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READER ´ DOC The Easter Parade ´ ☆ HANNAHREDHEAD Ç XX საუკუნის მეორე ნახევრის ერთ ერთ საუკეთესო პროზაიკოსად აღიარებული ამერიკელი მწერლის რიჩარდ იეXX საუკუნის მეორე ნახევრის ერთ ერთ საუკეთესო პროზაიკოსად აღიარებული ამერიკელი მწერლის რიჩარდ იეიტსის 1926 1992 რომანი „სააღდგომო ჩვენება“ მკითხველთა და კრიტიკოსთა სამართლიან გაო Had someone passed me a copy of The Easter Parade without me knowing who wrote it I would have come to two conclusions after finishing It was either written by a depressed female writer or if not then Richard Yates in fact the very first sentence of Neither of the Grimes sisters would have a happy life basically gave the game away I can imagine him sat there with alcohol running through his veins ready to inflict downheartedness upon the literary world And if there is one thing with Yates he never strays away from his themes of misery abandonment and the stark evocation of the middle class living unfulfilled livesThis was my forth novel from Mr Yates and although it didn't hit the heights of either Revolutionary Road or the short story collection Eleven Kinds of Loneliness I believe to be his masterpiece any fan would find this most readable And yes it is a painfully sad piece of writing that gives you hope one minute only to drag you down into the depths of despair the next But that's what he does and does so well as with the old saying If it ain't broke don't fix it I only wish it was read predominantly during a torrential downpour rather than an early warm summers dayMuch of the story is told with Yates’s simple matter of fact style he relates to the characters in a no thrills way and nails people with just a few words spoken Two sisters Emily Sarah Grimes are the leading ladies and both are looked at over the years from youth to middle age but not in a 'under the microscope' kind of way because with Yates he skims over the joys of motherhood Aunthood love and friendship that punctuate life and goes full tilt at the nasty stuff wife beaters psychiatric hospitals drunkenness and heartbreak Only rarely does he seem to have taken a happy pill but generally it's gloom dreams flutter and dieSet in his usual stomping ground of New York City and Long Island sisters Emily and Sarah would have a bittersweet childhood giddy with the promise that life holds but learn all too soon that things are no bed of roses that the the world does indeed contain physically and emotionally cruel people both yearn for affection success but also escape Bleak as it is hats off to Yates as he manages to make the novel not only readable but also enthralling and is a solid testament to his capacity as a great storyteller And less does mean his pared down style and conscious absence of literary complexities results in story telling that is simultaneously easy to digest with each page flowing like a river out to sea even if it does lead to stormy watersGrowing up with their flighty deluded mother who they call Pookie both girls would suffer in the absence of their father Sarah embraces conventionality and settles down early for what she hopes is an idyllic life Emily seems distant but independant; she gets the sex before marriage and decides she rather likes it so casual relationships are her thing at least to begin with But long term happiness is elusive for both sisters they keep in touch but slowly drift apart and their sisterly stature is as complex as siblings can be both are in there own way partly jealous of each the other Sarah would have three boys with her thuggish husband Tony while with Emily it appears to be just one failure after another men would come and go and leave her burdening lonelinessHuge moments in life are covered but touched ever so lightly this works well though as we are not spoon fed all the necessiities leaving the reader to contemplate with Yates’s refusal to give into sentimentality undoubtedly his greatest skill The Easter Parade is a miserable read no denying that but is also very moving in places the middle of Sarah's Sons is a ray of light through the darkness and reaches out to Emily in a time of need towards the endI felt deeply for both the Grimes sisters and rooted for each of them at different times during their difficult lives whilst also being reminded that nothing changes the misery without our own desire to make the changes happen

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ებას იწვევს თავისი უჩვეულოდ ძუნწი ლაკონური და ამავე დროს საოცრად ტევადი თხრობის სტილის წყალობით ამ არცთუ სქელტანიან წიგნში მწერალი ერთი ოჯახის თითქმის სამი თაობის ბედ იღბლი The story drawn here is dark It is bleak The tale follows two sisters the older Sarah and Emily four years younger from 1930 when their parents divorce to the 1970s when one sister dies We start with Emily at five and Sarah at nine Their lives follow different patterns Emily gets a scholarship to Barnard College and majors in literature She flits from guy to guy Her sister gets married and stays married no matter what We look at the sisters’ relationship with each other and their mates That’s it That is the whole story Which one has chosen the right path What does the story say about human behavior There is no fairy tale happy endingThe setting is primarily in upper state New York Long Island and New York City This is a book of historical fiction in that it captures behavior prevalent after the war Cocktails and drinking and smoking were the norm Feminism was growing Sexual constraints were uestioned if not simply ignored If loose behavior is going to bother you I don’t advise you to read this book There is also physical abuseRichard Yates is good with his lines Check these out”He looks intelligent even when chewing bubble gum”Here’s a description of intellectuals “You had to be serious but this was the maddening paradox you had to seem to never take anything seriously”Do you see the humor The audiobook is narrated by Kristoffer Tabori He dramatizes He dramatizes in spades I dislike dramatization of audiobooks His dramatization made it difficult for me to focus on the prose His dramatization is however not poorly done if you like dramatization There is a lot of drinking in this novel; I found it exceedingly annoying to listen to the exaggerated slurred speech of those drunk There is anger and there is screaming These are dramatized too This is not an audiobook easy to listen to I have given the narration performance two stars If you enjoy dramatization you will give the narration a much higher ratingThis book is not pleasant to read but it has a message that packs a punch at the end It draws people and difficult situations accuratelyRevolutionary Road 5 starsThe Easter Parade 4 starsCold Spring Harbor TBR

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The Easter Parade თანაზიარად გვაქცევს ეს სევდიანი საგა მოგვითხრობს იმაზე რომ ამ ცხოვრებაში არცერთი გზის არჩევა ბედნიერების უპირობო საწინდარი არ არის და არც შეიძლება იყოს სერია „ამერიკელები“ OK it is really sad Some say this is too dark the characters so failed and unaccountably gloomy to be worth reading But I enjoy these types of stories not because they uplift but because they seem to help me understand what is inexplicable in my own life I feel empathy for people who are their own worst enemies and Yates’ book surely describes a number of these It is a story of two sisters who are damaged by divorce and time spent with a deeply flawed mother who never could figure it out This story is set in New York city and Long Island from the 40s to the 70s and it feels deeply autobiographical it was written in 1975 It is a time when women’s options were limited and many were trapped by the constructs of American life of this era Yates writes from the female point of view and it is masterful in detail of time and place The protagonist Emily the younger sister watches her mother and sister who simply cannot extricate themselves from their situations The frustration is palpable as they make one poor decision after another and bury their loss in alcohol Emily is afraid of commitment and leads a rather pathetic solitary life using her few talents and looks to lure a string of men into her life Ultimately she is not spared and ends up alone with few friends sleepwalking through life This review is likely bringing you down but the writing is so sharp and its authenticity will leave you caring about this girl and her struggles Her nephew is one redeemed character who is almost holy in his forbearance and kindness to the flawed members of his family This story is about the fate that can await people who fail to find love and gain no comfort in religion These flawed characters have peculiar blend of narcissism and self loathing The complexity of these characters make them interesting It is sadly the story of many of our own kind and Yates makes me care about those poor souls Beauty and youth subside as her beautiful engaged married sister on the cover of the “Easter parade” section of the newspaper tragically will learn that it is all downhill The author in his pictures seems like these people and I can almost smell the whiskey and stale cigarette through the picture He is still a favorite of mine because of his unflinchingly accurate depictions of the gradual and tragic loss of hope Here are a few examplesp 80 “college had taught her that the purpose of a liberal arts education was not to train but to free the mind It didn’t matter what you did for a living; the important thing was the kind of person you were”p 152 getting up the nerve to confront her abusive brother in law “She drank apparently he had handed her a drink and apparently she’d accepted it without thinking and only now with the alcohol spreading warm through her chest and down her arms did she begin to realize how much she was enjoying herself It was fine to be passionately in the right on so clear and issue the scrappy kid sister as avenging angel; she wanted this exhilaration to go on and on Glancing over at Sarah though she wished Sarah hadn’t washed her face and covered her slip and straightened up the bedclothes to hide the blood stains; it would have made a dramatic picture the other way”p 167 her lover lamenting his estrangement from his wife and revealing his own failings “And I think that’s when she started getting restless along about the time I started boring her God damn it Emily how can I make you understand how nice she was It’s a thing that can’t be described Tender loving and at the same time she can was tough I don’t mean ‘tough’ in any pejorative sense I mean resilient courageous; she had a wholly unsentimental way of looking at the world Intelligent Jesus it was almost frightening sometimes how she’d go straight to the heart of some elusive complicated thing with an intuitive insight She was funny to she didn’t sit around getting of paralyzing one liners its just that she had a very sharp eye for the absurdity behind anything pretentious She was a great companion Why do I keep saying ‘was’ It’s not as if she were dead”p 208 upon happening on her own reflection “the medicine cabinet mirror caught her as cruelly as the window on the street that day and there it was again the face of a middle aged woman in hopeless and terrible needshe knew the moment she saw himthat it was over”