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FREE READ Ê வீரயுக நாயகன் வேள்பாரி · சேர சோழ பாண்டியன் என மூவேந்தர்களும் பறம்பு என்ற சின்ன நாட்டின் மீது போர்த் தொடுக்க எனசேர சோழ பாண்டியன் என மூவேந்தர்களும் பறம்பு என்ற சின்ன நாட்டின் மீது போர்த் தொடுக்க என்ன. Velpari a novel that gave the impact of how people in TN would be when ponniyin selvan got released Though it came in a weekly for almost 100 weeks we could keep track of the story for those 100 weeks such was the impact of the novel In this fast world achieving such an impact reuires an absorbing story line interesting facts different plot good detailing and lots of research The novel has all of them The things that made me awestruck in part 1 are the following 1 Explaining the life of people living on ghats 2 Their fitness food habits and living habits 3 Their knowledge on nature and love they show on each being 4 Knowledge of kings on astrology stars time 5 Reason behind importance being given for karthigai star 6 Explanation on how time was calculated during those period 7 Kings difficulty in trade how and why they used and traded people 8 Festival celebration in ghats and how different it will be 9 Practices followed to educate younger generation to know about forest hill and nature 10 Fighting techniues used and how even animals can be used in the way we want without their knowledge 11 Different kinds of plants animals and birds that lives in forest 12 Messaging techniue followed by people in forest 13 Artistic knowledge of people who give gifts and the pun on it 14 Cunning attitude of big dynasties to tame people and extend their border 15 Medicinal knowledge of people and how easily they use them without big fuss on the happening All of these made this book a stand out Almost 2 years have past and still I remember them though not in detail shows what metal the book is made of Go for it a must read U will be taken to different world enjoy the experience ride

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காரணம் பாரி வள்ளல் எனத் தெரியும்; அதைத் தாண்டி அவன் சிறப்புகள் என்ன பறம்பில் வாழ்வது அவ?. Excellent work by SuVenkatesan

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வீரயுக நாயகன் வேள்பாரி??வளவு பெரிய விஷயமா வேள்பாரியை வாசித்தால்தான் அது புரியும் பாரியின் விஸ்வரூபம் தெரியும?. I was introduced to 'Velpari' by a friend who was so sure that it won’t let me down as a reader That it did not is an understatement It struck all the right chords broadened my horizon and made me hungry for Tamil literature No other author in recent regional history has amassed such a huge fan following that cut across age gender religion class country social strata An interesting statistic that we heard from Vikatan group – Velpari’s earnings in 2019 surpassed what 80% of Tamil films made this yearSu Venkatesan the author of ‘Velpari’ is a Sahitya Academy Award Winner and Member of parliament from Madurai Meeting and interacting with him was such an inspiration to me as a reader and an aspiring author This is his second novel that was published as a weekly series in Ananda Vikatan and later turned into book editionsWhen asked if the book will be translated into English which is an immense ask he said it is a possibility being explored and the right kind of team should come together He also hud me to suggest a good translator I couldn’t yet think of how it would read in English but it would be a phenomenal attempt To hear from the author himself the way he has spun the story from long lost history was a revelationThis will be one of the books that I will carefully hand over to my children If you have parents who can read Tamil please gift it to them For once Google is starved for information on this book But as a reader I can vouch for it and so will the massive fan base Here is an interesting article that has the author’s interviewmeet su venkatesaPS It’s a pity shows ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ image when you search for Velpari The mix up is understandable but an epic confusion for folks looking it up