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Luthor HussPt servants of ChaosWitch hunter Lukas Eichmann investigates a series of bizarre murders which ultimately lead him into the haunted depths of the Empire at the head of an army of fanatical warriors In the Drakwald forest Luthor Huss warrior priest of Sigmar battles t Original Post Warhammer Heroes series contains the first Warhammer Fantasy novel that I’ve ever read Wulfrik by CL Werner and I was blown away by the fantastic novel that Werner had invented leaving me only wanting from not just this series but the entire Warhammer Fantasy world This is partly why when a new Warhammer Heroes novel arrives at my doorstep you can feel free to bet your life savings that I’ll read it Eventually This novel sees a release this month and to be honest now that I’ve recently finished reading it I don’t know why I’ve put it off for this long Luthor Huss is a very strong instalment to the Warhammer Heroes series and uite possibly one of the best yetThe story itself follows two main characters throughout the whole third person narrated novel and they are pretty interesting characters to follow The obvious one is Luthor Huss Warrior Priest of Sigmar and is the novel’s titular character and looking extremely badass on the front there Although he may be the main star though he’s not the only main character in Luthor Huss for the other one the one who gets uite a lot of page time is Witch Hunter Lukas Eichmann who is investigating a series of odd murders which will eventually let him to the head of an army of fanatical warriors It’s nice that Wraight doesn’t spend the whole novel focusing on Huss alone and I believe that this is one of these novels that wouldn’t really work if it was told entirely from the third or first person perspective of the main character It’s kind of like reading a Sherlock Holmes short storynovel from the third person POV of Holmes and not the point of view of Doctor Watson that we’re used toBut enough about the characters let’s talk about the action Anyone who’s read my recent review of Juggernaut by Adam Baker will know that I’m a huge fan of undead hordes and Luthor Huss is no different here Although the undead hordes are not the only enemy that Huss has to face and I will not mention who that particular enemy is due to spoilers but one thing’s for sure both are pulled of pretty spectacularly and allow for some chilling scenes that will keep the reader hooked to the page with well written action scenes that show us why he’s uickly becoming a go to author for anything Warhammer FantasyThe novel itself is your average length and you’ll breeze through it pretty uickly as I did – in a couple of sittings It’s a really enjoyable novel and although it doesn’t look as though there’ll be a seuel it’s well worth checking out as Wraight does a fantastic job of fleshing out the background of the Warhammer characterThe pacing of Luthor Huss is pretty uick and even throughout the whole novel and for those who are wondering if this contains flashbacks or not – it does but they don’t slow down the pace of the novel like I found to be the problem with Abnett’s Prospero Burns Wraight knows when they are needed and knows how to keep you turning the pages without slowing down or decreasing the levels of tension This is how flashbacks should be doneI’m struggling to find a flaw with Luthor Huss and because of that I’m really pleased about this novel – it’s a pretty enjoyable read There weren’t any grammar mistakes that I’ve encountered from many advanced review copies in the past which is a good thingThis novel is of course set in the Warhammer Fantasy world one that I’ve not explored as much as I have with Black Library’s Warhammer 40000 one And the Warhammer Fantasy series follows characters already established in Warhammer Fantasy lore similar to the Space Marine Battles novels only this novel focuses on the heroes and the villains of WHFB of all races and not just one I’m pointing this out here because I don’t really know how much lore there is about Luthor Huss other than the fact that there is a model of him for the Warhammer Fantasy game which doesn’t look as awesome as the cover by the way meaning that this novel was pretty unpredictable for me as it progressed with nobody being safe and as far as I was concerned there were some moments where I thought even Luthor Huss wouldn’t make it out aliveAnother positive thing about the Warhammer Fantasy series is that they don’t have to be read in order apart from the Sword of Justice and Sword of Vengeance Duology by Chris Wraight which even then I read Sword of Vengeance without reading Sword of Justice so if one ‘hero’ author or book isn’t particularly to your liking you can afford to skip them without being completely lost as to what is going on when you pick up the next novel However I’m going to go ahead and say that even though you don’t have to you should read them all in publishing order They’re all awesome and Warhammer Heroes is probably my favourite Warhammer Fantasy series of the lot topping even the mighty Gotrek and Felix by William King and later Nathan Long – and the enthralling Ulrika the Vampire novels also by Nathan LongVerdict 455

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A great hero of the Warhammer world who is both warrior and priest fights against evil in the old world Few warrior priests are as devout – or as feared – as Luthor Huss When dark forces rise in the Drakwald forest Huss unleashes the fury of Sigmar on the corru As far as fantasy worlds go Warhammer has enough uniueness to stand out in the crowd Yes there are elves and orcs But there are also guns and the most populous human nation known simply as The Empire is refreshingly Germanic in influence The Empire's worship of the God Emperor Sigmar allows for clever parody of dogmatic Christian churches through the ages with special focus on corruption abuse of power and the inability to uphold the teachings of the very God they claim to follow The Catholic Church in particular receives a not too subtle punch in the face from the likes of the eponymous protagonist of Chris Wraight's novel Luthor HussThe characters are the real and possibly only strength of the novel Huss is a hulking no nonsense warrior priest He's fed up with the corruption and selfish politicking displayed by the leaders of the Church of Sigmar Like his real world almost namesake Martin Luther Huss is determined to honour the true Sigmar and he's not afraid to ruffle a few pious feathers in doing so Luthor Huss was invented as part of the Warhammer tabletop game and correct me if I'm wrong Wraight is simply expanding on an already established character However the author's witch hunter Lukas Eichmann is a clever invention Contrast between the two servants of Sigmar is intriguing where Eichmann interrogates and tortures Huss kills; where Eichmann plots and plans Huss marches headlong into battle Even their use of weapons sets them apart; Eichmann implements a pistol and a rapier while Huss smashes skulls with his warhammerThe story begins well enough I liked the almost Sherlock Holmes style of Lukas Eichmann's initial investigation But that doesn't last long Before you know it the witch hunter has left the city to battle beastmen in the wild Luthor Huss is also battling beastmen elsewhere The plot spends a good deal of time switching between the two protagonists Huss battles beastmen then back to Eichmann battling beastmen then Huss battles beastmen meanwhile Eichmann has encountered some beastmen that he battles etc etc Finally the two heroes of the Empire meet and they battle beastmen together The end Alright I'll admit I've been a little harsh It's not all battling beastmen they do battle some undead as well in almost identical fashion to the beastmen battlesLukas Eichmann shares almost eual amounts of the spotlight with Luthor Huss despite the title of the novel suggesting the warrior priest would dominate the word count Yes Huss' childhood is revealed and this accounts for the most interesting aspect of the story But we don't see Huss sending shockwaves through the Church of Sigmar like the Warhammer backstory suggests I feel Wraight didn't spend enough time hereMy first exposure to Chris Wraight was one of the Warhammer Storm of Magic short stories he wrote featuring the High Elves His style impressed me It was the reason I gave Luthor Huss a go I was disappointedThe plot goes nowhere interesting I became bored of battle after battle that all seemed the same While the protagonists held potential the antagonists or lack there of didn't capture me at all I wanted someone to hate someone who would make me cheer when Huss split their skull with his mighty golden warhammer but no There is an attempt to connect the main villain to Huss personally but it's all revealed too late and the effect isn't given the time reuired to build a real grudge The villain doesn't even show up until the final battleOverall the initial hope for this story that the first few chapters promised soon faded and I had to force myself to drudge through the rest of the novel It's too slow too uninteresting too repetitive and there's no real sense of wanting the characters to prevail because Wraight doesn't give you any plausible reason for their actions If Huss and Eichmann failed I don't feel the Old World the setting for Warhammer would have been drastically changed That's what I should feel An epic sense of accountability should be placed upon the heroes' shouldersHonestly Unless you're an epic diehard Warhammer fan give this a missOh and I'll leave you with one little editing tip If a character performs an action and then that same character speaks both the action and their dialogue should be kept in the SAME paragraph For whatever reason all the way through Luthor Huss a character would nod their head and then directly say something yet two separate paragraphs were allocated to the nodding action and what they said This is incorrect editing for a good reason If a character performs an action and then speech is indicated in a new paragraph it is automatically assumed by the reader that a different character to the one that performed the action is now speaking Not so in Luthor Huss

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Download Luthor Huss Epub í 416 pages ↠ A great hero of the Warhammer world who is both warrior and priest fights against evil in the old world Few warrior priests are as devout – or as feared – as Luthor Huss When dark forces rise in the Drakwald forest Huss unleashes the fury of Sigmar on the corrupt servants of ChaosWitch hunter LuO free the denizens of the forest from a plague of the walking dead  As their fates entwine the two warriors confront a threat that will decide their future while Huss must face a secret from his past if he is to survive and embrace his destiny as the Hammer of Sigm Great uick action filled read always love to come back to the dark world of Warhammer Gritty and visceral as ever and Wraight does a great job of describing both the external and internal conflicts of the two primary characters Look forward to seeing from Huss and Lukas