything that moved I say that with revulsion at the drinking but some amount of envy as concerns the women X moves to an English teaching institute in the Kingdom by which I assumed he meant Saudi Arabia but I don't remember if he explicitly said so in the beginning or not because he always refers to it thereafter simply as the Kingdom and begins earning good money while leading a semi monastic lifestyle free of all of his vices well most of his vices amidst the heat and sand of the middle east There is a long interlude when he moves back to his home town in the southern United States to care for his aging parents and to catch up with old friends and in which he becomes deeply interested in survivalism and then it's back to a higher paying post in the middle east whichturns out to be an absolute nightmare in every other way Oh X also has a Russian girlfriend this time a stable responsible woman throughout the narrative who although she is much younger than X and apparently very attractive remains a constant thorn in X's side due to her unwillingness to move out of Vodkaberg for the entire span of their romance However she also refuses to break up with X even despite years' worth of his passionate arguing for just that They settle into an uncertain groove of long distance calls lots of arguing and copious amounts of soft weeping on her part interspersed with nice vacations to beach spots and resorts all over the world Believe it or not it could be much worse X X ends this memoir just having turned 45 and finally having gotten up the chutzpah to uit his awful job in the Kingdom the second with plans to travel to various spots in North and South America This trilogy as a whole is rambling debauched to the extreme self indulgent and freuently ungrammatical but it is a lot of fun It is honest unrelentingly honest about the pitfalls of a life lived free abroad freedom has its costs and they are steep X himself and his friends lovers fuckbuddies acuaintances etc form a rogues gallery whom I don't think I'd ever want to know personally but who are interesting to read about nonetheless I found this trilogy instructive both in terms of what I've been missing out on and what I really don't mind missing out on X has seen been to countries fucked women and lived all over the globe than I probably could in two or three lifetimes and that part's hard to not be envious of That's what makes it fun to read about and to the trilogy's credit it reads uickly with seldom a dull moment On the other hand X ends up in his mid forties with no job stability and no family of his own and struggles pointedly with the meaning of his existence It turns out that even the wide world can become a kind of prison; exoticism and far flung locales eventually stop being refuges from one's own search for meaning If you push the expat lifestyle to its conclusion as X has spent decades observing in older expats there's a serious risk of burnout X has a similar angst and ennui to the characters in Office Space except he's living the exact opposite lifestyle which potently reinforces the truism that meaning and happiness are in the mind not really out there This trilogy should be reuired reading for anyone going into TEFL even for a gap year or two Its seediness might be off putting to those with sanitized visions of teaching and backpacking to fantastic locales but I believe it's accurate and it doesn't pull any punches with how difficult teaching can be and usually is let's be honest

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Reuiem for a Vagabond The Burnout Trilogy Book 3Russia and struggles to find a place for himself in a rapidly changing world But a new high paying job in the Middle East looms which might be the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst Packed with eccentric English teachers of all ages and plenty of sexy but difficult Russian women set against a backdrop of the Great Recession the Arab Spring and the Mayan Apocalypse X's latest memoir is another dystopian look at the profession of TEFL expat life and the myth that travel broadens the mind WARNING Contains bad language graphic content middle aged white guy angst and a complete lack of authentic cultural experienc. Nothing makes you feel like a member of your own country like leaving it for another oneAs an elderly spinster I suspect that I'm NOT the demographic this author expects to reach with his freuently raunchy memoirs about his life abroad Well I read and enjoy them anyway and you can try to stop meHis story is an increasingly common one Unfocused and unambitious as a young man he drifted into teaching English abroad and never drifted back out of it After a few years in Thailand he fetched up in Russia where the economy was booming and everyone wanted to learn to speak English The pay and living conditions were abysmal but the vodka and women flowed freely For nine years he was content to jog along and pickle his liver but eventually he came to feel that he should be preparing for his old ageAnd where better to do that than in Saudi Arabia where a Westerner can earn lavish sums for doing very little Of course there are always worms in apples and here they include bad housing no community life incompatible colleagues and students who are even apathetic than usualThen there's his private life After nine years of playing the field in Russia he manages to acuire a serious Russian girlfriend on his way out the door Further she's a bigger drama ueen than Vladimir Putin And so we follow our hero as he slides not very gracefully into middle age and deals with his ageing parents in the US and tries to pound a little conversational English into arrogant Saudi youngsters who know that their family's political connections are all that really count And there's that ditzy irritating girl friendAs in all his books there's WAY about his sex life than any reader could possibly be interested in At this point even he's lost interest And he should have left out most of the flashbacks about his time in Russia I understand that nine years was a big chunk of his life but he's already covered that ground in another book But by God he can tell a story and his observations of the Saudis and the strange assortment of Westerners who have washed up with the tide are as acute and funny as ever His stories of his Russian friends and their escapades in the US are fascinating in a horrifying way And he brings an insideroutsider perspective to the problem of ageing in AmericaI'll skip the porn shorts with which he claims to have had some success on but I do like his stuff He's intelligent and screwy and sometimes uite thought provoking Can't ask for than that

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Reuiem for a Vagabond The Burnout Trilogy Book 3 Free download ↠ 100 × A funny thing happened to me when I moved to the strictest Islamic country on earth shortly after my 40th birthday my life stripped of drugs alcohol and women I felt happyIn middle age English Teacher X makes a major life change He leaves beMe and new health and optimism finally it seems that a normal life is within his graspHowever things rarely run smoothly in the world according to ETX and he soon finds himself adrift again returning for the first time in many years to his homeland a very troubled and sick America with a new career as an independent author of erotica and an untoward yet timely interest in survivalism More alienated than ever and haunted at the image of being the oldest guy in the club or one of the younger guys at the whorehouse X bounces around exotic destinations including Cyprus Costa Rica and return visits to his old home of Vodkaberg in. In the same vein as the other 2 books but the weakest of the trilogy His life and observations in the Middle East are as good as ever but I found myself skipping parts for the first time when it came to the survival camp stuff