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DOWNLOAD · Merchanter's Luck Company Wars #2 ô Their names were Sandor and Allison Kreja and Reilly respectively Reilly meant something in the offices and bars of Viking Station it meant the merchanters of the great ship Dublin Again based at Fargone respectable haulers on a loop that included all the circle of Union stars Mariner and RTheir names were Sandor and Allison Kreja and Reilly respectively Reilly meant something in the offices and bars of Viking Station it meant the merchanters of the great ship Dublin Again based at Fargone respectable haulers on a loop that included all the circle of Union stars Mariner and Russell's Esperance and Paradise Wyatt's and Cyteen Fargone and Voyager and back to Viking It was a Name among merchanters and a power to be considered wherever it wentKreja meant nothing at Viking having flouris. Think of Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon Think of Malcolm Reynolds and Serenity Now make them lonely and reckless and hopeless Sandor Kreja is pretty much these guys without the supportive crewsidekick All he's got left after the raid that killed his family is his ship a battered version of the Falcon or Serenity In the opening chapter Sandor walks into a bar and falls in love at first sight with the raven haired Allison Reilly a Merchanter daughter on leave A uick roll in the hay only throws fuel on his fire and he vows to see her at her next port which is for his little ship impossibly far away For reasons he can't or won't examine he actually follows through with this and arrives after staying awake on drugs and nerve through three jumps to find that he has made himself the center of a lot of unwelcome attention The rest of the novel is about the lingering echoes of Sandor's family catastrophe about how something resembling post traumatic stress disorder can screw with a man's head the rest of his life and about how hard it is to look past all of these things to find love and trust It's a book about desperate love In a few of Cherryh's trademark clipped condensed paragraphs in the first pages she paints a picture of a young man on the edge of life scarred by a horrific tragedy in his youth eking out a living in the shadow of the big players of Downbelow Station That novel made a big splash in the early 80s and I read it but this story is the one that stuck in my mind for thirty years I come back to it over and over because of the tone Cherryh puts into it because of the way she expertly balances the yearning in Sandor against his fear of betrayal his pride his survivor's guilt the secrets and ghosts metaphorical that are all he has left Sandor is a victim who doesn't realize he's a victim so he behaves like a hero and then is surprised when people say nice things about himCherryh's typically compact and evocative prose supports a story which is perhaps too long on MerchanterAllianceUnion politics and too short on the romance that fuels the story Even though I was familiar with the referents I didn't care They were only window dressing for the real story the love story Cherryh set up a good one and didn't uite pull it off; the romance is lower key than it needs to be to hold up a whole novel While the ending felt rushed it still managed to leave me with a feeling that matters had been resolved patched together leaking limping but resolved It's a very human realistic ending not the neat happily ever after ending of the conventional romance The taut allusory prose the simple and straightforward story structure and the outstanding delineation of a very sympathetic main character make this a standout book one of Cherryh's best In the grand tradition of space opera it swept me off my feet and kept me enthralled over three decades


Ich in fact there were only two haggard men and one not the same as at last docking such ships were not comfortably received at station docks and received careful scrutiny Lucy was a freighter by statement a long hauler which ran smallish consignments independent of its combine's close direction since the combine had no offices on Viking She was a passenger carrier when anyone would trust her no one did though the display boards carried her offer She took merchanter transfers if she could get them. We have a hard world we do We have a world that necessitates a certain amount of emotional distance There are a lot of us in this world each of us rubbing against the others Scraping shoulders butting souls We need to develop a sort of emotional chitin in order to function; we can't go around the planet with all our hurts hanging out We've all been poked in a place we can't stand to be touched We've all been mocked for things we can't stand to display We hide it all that hurt and pride and attachment; we stick it in tins somewhere in the meat of us and for the most part we can keep on without all that festering unease interfering with our work leisure and relationshipsAnd then a book like this happens and it pokes you right in the soulThis isn't an easy book It takes place smack in the middle of Cherryh's Alliance Union universe and her narrative style freely bandies about terms which will be unfamiliar to people who haven't read her older fiction names and places whose only description is contextual What makes it hard isn't the science isn't the narrative but the sheer emotional investment It's a hard read because it hurts because the boiling mistrust and bottled pain and unrecognized pride are things both uncomfortably familiar and easily recognizable The story focuses primarily on the hard luck merchanter Sandor Kreja and his lonely long haul space trucker Lucy Due to his lowly position in the interstellar economy he has been scraping by on bare legalities unnoticed fraud and excessive self destructive effort until by a stroke of luck an act of reckless and stupid courage and the interference of one Allison Reilly an ambitious and capable woman whose dreams exceed her circumstances he manages to pull off a deal which could single handedly save his business and himself from the lurking debt that tracks his every step And y'now that could be a story in and of itself Stress stakes and a beautiful woman I've known pulp that aimed lowerBut the true meat of the story the real conflict here isn't Sandor and Allison vs The Universe it's interpersonal inside It's how this broken man kept animate by ghosts and scars reacts when finally given the chance to relax provided he submits his trust and his ship The conflict isn't about external violence hell when people start shooting at our heroes it comes almost as a relief but about interpersonal pain the invisible chains of past trauma the incalculable weight of pride the grinding agony of personal changeI love this author but I went into this story not expecting much; I got it in an omnibus with 40000 in Gehenna which had piued my interest intently I put it down and just stared for a time Wondering why I wanted to cry and how long it would take before that decades built shell around my soul would start growing backTrust It's well worth it

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Merchanter's Luck Company Wars #2Hed only at distant Pan paris and Esperance in its day at Mariner under an alias it meant a bad debt and the same at Russell's The Kreja ship was currently named Lucy and she was supposedly based at Wyatt's which was as far away as possible and almost farther away than reasonable for such a small and aged freighter claiming to run margin cargo for a Wyatt's combine Customs always searched her though she called here regularly Small star capable ships on which the crew was not related by blood on wh. Sandor Kreja is a survivor He managed to escape the massacre of his family and has run the family spaceship first with his brother then without for a very long time The ship’s control system speaks in his brother’s voice a comforting reminder of the loving connections he used to have He has lived at the edge of the law and at the margins of society for his entire adult life and is longing to just have a chance to achieve a normal lifeContrast this with Allison Reilly who comes from an enormous family who run the ship Dublin Again Allison knows that her family always has her back—the downside of this is that everyone knows each other’s business and feels no compunctions about expressing opinions about it Add to that the limited number of meaningful positions available to the young merchanters on the ship—just like Generation Xers who follow the Baby Boom generation they are ready to move on to bigger and better things but the previous generation isn’t going anywhereOpposites attract they say It’s inevitable that when these two meet there are fireworks A casual hook up becomes much when Sandor recklessly follows Dublin Again to their next port of call despite his lack of legal paperwork Although not a traditional romance there is a thread of their relationship running through the work drawing the reader along to see if it will all work out Can the lonely captain accept people back into his life again Can the crew members of Dublin Again exorcise the ghosts of Sandor’s family from his ship Can people from such divergent backgrounds trust each otherI was struck by the hungry loneliness of the young man alone in space on a ship built for a family As part of a university project my sister once attended a substance abuse support group I remember how appalled she was when she realized that each of these people had absolutely no loving connection in the world Their families had either given up on them or were part of their problems Their only friends were other addicts They had no one to encourage them help them or give them any kind of boost It’s amazing really that any of them ever manage to escape those circumstances and yet some do I felt like Sandor was up against the same kinds of obstacles—no family no friends no trust no papers yet he was clawing his way towards respectabilityI’ve never known real loneliness for which I am thankful I hope that books like this one are as close as I ever get