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summary Make Your Story a Movie ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ 50 Billion of Advice in One BookHave you ever wondered why some books and stories are adapted into movies and others aren't Or wished you could sit down and pick the brains of the people whose stories have been adapted or the screenwriters producers and dir50 Billion of Advice in One BookHave you ever wondered why some books and stories are adapted into movies and others aren't Or wished you could sit down and pick the brains of the people whose stories have been adapted or the screenwriters producers and directors who adapted themAuthor John Robert Marlow has done it for you He spoke to book authors playwrights comic book creators and publishers as well as Hollywood screenwriters. After taking a screenwriting class and reading a different sacred tome on the subject I felt no better prepared to adapt my novel to a screenplay than I did a year ago Last week I serendipitously came across this book online got it from the library the next day and just finished the last page this afternoon I'm finally excited about the process—even with all its challenges and unknowns—and feel much better euipped to give this a shot I suppose only time will tell whether the advice produces a great screenplay grin but I found it practical inspiring and actionable

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Can't get in a movie deal; how to write and pitch your story to maximize the chances of a Hollywood adaptation and how much and when you can expect to be paidThis book contains the distilled experience of creators storytellers and others whose works have earned over 50 billion worldwideWhether you're looking to sell film rights adapt your own story alone or with help or option and adapt someone else's property this book is for y. This is a great book every author or writer should read Why Because while every book has a marketplace a book to movie adaptation provides in John's words every book the ultimate book promotion tool Make Your Story a Movie is not just interesting not just excellent not just effective not just about writing techniue but one of the most enabling non fiction books I've readThis book is targeted at writers authors screenwriters agents managers movie producers you get it anyone associated with providing movie scripts as movie candidates for the movie industry John lays out the screenwriting do's and don'ts for the movie industry He educates the reader about the movie industry roles; agents managers entertainment lawyers producers financiers executives and others He explains the mysterious Hollywood movie industry and how movies are created from books ideas and history through screenwriting and brought to audiences all over the world His objective to provide knowledge about great script writing that sells movie contracts and optionsHis interviews with industry insiders his experience as a screenwriter author and industry consultant are shared with the reader He explains techniues to insure the rights for movie scripts concepts for getting industry insiders interested in the adaptation of a book or script to a movie the structure of a script and a checklist of each story that is a must for every project to be successful He shares what procedural steps to take and what to watch for in making a proposal to the movie industry And he tells you what not to do and to recognize when you help producing a script If you have already become an author or are writing a book this John Marlow how to is a must as it can help your writing and authorship produce than just a better book but also a movie You might think his book is very technical but John's style in writing this book is broader explaining the experiences of well known screenwriters as well as his own He captures your attention explains the facts and the process along with the reality to keep you on your toes and does it with frankness and a great sense of humor I could have taken any paragraph in the book and swore that it was just as captivating to read as it would have been for him to be sitting across from me in an engrossing conversation a very personal style that kept me readingI wish I had read Marlow's book before I published my own books I highly recommend this intriguing book about the movie adaptation processDale Lowther Author

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Make Your Story a MovieProducers and directors responsible for adapting fictional and true stories into Emmy winning TV shows Oscar winning films billion dollar megahits and smaller independents Then he talked to the entertainment attorneys who made the dealsHe came away with a uniue understanding of adaptations an understanding he shares in this book which stories make good source material and why; what Hollywood wants and doesn't; what you can and. If you're serious about adapting your written work novel short story graphic novel and so on then this offering by Mr Marlow is an absolute must read so that you can take the right steps at the right times with the right materials to improve your chances