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Download Blumen in Schnee kindle í 371 pages ☆ Gregor von Rezzori ✓ The Snows Of Yesteryear is an uncompromising account of Gregor von Rezzori's aristocratic childhood in Romania in the days before World War IIHe was born in Czernowitz a one time provincial capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire thatThe Snows Of Yesteryear is an uncompromising account of Gregor von Rezzori's aristocratic childhood in Romania in the days before World War IIHe was born in Czernowitz a one time provincial capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire that was later to be absorbed successively into Romania the USSR and the Ukraine a town that was everywhere and nowhere with a population of astonishing diversity Growing up after World War I and the collapse of the empire Rezzori li Beginning a book is like entering someone's house for the first time You might feel a little uncomfortable and unsure about your host; your initial apprehension may develop into a sense of ease and reassurance or barely across the threshold you might feel that you are about to have a experience you will savour with someone whose every word and action is beguiling I was half way through the prelude to the first chapter of'The Snows of Yesteryear' when I felt completely beguiled That feeling of being in the company of someone who not only had an engaging story to tell but who could tell it with vivid details and astounding insight using fully ripened language was there from the beginning and never let up until at the point of departure it faltered just a little Through five main chapters we learn about the life of a boy whose family is materially privileged but emotionally fractured Each of those chapters focuses on a person who was central to Gregor's life as he grew towards manhood beginning with Cassandra a maid as untamed as she is spirited Right at the start we learn that They had peeled her out of her peasant garb and had instantly consigned the shirt the wrap skirt the sleeveless sheepskin jacket and the leather buskins to the flames Devoid of all her colour Cassandra says They turned a goldfinch into a sparrow For Gregor she represents a whole other way of being Described as simian she nonetheless introduces Gregor in a casual though not entirely unintentional way to sensual experiences which even at a young age he recognises as significant behind the black silken curtain of Cassandra's hair in the baking oven warmth of her strong peasant corporeality I found refuge at all times from whatever pained me Their closeness is a cause of irritation to Gregor's neurotic mother but eventually it is age that begins to break the bond as at age 8 the intrusive nature of potty time can be tolerated no longer and a rift occurs But nothing can take from the impact that this woman with strong roots in the north of Romania has on a boy whose early childhood is marked by a sense of belonging nowhereNot only did the family have to flee Czernowitz in Bukovina because of World War 1 but on making their way as far as Trieste they were forced after less than a year to move again this time to a village in Lower Austria That idyll had to be abandoned too for a house in Vienna before an eventual return to Czernowitz But had they never left Bukovina the turmoil and empire building of the 20th century would have meant that they would have been a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire then Romania then split between Romania and the Soviet Union before becoming a part of the Ukrainian SSR at which time Czernowitz became ChernovtsyLittle wonder that Gregor's mother was a deeply unhappy woman but it seems that far than history impinged on her and formed her into a woman who was incapable of being happy and who seemed to have no idea of how contentment might be achieved and so remained always in the rusting shell of her unapproachability Dissatisfaction with a life that was permanently out of focus meant that she was continuously finding fault with those around her with vexation all too easily turning into sharp cruelty Even so I was shocked when Gregor said that All too often her demonstrations of maternity had had the earmarks of rape It is difficult to find any evidence in Gregor's detailing of their relationship that uite justifies that accusation but he has nonetheless an astonishing ability to incisively analyse the precise nature of his mother's dilemma The strictness of her own upbringing had established for her a world cast in primer like simplicity which contained no real human beings but merely standard roles whose comportment was assigned irrespective of individuality character temperament or nervous dispositionany deviation into the specifically individual was a step towards chaosAnother element in the unsatisfactory life of Gregor's mother is her marriage to a man whose passion is hunting which results in his being absent much of the time In attempting to explain his father's compulsion to kill wild animals Gregor says that his all consuming passion for hunting was in reality an escape to and a shelter from the reminder of a truer and unrealised vocationA gesture of defiance stood at the very origin of his fixation indeed obstinate defiance was the determining trait in his character He does have a job too which involves visiting old monasteries to examine the artifacts they possess Some of Gregor's happiest times were spent accompanying his father on expeditions which encompassed both facets of his life and allowed Gregor to experience moments of transcendent and revelatory beauty We are guests of the abbot; with paternal kindliness the prior shows me fifteenth century illuminated manuscripts in bindings of chased silver ; sunlight falls through the tall windows in broad stripes alive with dancing motes of dust into the semidarkness of the library and outside jays are heard uarreling in the pines; my longing thoughts wander to the glories of the autumnal forest beyond the church walls blazing in picture book coloursHe portrays his father as a man who was far even tempered than his motherbut who had several dark and unpleasant aspects to his character too most notably a vicious antisemitism which contrasts with Gregor's mother who was much liked by her Jewish neighboursGregor's sister was four years older than him and he attached major significance to those years believing that she had foundational experiences which steadied her life in a way which eluded him But he would eventually become much older than her because her life was to end long before it should have when she succumbed to just the sort of disease her mother had spent her life worrying about and through this horrible affliction her mother finally found a purpose by attending constantly to the daughter who when she was healthy had been much less favored by her mother In contrast she had always been doted on and indulged fully by a father who now that she was ill withdrew completely and stayed where he could not witness the indignity of her final weeksAbove around and within this family the benign presence of the children's governess Bunchy prevailed Warm and encouraging Bunchy whose laughter was reminiscent of pigeons cooing Both children learned much from this deeply knowledgeable woman When a certain pettiness of outlook degenerated into stubborn narrow mindedness Bunchy's determined intervention drew our attention to basic discrepancies between the conception of life held by normal civilized people and that held by us We then made haste to follow her implicit injunctionAlthough Gregor was not suited to the conventions of the school system he developed into a man with an outstanding ability to record the endlessly complicated ways in which people choose or are forced to live their lives Bunchy it would seem than any of the others opened up the world for him Within that world Gregor had available to him four amazingly divergent examples of womanhood Yet he is honest enough to tell us that he had throughout his life and in his relationships with women a cold heartI found some evidence of that cold heart in the epilogue to this book and I still can't decide whether or not it was wise to include it By revisiting Czernowitz he was always going to be disappointed What I feel he fails to appreciate is the extent to which a city of ones youth a place in which one can for a little while believe in the limitless possibilities of oneself and of the city can never be revisited because it was always than just a physical reality By recounting his understandable disappointments he risks being just another grumpy man finding fault with the many ways in which the world has changed Except that here because of the subjugations of communism almost nothing has changed I couldn't get over it There could be no doubt that this was indeed the Cernauti of my childhood tangibly concrete and real and yet it wasn't the Czernowitz whose vision I had carried in me for half a century Famously of course you can't go home again and I'm inclined to wish he hadn'tBut this is a remarkable book evocative witty and beautifully written

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Ved in a twilit world suspended between the formalities of the old nineteenth century order which had shaped his aristocratic parents and the innovations uncertainties and raw terror of the new century The haunted atmosphere of this dying world is beautifully rendered in the pages of The Snows of Yesteryear The book is a series of portraits amused fond sometimes appalling of Rezzori’s family his hysterical and histrionic mother disappointed by marriage des Essentially this book is a series of portraits of Rezzori's family and two most intimate nursesgovernesses and their lives during the two World Wars and the time in between when their home city of Czernowitz was caught in the post collapse of the Austro Hungarian Empire when it was handed over and over again between Romanian German and Russian rule The people of the Bukovina were basically in the hands of whatever army happened to be roaming through the land at the time and eventually the whole identity of the region seemingly vanished There are many parallels throughout the story of the dissipation of the empire and the disintegration of the family but what this book did so well and so brilliantly was elucidate that strange mythological period of adolescence and early childhood when we at the time are experiencing such vivid and lasting impressions but do not yet have the faculty to express what they mean even to ourselves while all the while our individuality and personality are being formed by these same occurences One can't help but draw the comparison of lost empirelost childhood but there is going on here than that A melancholy nostalgia a dry and absurd humor intimate emotional observation and a sense of something irrevocable that we all seem to experience when looking back at our own lives are what this book succeeds in communicating Perhaps only Speak Memory has come so close to illustrating those twilight years But Rezzori's prose is centered in the emotional while Nabokov is solidly discoursing through the intellect As far as memoirs of childhood go I can't say yet which I prefer But if you enjoyed Speak Memory definitely give this a goSome favorite parts Cassandra making the snow flowers which inevitably dissolve in time; the image and detail of the sinking toy ship which is referenced throughout; his father dragging a dead bloody boar through his mother's snobby aristocratic social gatherings; all the descriptions of the gardens the roads into the wilderness the ecstatic recollection of the weather and natural surroundings of the Bukovina and how that was reflected in the people There is so much here to sift through I will certainly reread this at some point

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Blumen in SchneeTructively obsessed with her children’s health and breeding; his father a flinty reactionary whose only real love was hunting; his haughty older sister fated to die before thirty; his earthy nursemaid who introduced Rezzori to the power of storytelling and the inevitability of death; and a beloved governess Bunchy Telling their stories Rezzori tells his own holding his early life to the light like a crystal until it shines for us with a prismatic brillianc I love the extravagant dreamy cocktail of Mitteleuropa This giant clash recombination alchemy of many peoples cultures classes all sloshed together in the first half of the 20th Century when so much was going on If this interests you try The Island of Second Sight too It's culture like a Picasso painting exactly what the Blood Soil types were so afraid of a culture with lots of stark contrasts and sharp edges endless opportunities for danger and conflict but also for discovery and novelty It's why I've always wanted to live in a city to be confronted with many things that aren't like me at allWhat I'd give to sit down with Rezzori over a nice long multi course dinner Did you see the film Grand Budapest Hotel where the narrator spends the night in a storied Old World hotel at the table of the man who has owned the hotel through numerous regime changes and listens to his charming stories of how he survived and the way things used to be This is a lot like that only it really happened