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kindle ↠ The Suicide King Volume 2 Fallocaust #5 ´ Kindle Edition ↠ quil carter ↠ After being broken in almost every way imaginable it is now time for the phoenixes to emerge from the flames and take flight The men who had become shadows of their former selves have resolved tPared to exploit every opportunity that is presented to themAnd not even Skyfall will be spared from threats both new and old Secrets that had been buried deep in King Silas’s past have been exhumed and soon everyone will find out that the man with the odd coloured eyes isn’t who he appears to be unbeknownst to the chimeras and the man himself The fractured family must put their diff Actual footage of me reading this book

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After being broken in almost every way imaginable it is now time for the phoenixes to emerge from the flames and take flight The men who had become shadows of their former selves have resolved the issues that had plagued them and now it is time to take back what they had lostAnd it couldn’t have happened soon enough the mysterious and deadly proxies are only getting smarter and are pre During the last four days I have been horrified traumatised heartbroken There have been parts of this book that I had to walk away from and get myself together Parts that I really thought I couldn't go on I have loved every minute The best installment of this crazy series so farMy beloved Elish's book is next This has the potential to break me like no book ever has before Bring it on The cold chimera is back

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The Suicide King Volume 2 Fallocaust #5Erences aside and band together But how can they fight an enemy they know nothing about And with almost every power figure in Skyfall either missing or hiding to protect the ones they love There is no denying it now is the time for the Dekker family to unite and become the unstoppable unit they were engineered to beBut even if they do learn how to work together it might already be too la And here I was thinking this was the last book of this series After several days of reading these excessively long volumes I've come to the realization that the drama is wearing me out Actually that isn't true this part in particular was utterly disappointing and my mental subconscious was silently sneering at the nonsense I was already unhappy with Reaver in Part 1 but I didn't expect the dislike to intensify in Part 2 So he was raped Ok So he decided to deal with the issues stemming from that by sleeping with his tormentor don'teventry to figure out the logic there folks So he overcame his psychosis and in so doing felt like himself againOk So this newly reborn stronger wiser Reaver becomes friends with the enemy andanddecides to participate in the raping of his sheltered brother Adler and expects Killian to understand and accept that he did all that because of his love for him In part 2 the couple is broken than ever and Reaver insists that Killian should be grateful that he Reaver was able to overcome his obstacles Killian should fall to the floor at his feet and beg forgiveness because Reaver is always right and any concerns Killi Cat might have is just an over dramatization of a jealous insecure boyfriend No Killi has no right to feel betrayed and hurt because that's being petty Reaver is a top dog and what he says goesand you know what's most upsetting about all this fuckery THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS Anytime Killian attempts to assert his opinions they're disregarded and he's treated like a villain for feeling any other way than accepting which in my opinion is UTTER SHIT What little progress Killian's character made in part 1 totally crumbles in the face of Reaver's disdain and frankly I am tired with this shit It took me thousands of fucking pages to be tired and IIwanna just hit something Nothing changes for these two Reaver was a bigger asshole than ever throughout this book and Killian was his ever tearful whimpering blubbering shadow The relationship has no substance or strengths and I don't empathize with either character I've realized that in this series there are no good or bad sides Everyone has their own agenda and will do anything to see it fulfilled There was a point at which I thought Elish had finally learned from his mistakes butnope I guess his taste of humility was a filler to extend the pages of an entertaining story In this part we witness Elish's underhanded plans backfire when King Silas the stupidest King in the history of mankind is made aware of his deceit You would think torture of not only him but his beloved maritus or however it's spelt would curb his cold manipulative ways but alas that's asking too much The sadistic acts targeted against him fuels Elish's desire for revenge and I'm thinking uil Carter will find a way to extend these manipulations in multiple books with multiple volumes in the future becausefuck if I know Another eye roll worthy moment for me was Reno's ability to catch feelings at the slightest provocation Silas was a bitch to him for most of the series however the two bonded over their grief for Reaver Sky and Killian As a result Reno who's already engaged to Garret Dekker a man I thought he'd already loved convinces himself he's Silas' savior and his one true love Then there were parasitic mind controlling worms for the Dekker family to contend with and Gage a born immortal who can kill immortals and unnecessary POV's and longfucking loooooonnggggg stretches of unnecessary chapters and I am tired I am TIRED people Maybe one day I'll return to this series because truly it isn't horrible but right nowI can't deal Too much is going on and I can't keep up Sorry The EndPS Is Silas evil or not What is his purpose With the return of Sky will this fool finally settle down and be happyHmm guess we'll see soon enough